The lucid plaza

I have created a new dream meeting place and this one is far better than my last one. This place is known as the lucid plaza. You can find pictures of it above. As you can see, the lucid plaza is on a floating island, and consists of four buildings, each of which serves a different purpose. There is also a bridge to another floating island, which I will talk about later.

Outside of the buildings, the island is grassy with cement pathways and three trees, two smaller ones and one large one in the center. The tree in the center has a small pool around it. Here is a picture:

The outsides of all four buildings are made mostly of polished marble that remains cool to the touch even when the sun is shining directly on it.

Each of the buildings have DCs working in them to assist visitors to the lucid plaza. None of the DCs work in the lucid plaza all of the time. There are different DCs there at different times.

Now I will explain the buildings.

The Nexus

The nexus is the large grey dome with doors around the circumference of it. These doors act like the dream doors in the lucid crossroads. They open to any dreamworld you want. There are also the ten dream-leap doors which are in the entry corridor to the nexus building The entry corridore looks like this:

The dream leap doors can be used to easily have shared dreams. They are all locked and require a key to open them. To get the key, go to the booth at the end of the corridor and say the name of the person you want to have a shared dream with. You will be handed a key with the name of the person you requested engraved on it. Now, all you have to do is insert the key into any of the doors and turn it and the door will open to the dream of that person. You may then proceed to make him or her lucid and if you want, bring them into the lucid plaza with you.

Part of the dome is slightly off the edge of the island. The walkway around the dome continues even off the edge and there is a wall to prevent you from falling off.

Going through either of the two hallways to the left and right of the booth will take you into the main dome. The interior is for if you want to leave to another dreamworld but want to use a means other than dream doors. The interior includes an airplane hanger with planes that you can pilot yourself as well as planes piloted by DCs which you can ride in as a passenger. There is also a hover-elevator that takes you to a train station 500 feet above the plaza. These are not the only things there, however. There are many other ways in the nexus to get to other dream worlds. What are they? Well, that’s for you to decide. There is an endless amount of things in the nexus that will take you somewhere else. Think of how you want to get to where you want to go, and look for it. You will soon find it.

The booth at the end of the entry corridor is manned by one DC. In the back of the booth is a door that can be used by the DC to exit the booth. The front of the booth also can open like a door, and acts as another exit. Providing keys for the dream leap doors is not the only purpose for the booth. You may ask for assistance if you have trouble finding what you are looking for. Also you may ask for someone to make you lucid next time you are dreaming. If you ask for that, whoever is working in the booth will call for another DC to be the one to do it, and introduce you to that DC. Next time you are dreaming, that person will come into your dream and tell you that you are dreaming, and if you want, take you to the lucid plaza.

the store

The store is the large rectangular green building. In this store, everything is free. What does this store sell? Anything and everything. Whatever you want to get is in there, and the store never runs out. You may look for a specific item you have in mind, or just look around and see what interesting objects you find.

At the front of the store is a small counter where a DC works. This is not a checkout counter. You don’t need to check out because everything is free. You may ask the DC working there to help you if you have trouble finding what you are looking for, or if anything you got there has any defects, the DC will fix it for you. You may also ask for an instructor for the lucid skills area, which I will explain next.

The lucid skills area

The lucid skills area is on the roof of the store. At the front counter of the store, you may ask for an instructor for the lucid skills area. The DC at the counter will call for an instructor, who will arrive in a matter of seconds. Your instructor will bring you up a stairway in the back of the store which will take you to the roof. There your instructor will help you with whatever dream related skill you request, like how to fly

the restaurant

The restaurant is the blue building next to the store. Here, you will be served any food or beverage you request, and you will not have to wait at all. This should be your first stop when visiting the lucid plaza, because you can get food or drinks there that will make your dream more vivid and even extend dream time by however long you want. You could choose 8 hours, you could choose 8 days.

This building may look like the smallest, but do not be fooled by appearences. The building is only the entrance. The actual restaurant is built inside the island. If you want, you may simply order your food at booth at the entrance and eat it outside, but if you really want a wonderful dining experience, you may decend the stairs into the actual restaurant and get a table. There is a place to order food on every floor. There are large, circular windows on all sides of the island which you can look out of from inside the restaurant and get a spectacular view, and every table has a voice activated jukebox on which you can request any song in existance.

