The lucidity challenge - LC1, LC2 and LC3

I did it :content:

Monday 16 july 2007
Yellow Overtone Seed

DC dream code (ND)
I’m chatting with magnus, it’s about the code to use for the DC dream of the challenge. I look at a list of codes, they look like HTML codes and I have to find the right one.

I wake up and think, well at least I have had a ND now about the challenge :tongue:

I have other dreams, and I wake up, it’s getting light already, i should have that LD soon now or else it is too late. I drift back to sleep

Mag the DC
So I drift back to sleep with the challenge in my mind, and i’m still in that half sleep/half awake stage when i suddenly “see” magnus talking to me as if he has just send me a private chat message.

“remember that you have to ask a DC about his dreams”

note how he didn’t say remember the game :tongue:

And I instantly become lucid! :yay: I almost flip out of the fragile dream because I’m not deep in the dream yet, I can still feel myself lying in bed. I focus and hold on to the dream.

[LD]I am chatting with magnus and I say (i just say it outloud)

Are you a DC?

And I see mag’s reply as text on some kind of screen.

Mag: Ja :

He uses a smiley like a horizontal :, more like … but higher. It’s also the :tongue: smiley. He types “Ja” but also “Yes”. What I mean is that i see him write, I know what it says but if i really try to read the word it is more that I get the meaning than really see the word.

I say (i don’t type):“Good, tell me a dream.”

Mag immediately starts to type in different font colors, one is bold red, and what he writes is actually exactly the same as what I had written earlier in my DJ.

Not sure if that is a FM or a DM or a real memory, but i remember somehow writing/typing my dreams before I became lucid. - I can’t remember what the dream was about though :meh:

I say: “that’s not fair, you are just copying my dream!”

He continues, but now instead of seeing him write I hear him talk. He speaks dutch but with a very northern accent like “Zaai” And I get distracted listening to the way he talks instead of what he’s actually saying.

He’s now going on about a movie that he’s making with school and with the help of LD4all (he writes ld4all) it will become reality.

I know Mag has indeed a very northern dutch accent (eg: swedish :tongue: ) but in my dream it was a dutch northern accent, and I could understand what he was saying

Then i see a webpage about it he has made, black bg, white or yellowish text or red maybe, it’s a long story and in the end he says yes on my school we can do this we will make a movie and thanks to ld4all it will become real, also thanks to [some other name – which i remember as the name of the school.[/LD]

I wake up, Task completed! :happy:

Thanks mag :content:

taskmaker: Magnus

  1. pasQuale 60 (30 lucid points, 20 task points and 10 bonus points)
  2. Lizzahy 0 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points (30 lucid points)
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 0 points
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 0 points

task 2 is: Fly To The Moon.(remember that you can still do the first task but you won’t get any bonus points).

The points:
Fly but never go to the moon=5 points
Get to the moon but not by flying=10 points
Fly to the moon=20 points

I hope everyone knows where the moon is, Good Luck.
And remember everything is easy in a dream. :content:

P.S. Task 3 will be posted 18:00 GMT on Wednesday.

oh no…i post too late?

-I meet my sister in a mall that doesn’t exist IRL. Something makes me lucid while drinking coffee. The first thing I think of is the lucidity challenge on LD4all! “T! What do you dream about?” She says “I dream about K, look!” K appears behind the cafe’s counter. Since he is dead IRL, I take it as a sure sign that it is a dream, and hug him. He smiles. Other people from our old home town appear, and we go looking through the mall.

My sister and me are the only “lucid” people in the mall, the others are “DCs”. It is almost like we speak a language that they don’t know. We have fun taking things from the shops and wearing or eating them. I can drink as much coffee as I want without getting sick…I want to try all the different kinds!

Or i would have gotten 10 points for my sister’s reply. :tongue:

you dreamt it last night so i think you are still in time :happy:

glares at mag :tongue:


  1. pasQuale 60 (30 lucid points, 20 task points and 10 bonus points)
  2. Lizzahy 0 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points (30 lucid points)
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 60 points(30 lucid points, 20 task points and 10 bonus points)
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 0 points

I’m being nice today and because siiw posted it so close to the deadline and maybe because I hadn’t been clear enough anyway.

But from now on, please post your dreams before the deadline, so I know that you dreamt it before the deadline.
So that I can give you bonus points if you have the right to it.
Task 2 bonus point deadline is wednesday 18:00 GMT.

