The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members)

that was a great post, it really got me thinking. well my first goal i set which is right now is to really increase my DR. so i am starting a dream journal and im not really trying to LD as much as increasing my DR. Ive been looking at the guides they seem pretty helpful. :woah:

I would say this can be very helpful, by the way, sorry that I just didnt use the Search option, because it doesnt work for me. (DSi Browser and such)

P.S. Why the hell did I wrote Rhewin as the Username?! Does my subconcious want me to hack you? Nah, I`m probably just tired, good night everybody I guess…

Glad it helped. And the question is, is your SC trying to hack my account, or is my SC trying to hack you???

Quite helpful. If I start on think in giving up I’ll read this topic :content:

Firstly, i’d like to introdice myself. My name is Jacco van Eijk and I live in the netherlands, I’m 13 years old and this is my first post here on ld4all. I started looking up info after having an accidental LD a couple days ago. Well, I’m not sure it was really a LD, but at one point, I was like " 'bout time to wake up now", and then I woke up, so I must have realized I was dreaming, right? :wink: So this topic really helped me realize I should’nt expect to have an LD on my second night or something. I know there are the lucky ones, but they are rare (too bad, right? :grrr: ) So anyway, I’m going to start writing a DJ tonight (friday 11th Feb 2011), and as you said I might not have an LD for a long time, so until that and after I start getting LD’s i’ll enjoy remembering my ND’s. Gotta go to bed now, see you later! :smile:

I’ll have to remember to read it, looking forward to it!

All right, so yesterday I posted my first reply here, in which I introduced myself and said I was going to start training DR that night. Well, I read the ’ remember’ section in the Guide, wrote the tips down and tried them out. And guess what: 2 dreams! Like, i was amazed, because usually (i.e: when I don’t put any effort in it) I remember like 1 dream in 2 weeks, So i’ll just say to all newcomers like me: Check out the guide: it works! So i’m going to keep using those tips and when I remember at least 1 dream a night for like 5 days, i’ll start trying to get LD’s.

Looking forward to it! :thumbs:

Hmm, I have had some trouble finding a place where I could introduce myself.
Anyway, I’m Sander, I just joined, and I’m really into lucid dreaming.
Although I have only had one LD so far, it got me really excited to try and go for more.
I have lots of things to learn after browsing through this forum for a couple of weeks.
I’ll try to hang around for a while at least until I’m a bit more experienced with LD’ing.
Oh and I need to get this DJ started now, I had tried before but after a while I just forgot about it. :razz:

Yeah, I agree Rhewin. I very often meet people (on the chat and on the forum) complaining for WILD not to work while they only started LD’ing the day before they asked the question… :meh:. I has such experiences myself - giving up. But I came back on the “right” way half year later :smile:.

But if one thinks about it, there’s not much one could do. Cause the newbies are so excited (i.e. “I want a LD soooo bad ! Please help !” - how many threads didn’t have such a title ?) they won’t listen - they want an LD. I do too but I know that without work nothing can be done.

Who listens to advices ? I do for my part - which is why I am still here. :neutral:

Oh well, I hope I won’t follow that path, I want a lucid dream soo badly, but I know it requires some training.
I’ll see how long I will survive around here.

Keep it on your mind, Sander and actively question the world around you! Those dreams will eventually come. Even if you give up now, those seeds are planted and the chances of you having an LD someday have already greatly gone up. Once you get that first LD, it’ll all make sense :content:

Ah that sounds quite encouraging.
I’ll keep trying every night, I’m really excited actually, but I try not to get too excited, because if I do get a lucid dream I don’t want to snap out it.
Today has been quite a good day, I was constantly thinking about dreaming (I was actually daydreaming about it :razz:)
And wondering what happens if I did this or what if I do that.

Thanks for the post Rhewin :pharaoh:
It was also a good read for those of us that have had LDs but hit a dry spell.
Funny how not having been lucid for almost 2 months can hit you hard and make you feel like a newb again :smile:.
I have to agree with the going to bed early thing, I have not been able to do that for a while now, too much going on work-wise. Stress is also a deterring factor I found out. Still in my mind I should be able to become lucid even though I don’t sleep enough, but nope, no go so far. Oh well, I should be able to take it easy pretty soon. :pharaoh:

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, Kauai. I haven’t had an LD in almost a month now, which has really set me back. Mind you, hosting the LC did that to me last time too.

I was into LD for while but then got bored and quit. What really threw me back on to track was this really amazing dream, which I won’t go into here but I will say that I’m not forgetting it any time soon. Anyways, I wrote down my dream in my DJ and read some of my old dreams. Then my interest sort of grew and I’m back on this site trying to LD. Although I have noticed that after the huge time space my DR has gotten amazing, anywhere from 2-4 dreams/fragments a night.

Glad to hear you got your interest back, catdreamer :content:

Like I said, taking interest in your ND’s can help a whole lot with the boredom and frustration. Good luck with your new quest!

Haha I could have used this post a few days ago. I had my first Lucid dream this mourning and it took me 12 days of trying different methods with different mindsets, I almost gave up…

But when I read posts of other Noobs (and posts similar to this one, Thanks by the way :razz: ) just explaining their situation, it just motivates me. This is just how I think I did it:

The first 9 days or so I tried HARD, trying every technique I could read about, doing RC’s every 30 seconds, retracing my steps, napping in the day. Then I started reading “Lucid Dreaming in 30 Days.” and I also got really tired of trying too hard. So I just relaxed, and in this book at day one it just encouraged me to just suggest to myself that I am going to remember the dream - and just relax and drift off to sleep like any other night. That night I made more progress than I had made the whole week.

Early this mourning I just woke up (I smelled something burning) then I walked around for a bit and went back to sleep. And I had my first lucid dream.

I just want to say I am glad a site like LD4ALL exists I give you guys full credit for my LD. THanks :smile: :good:

Thanks you a lot for posting this up, as most people know LD’ing can be very hard and challenging, and sometimes it seems much easier to give up then to keep on trying, but it’s post like these, and actually this whole forum that keeps me going and stop me from giving up, I’m so happy I found this website, and thank you for the tips, things have already gone much better since I stopped stressing about having a lucid dream, when I was trying really hard I couldn’t even remember my dreams, but now that I’m relaxing I can remember all my dreams in pretty good details ( except for some reason the faces of people that I don’t know explicitly in the real world,) anyways just wanted to say thanks again :smile:

O_oNevermore and Starlet: I’m glad this article and community has helped you with motivation. Just remember to take it easy and have fun with it :content:

I find the subject and world of lucid dreams to be so fascinating that I think if I didn’t have a lucid dream in the next year I would still find it interesting enough to keep trying and keep reading up on techniques and other people’s experiences. But, then again, I’ve always been the type of person who likes the process almost more than I like the actual outcome :wink: But yeah, I am definitely not going to try the more complicated techniques at first. Right now I am just trying stuff like dream incubation, MILD, counting, and basically just filling my mind with as much stuff about lucid dreams as I can so that my mind will be more ready to notice that I am dreaming and then become lucid. I need to start committing more to dream journals and doing my reality checks though. But yeah, thanks for the advice and I hope that I am one of the dreamers who sticks around for a while, because this is all really cool stuff!

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