The arcade

The arcade is the purple and blue tower. It is there for recreation purposes. There are all sorts of games there. They are not just your ordinary, every day games. Whatever game you want to play is there, even ones that don’t exist IWL. This is by no means only a video arcade. While video games do exist there, there are games of every variety imaginable. Lazer tag, jet ski races, you name it. If you can think it, you can play it. The activities there are not only games either. For example, there are roller coasters and other rides, which are not games, just fun things to do.
In the middle of every floor of the arcade, there is a spiral staircase wrapping around an elevator shaft. On one of the higher levels is a viewing deck With a view of the whole plaza.

Waterfall island

Behind the nexus is a bridge that leads to waterfall island. Waterfall island is much larger that the plaza island. Waterfall island, from afar, looks like it is covered completely in forest, when in fact a majority of the island is actually a large basin. The vegetation just shields it from view. In the middle of the basin is a large rock with four waterfalls, one on each side. There is a sand bar which is only one foot below the surface and extends from the rock to the edge of the basin. The rest of the basin doesn’t get any more shallow than eight feet deep. The two waterfalls that are in line with the sand bar flow up rather than down. Jumping into them will carry you up to the top of the rock, where you can jump off one of the down-flowing waterfalls.

Here is what the basin looks like:

The bridge back to the plaza is in line with the sand bar, so it should be easy to find when you want to go back.

Getting to the lucid plaza

There are many ways to get to the plaza. You could fly and search the sky for floating islands, or, if you have trouble flying, you can use a door to get there. Another suggestion is to go under water and come up out of the small pool of water in the plaza or the waterfall island basin.


In the lucid plaza, the temperature is always perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. The weather can be sunny or overcast, and it even rains sometimes, but it never lasts for more than a few minutes, and it never rains too hard, so don’t worry. At night, the moon is always full, in order to provide enough lighting to see, and even when it is overcast at night, there is always a small hole in the clouds to let the moonlight through.

One small question answered

I bet you are wondering: Why aren’t there any pictures of the insides of the buildings? Well, that’s because the exterior is the only part that looks the same for everyone. The insides of the buildings look different for different people, unless they are actually having a true shared dream. If two people report the buildings looking the same on the inside, then that will be evidence that they actually shared a dream. Its sort of like a shared dream indicator. It will help people know for sure if they had a shared dream if one doesn’t remember meeting the other.

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EDIT: I updated the description of the arcade.

Hey wow! That’s really cool! Have you ever been there? It sounds really fun and I want to go there. Maybe I will, who knows!

Hey yeah thats cool even if it is very similar to the lucid crossroads. I like the fact that you took some time to turn your creation into reality by making some illustrations and that you actually had a good hard think about what would be on this island… like a store and restuarant. I like the idea of a store being there thats free thats cool - the amount of times i’ve gone into deli’s in lucid dreams and just stood there and ate everything i could see without bothering too pay is countless - i dont think a restaurant is that good coz i find restaurants boring… no matter what was served here I think I’d prefer to just get it from the store.

I think the next step isn’t necessarily getting there… thats the easy part IMO. I think the next step would be to design more realistic illustrations or get someone to do it for you - using one of those 3D programs.

Other suggestions for the island: an amusement park with rollercoasters like you’ve never seen before, heck just turn the entire island into an amusement park like disneyland. Maybe a firing range where you can try all sorts of weapons, maybe even a stripper joint where the lap dances are free and guarenteed to lead onto something more :razz:

Oh, one more thing, I like the idea that its an island in the sky rather than a circular disk in the middle of a desert. Seriously, I might try imagining this place when trying to have shared dreams rather than the crossroads just because its not in the middle of a desert.

All of that will be in the arcade, and don’t worry. The roller coasters will be able to fit in the building. Buildings in dreams can be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.

Hey Ian,
If you would let me, is it alright if I do some sketches of The Lucid Plaza?
Once when I’m done with them all I’ll post them here for you if you’de like.

great stuff
What do you call this place?

ahh “The lucid plaza” ofcourse


You have my permission.