The Lucidity Institute

Hey, I was wondering if anyone on this forum is part of the institute… cause I’m seriously considering about volunteering for something like that, as I think I could help in the cause.

So, for those of you (if you have joined)… I was wondering about the process of joining, I know there is an address in the back of EWLD. But, I was curious about the details of joining and what else is involved. Thanks in advance :smile:

I once tried to register at their forums and I got an email asking when and how I’de joined.

I think that you can either visit one of the courses, do LD experiments (try joining for details), or write a 2-page report of your LD attempts and results while reading EWLD (also try joining for details).

Try applying at the forum and you will recieve an email from one of their volunteers.

thanks r3, i’ll check it out