The Lucid Menagerie

Hey, lucid dreamers. I thought it’d be cool if we had a place where we could share our experiences with lucid creatures. These can be sightings or creations; really anything that pertains to any type of creature you’ve found in a lucid dream that doesn’t exist in waking life.

I’ll start with a sighting I had last night.

I was lucid and on a beach of a lake in the evening. I was walking along the beach when I noticed these four-legged animals standing off in the lake a little ways away. I got closer to them and they shied away at first. However, they came back to me so I could get a better look. They were a kind of mix between a sheep and dog and had medium-length, white and brown fur. They reminded me mostly of dogs, but behaved like herd animals. They barked, too. In terms of dimensions, they were about waist-high and four or five feet long.

Does anyone else have a lucid creature sighting or creation?

Hi Yves !

Well, I had this strange dream when I did a unwanted WBTB this morning. I was with some chickens. They were real-sized chickens. I was some sort of… shepherd for the chickens. It was night, and I had to take them and put them in a box and take them… home I guess. Then it happened:

When I took a black chicken, I held it in my hands, but the black chicken was in my hand and in it’s initial position. Like there were twins. I put that one in the box and took the other one (the same as the one I put in the box). But as I took that one too, the same thing happened - like I would clone the same chicken more times. But this only happened to some chickens. I took only “one copy” from those who had this thing, and went home where I got lucid and woke up :tongue:.

Cool, huh ?