Monday 16 – Tuesday 17 July 2007

To the moon
Lucid Meta Dream

I’m going to sleep.
I’m sleeping and I realise I’m dreaming. I’m not very lucid but I remember that I want to fly to the moon for the Lucidity challenge. I see D. is there too and we’re going to the moon together. (Yesterday when talking to D. I said I was going to fly to the moon this night and he said alone? That’s boring. So we decided he would come with me :slight_smile: Flying to the moon goes pretty fast actually, I didn’t think I would see the moon from that close that fast. We’re almost there, ready to land, but my sister is making a lot of noises which makes me wake up. I see my sister and she’s still making the noise. Unlike usual she’s sleeping in the same room as I am. I’m going to get ready for the day and take a shower.

Later I wake up for real. I still try to fall asleep, since it’s rather early for me, but I can’t fall asleep again. So I decided to go to LD4all and write this down.

congratulations! well done :happy:

I had no luck tonight, but that was because I was too busy :tongue: (see my DJ)

I got some flying in a FLD, but no moon or real lucidity.

Some flying in a LD this night, but still no moon! It didn’t even cross my mind!

I did it :grin: twice :grin:
Flying to the moon I
I manage to go back to sleep, and decide not to worry about any tasks, but in the event of lucidity i’ll remember the moon task.

i’m in my childhood home, in my parent’s house. [LD]For some reason I realize I must be dreaming. I remember the moon task and jump out of the window.

I’m outside on the street and look to the sky, there is the moon. I have to fly towards it. I call out for someone to help me fly to the moon.

In response, the moon drops from the sky and lands a few metres in front of my feet. It’s the same size as it was in the sky, but now it’s a curved moon, and it’s flat. I laugh.

But this probably wouldn’t count as flying to the moon, so instead of walking towards it i fly towards it :tongue: [/LD]

wake up

This was a very short LD, around half a minute or something, felt even shorter.

drift back to sleep

Flying to the moon II
I’m running through a hospital like building, enjoying the fact that I can walk through things. Someone is behind me, following me for some reason and I enjoy walking through walls and doors just to confuse him. He enters a room where I’m in and asks who I am.

[LD]In response I become fully lucid. I’m dreaming! I do the nose RC to verify - again, it is hard to decide wether i’m breating or not - You’d think that was easy to decide, but somehow i am not sure if i’m still able to breathe because somehow air still comes through my nose, or if it is because i’m dreaming.

I look at my hands, they change shape. Ah, ok, really a dream.

I’m not entirily sure if this RC scene was in the first LD or the second

I decide to do the Moon task again, this time try and really fly to it, instead of having the moon fly to me.

I jump out of the window to fly away. Look at the moon. Call out for help again to fly towards it.

A perspective change. Instead of looking up towards the sky, i’m now flying through the universe and the moon is looming in front of me. In the blackness around it I see the light of the stars. The moon is still a way off, but now I can fly towards it instead of upwards to it.

The feeling of the atmosphere has also changed. It feels “flat” somehow, “fake”. I hear beautiful music in the background as I speed towards the moon. It is like angelic singing but “heavier”. A golden, warm sound.

Still, i don’t seem to be able to reach the moon. And I want my extra points so i should. I am not competitive at all :gni:

I sort of complain to my invisible helper that I should reach the moon. And something happens, since the next moment i’m standing on the moons surface. Or am I? It’s more like I’m inside. I know I’m on the moon though.

There are people around me, they are laughing. I remember a lady in a lightblue dress smiling at me. I know somehow that they have set this up for me.

So now I’m on the moon. I want to see the view then of the earth from the moon. I walk to the huge windows, which are covered with curtains and i open them. Outside I see the huge earth. It’s almost like my dream has trouble deciding how to show it, since the image is a bit moving at first, like it is forming, then I see a huge earth like sphere. And it even reminds me now of wnvoss’s post in the ‘what game?’ topic - like my mind drew on that image to show me that. [/LD]

Satisfied, I now wake up, Task completed.

It was really weird, it was like I was in a scene that had been built for me. All the time I had the feeling i was not on the real moon, but on an elaborate movieset, designed especially for me. Movieset is not the word though, i really felt the reality around me as being fake, created for me to experience what i wanted to experience.


  1. pasQuale 120 (30 lucid points, 20 task points and 10 bonus points)
  2. Lizzahy 0 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points (
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 105 points(30 lucid points, 5 task points and 10 bonus points)
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 45 points (30 Lucid points 5 task points and 10 bonus points)

Task 3 is:
Talk to an animal
Find an animal= 5 points
Talk to the animal= 10 points
Talk to the animal and get a reply=20 points
You:How are you cute dog?
Dog: I’m fine and you?
So barking and other animal sounds doesn’t count, the animal must speak a language so you can understand exactly what it’s saying

Task 4 will be posted on Friday, Good Luck everyone with finding your animals

truits Ebil Princess

I don’t know if this counts, but I did find animals last night in a normal dream.

Wednesday 18 – Thursday 19 July 2007

Intention: The lucidity Challenge: go to Africa (or rather start my dream there) and talk to an animal.

