The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members)

Thanks and good luck to you ^^

If you manage to keep your motivation up and your thoughts on lucid dreaming, it will happen. I noticed you also read Waggoner’s The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers… that’s probably the best way to get lucid dreams, it may just take some time to sink in.

Yeah, I definitely found that article helpful/interesting and I am going to try to implement what I learned from it to hopefully get more lucid dreams. This website has definitely been very helpful thus far!

I was one of those noobs who dived right into WILD XD. But instead of not getting it after at least a month or so, it only took 2 weeks, and it was when I was going to bed too! XD I did however keep a dream journal, did RCs, and stuff like that. (Funny thing is I had maybe 10 lucid dreams (in the same month!) before I got my first WILD)

I’m aware of a few people who managed to get WILD pretty quickly. It’s all about finding the right balance to make it work for you ^^

For some reason when I saw this phrase it really stuck into my head and gave me motivation. I am sure I have gained lucidity for probably 2 seconds but I woke up and was super excited even though it was really quick. The thought of maintaining that for a while is very motivating. Thanks again for the wise words Rhewin. :smile:

when i heard about LDing i tried WILD but yesterday i didn’t do anything to get a LD and then somewheere in the night i woke up, i heard my cat spinning and somehow it thaught “Let’s do a RC” i did the nose RC and i could still breath and then the excitement won and i lost the dream.

Brings back memories… lol

that was helpful

I agree, a lot of beginners tend to rely too much on techniques, and often lack confidence in themselves.
They also forget to appreciate the normal dreams, which in fact are necessary in order to even begin a lucid dream.
They also need to understand that goals are extremely important - “a lucid dream” isn’t a goal at all, you need to be much more specific than that.
What exactly do you want to do in the lucid dream?

And most importantly - the quest for lucid dreams should always feel exciting[/i], not stressful.

I started a DJ when i was around 16 just for the interest of better DR (i’m 27 now).
Later i got interested in LD’s and so now and then i had them, sometimes a few times a week. Most of the time spontanious and often with a RC after cause i was doubting to much. Only when things change in your life it can be hard to keep motivated to keep dreaming. I thought it was a lot of work after a while to keep writing in my DJ. So now and then i tried to pick it up again but often failed.
Now i want to do another attempt and lately it’s getting better, my DR is improving slightly and i allready had a LD again.
Anyway, ND’s are really nice, and for the ones with poor DR, the better your DR gets the nicer ND will be. It’s like the field of vision get’s a bigger angle when DR improves.
The main reason i picked it up again is because it feels like i loose a part of myself if i’m not into dreaming.
And i don’t care much for LD’s atm, it’s nice to have them but i just want to go back to remembering insane much.
Also i bet there are people that probably gave up when they even had a LD but they didn’t know cause they had poor DR. I sometimes had during the day that i realized i had a LD the night before.
Also if your new, there are ways to control excitement, but if you never had a LD i wouldn’t try them. I guess it’s better to wake up in the beginning so you atleast know the thrill of it :smile:

I haven’t experienced LDs but i’ve never given up trying. I think this is because I have list of lucid goals - things I plan to do and achieve when i’m lucid. I’m up to about 30 at the moment, but the thought of being able to do some of them just keeps me wanting to have a lucid dream.

I had a DILD last night. As soon as I became lucid I stepped out of this house and onto a beach. I saw two shimmering figures in the distance and couldn’t make up my mind about which one to go to. I rubbed my hands to intensify the experience although I am probably guilty of not doing it for long and doing it for the sake of appearances. I made up my mind and glided towards a female form. I had sex with this character before waking up.

I which I had prolonged the experience though and I should have had a plan of action that doesn’t involve Freudian impulses. Having a plan of action helps when an oneironaut is in the lucid state. It avoids hesitation and lucid dream collapse.

Well my advice would be your second paragraph but you figure it all :content:. I have to say that I’m not much of a fan when it comes to a sex in lucid dream. But those things happened only when I wasn’t lucid enough or when I don’t have a particular goal, then sex looks like a good choice…

I have to agree here. Admittedly, i’ve never had a lucid dream but the thought of having sex in one has occured to me, but it just seems a bit :huh: and kinda weird to me. It’s kinda hard to sum up but maybe it’s just like cheating the system(game?) of dating, if you can just skip straight into whatever part you want to, with whoever you want to.

Fantastic article and excellent comments here! I would not have lucid dreamed without the LD4ALL community. I realise now that I made lucid dreaming more difficult for myself because I was not facing up to real life issues.

When I started my LD journey, I would try all the techniques on the LD4ALL, without fully appreciating the journey. When an ND came along, I would wake up and I feel like I failed and too easily forget the gains I had made. I know the feeling starting out - you want an LD so desperately that you cut corners and forget to appreciate the dream space. Your mind becomes obsessed with trying too many things when an LD happens. I remember a few nights where I became so obsessed with LD’s, that I kept myself awake all night. The only good sleep I got was during the lucid dream period from 5am onwards. It became a hit and miss affair because I was not getting results and too often, compared myself to other dreamers. I realised that I needed to sort out the insomnia rather than obsess about LD’ing

To cut a long story short, you need to sort out your real life issues before you give up on LD’s. I struggle with anxiety and my initial experience with Lucid dreams was caught up in achieving results rather than having fun and seeing it as a journey. If I could add my two cents here, it would be to focus on meditation not as a precursor for LD’ing but as a life skill to help you approach life. The benefit is that you take the meditative and clear mind throughout waking life and into the dream world as well. People would give advice about ‘not wanting it too much’ and about ‘letting go’ - It’s wonderful advice but it took me a very long time to know what they were talking about.

I think about the silly amount of techniques out there today: beginning lucid dreamers are bombarded with suggestions and guarantees about a technique that works for everyone. They probably waste time obsessing about which tech is the right one for them and in the process, get anxious about whether they are making progress, as I encountered. It’s fine to explore techniques but as others have suggested, focus on the basics like keeping a DJ, meditation, awareness and going to bed early, before trying a technique which (for beginning dreamers) only ‘induce’ you to give up.

Very helpful post Rhewins! I’m an experienced lucid dreamer but I seem to be in a “dry spell” lately. I appreciate the encouragement. I think the comments on “trying too hard” are very true. Often times when I take a break from attempting lucid dreams is when I’ll experience them with little effort. Of course the techniques are important for preparing your mind for the experience but trying too hard only leads to frustration. Very helpfull thread from everyon :D)

Hey Guys!
Amazing post, I’ve translated it in my language and posted in Georgian forum. We are very proud of you !

I wanna ask you a question (dunno if I’m supposed to ask it here, but anyways) : I have problems with my dream recalls those days. first 3-4 nights were going nice, but in last 3 nights I cant remember a damn thing from dream…
I sleep like 5-6 hours. Can it be the problem? I’ve read that many sleep is good way to recall dreams, so my sleeping duration can be the inauspicious factor huh?