Animals in Africa
Normal Dream

I’m in Africa on a little boat in the water. We’re looking at the animals around us, trying to spot them. Suddenly there is an animal on me. It is an animal I do not know IWL. I’m not sure what kind of animal it was, it could fly and was hairy. It also had something tickling on it. I lie down in the water and try not to move. I try to be as calm as possible, since that’s the best way for it to leave. After a short while it goes off me, but soon after it is back. I again try to be as calm as possible.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . snip

I’m with some others near the water again. You have to keep out of the water because there are dangerous animals in the water. Somehow I manage to fall into the water and I try to get out as soon as possible. I already feel something against my feet that is trying to keep me in the water.

[color=royalblue](You can read the full dream in my DJ. There was a short part after this.)

I was in Africa and it may have not been the animal I was hoping to talk with, at least I saw a few animals and I was in Africa. Maybe tonight I will go lucid and talk with them. Going to sleep now ^^ [/color]

friday 20 july 2007
Yellow Solar Star

Lucid Challenge time again. This time the challenge was talking to an animal. I had 2 ND’s before this:

One was about Sandra who was talking with a seagull and asking it what she should ask it.

The second one was about TRJR who told me he was talking to Fluffy in a dream, and i thought:“Well, technically fluffy is also an animal since his name is slinking_ferret” :tongue:

Then I wake up, early morning to write down those ND’s, at least I have something. And I half want to get out of bed, but it’s like someone tells me to go back to sleep, so I do, but I ask that same someone to help me with the challenge then.

Talking With Animals
WILD - LC completed.

I try to have a lucid dream, and WILD if possible. I do a relaxation exercise, I drift in and out some small dreams, and then I think, this is the final one, but i’m still too tensed, to ‘must have a LD’. So I relax more and let it all be. Never mind then.

I try to summon an image of an animal in my HI stage and I see an image of a horse, it’s all dots. I think, that’s a good start already :happy: So I focus on the horse, and then the HI becomes clearer, it becomes a landscape, or a room, and I try to hold on to something with my “thoughts”. As if I have arms or 'threads" that come out of my head and with that I reach and i try to pull myself into the dream.

[LD]Somehow I have succeeded and I’m now flying through this room, fully lucid, in search of animals. I come into a large garden area, grass, trees, shrubbery, flowers.

I call if there is an animal, a totem animal perhaps, that wants to speak to me. In response a large bird lands on my left shoulder. It looks like a falcon or a sparrow hawk, or a hawk. I say:“Hi! can you talk?” It shreeks in response and poops on my arm. I shrug it off and it flies away. Well that is a good start, I laugh.

I look around for other animals. I see a white baby goat. In the distance is his mother. I think: “If this one isn’t going to talk I’m going to find gaspode the wonderdog or a parrot”. I hear it say: “Beh” but like a human would say “Beh” , not a goat. [com[ reminds me of gaspode too, who says woof instead of barking.[/com]

So I ask: “hi, can you talk?”
“So, what is your name?”
“I am [mentions name but I forgot!]”


I’m talking now to another animal, a baby lion, who tells me that I am in a part of Zaire and it’s called “ni-iki-iki” or a weird name like that. [/LD]

I now wake up, and scribble my dream furiously in my DJ in order not to forget. It’s hard to find and my mother is constantly disturbing me, i tell her to wait until I have written down my dream. Finally I have succeeded, lots of loose pages, and scribbled on any empty space I could find :whew:

And then I wake up :tongue: Or I’m not too sure because after that I end up in a ND about a bankrobbery which I manage to prevent, after that I wake up and see it’s already very late, and after that I really wake up.

But the writing down of the dream inside the dream has really helped preserve the memory :smile:


  1. pasQuale 180 (30 lucid points, 20 task points and 10 bonus points)
  2. Lizzahy 0 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 105 points
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 60 points ( 5 task points and 10 bonus points)

Task 4 is:
Find the treasure at the end of the rainbow:
See a rainbow= 5 points
Find the end of the rainbow but no treasure= 10 points
Find the treasure at the end of the rainbow=20 points

Task 5 will be posted on Sunday, Good Luck everyone with finding your treasures and rainbows


  1. pasQuale 180
  2. Lizzahy 0 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 105 points
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 60 points

task 5:
Visit a God or Goddess.
And ask him/her which creation he or she has made that he/she is most proud of.

Find a God/Goddess= 5 points
Ask the question =10 points
Ask and get an answer = 20 points

Task 6 will be posted on Tuesday, Good Luck everyone and I’m sorry about being late with this, I forgot about this while playing VG, I’m the Priest there and it’s important to bless the right person this night.

I did 2 challenges in one night :grin:

monday 23 july 2007
Blue Crystal Monkey

Talk to a God
[snipped out things, read my DJ for those :content: ]

[LD]I now become fully lucid :happy: I instantly remember the Tasks, the rainbow one and the God one. I decide to do the god one first (since that will give me the most points :tongue: ). I look at the sky, it is grey and cloudy, reminds me a bit of the sky of the new LD4all design, but then greyish.

I call out for a God. Things go black. I feel myself twirling and falling. I remember the one that called himself “Jord” from another LD I had. I call out that name, if I can see him again.


I am in a room, there is a cat, red striped, and I know this is the god/jord that I want to talk to. I call out for it, it sits on the floor in a corner, under a table or something, washing it’s paw.

I say:“Hi, I have to ask you a question.”

I ask it something which I forgot now. Then I remember the question I’m supposed to ask.

“what is the creation you are most proud of?”.

It responds, but it is inaudible.

I say, “please, I have to know.”

It responds again, still I can’t hear it.

I crawl close to it and ask again, it responds again, louder this time.

It says: “the mini animal music toy” (something like that), and it pulls out a little plastic green square flutelike thing, it can be played by little animals, like mice.

Somehow there is a mouse inside there too, and it is meant for mice, but also for cats to play (I think) because I joke with the cat, asking if it isn’t tempting to take a bite out of it while playing it.

Happy I completed the Quest I think of doing the rainbow Quest now, but I wake up. [/LD]

Somewhere over the rainbow
Can’t decide what kind of LD. Low level or FLD.

WILDish start. I find myself chatting with magnus, I believe, when I realize I should be doing the rainbow task. He wants to stop me but I say: “watch me do it”

To my right, I see the sky. It is empty. Blueish/greyish. I say:”Let there be a rainbow”. A double rainbow appears, I hear angelic singing in the background.

The imagery is hard to stabilize, I have to focus and really make an effort in order to stay with the dream, have a stable image and remember what is happening. It is also more like I’m an observer than actually part of the dream.

Good, that worked already, “now take me to the end!” I call.

The image scrolls to the right. At the bottom is the sea, and two dolphins jump/swim towards the right. There appears to be a humanly figure in there too, but the memory is very vague.

“We” (I’m observing) have arrived at the end of the rainbow now, it looks like waterpaint fading into the water, I see the purple color. The image zooms in into the purple, the dolpin dives there, I think I see a glimpse of an octopus. Then the dolphing being returns and holds a blue pearl. I say being now since I distinctively remember it having hands but also knowing it’s a dolpin.

He/she puts the blue pearl in a white shell. Then the image of a teddy bear appears, and it has the blue pearl for it’s right eye (left eye for the viewer), and the other eye is a button. It looks like a handmade teddybear.


At the seashore two girls are talking. One is a disabled, handicapped girl, the teddybear is for her I know. The other girl is talking to her, trying to explain something. They are both drawing. The disabled girl draws very well, she draws an image of a seaturtle under the rainbow. It’s all in black pencil but I know it’s supposed to be that.

There, two tasks in one night. I think i deserve bonus points for that :grin:

Finally, had a LD while taking a nap.

Task: Visit a God/Goddess

I remembered the task right away as well and I knew what the god in my dream is supposed to look like. I see a door on my right and think to myself that the person I’m looking for, is standing right behind the door. I open it and I’m right. A man, fully dressed in black is standing behind a set of iron bars. My vision becomes blurry as I start to lose the lucidity and I pinch myself, hoping this would bring me back. I’m sort of right. I approach the man and ask him what his biggest creation is and all he says is “help!”. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the rest of the conversation but I do remember making the iron bars disappear while telling him that I can do anything I want in my dream. So at last, he’s free but I didn’t manage to get a decent answer. At least I saved him : )

Congratulations Lizzahy :content:

When I first read the dream it made me think that God his biggest creation was “help”. That he created that people/animals/whatever help each other and that’s the best thing he created. It is a nice “creation” after all.

I think I could have done the challenge today if it wasn’t for our dogs :grrr: (I was almost falling asleep and had visit a god in my mind, but our dogs were barking and the phone rang so I couldn’t fall asleep)


  1. pasQuale 270 (60 lucid points, 40 task points no bonus points - 10 points for being late with one task :tongue: )
  2. Lizzahy 50 points (30 Lucid points 10 task points 10 bonus points)
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 105 points
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 60 points

task 6:
Time Travel and see the start and the end:
Manage to travel in time= 5 points
See the beginning/creation of the universe=15 points
See the end/destruction of the universe= 15 points
Managage to see both=30 points.

Task 7 will be posted on Thursday

I never really understood that rule. Why - 10 points for being late with one task? You get 10 bonus points when you do the task on time and no bonus points when you do it another time. That’s what makes more sense to me. Otherwise you are being “punished” twice. (no bonus points and 10 minus points)