The Lucid's are flowing like crazy

Hey guys, haven’t been on in quite awhile! I’m on day 84 of the Lucid Journey. I have stayed super dedicated to my DJ, RC’s, and Techniques (main one is ADA). It took me a month to have an LD but now they happen a few times a week without even trying and they are super vivid! I’ve found my routine very successful so far and if anyone is interested in me sharing my notes/research/ DJ/etc. I’ll be more than happy to share!

Whats your average sleep schedule, and do you use any other techniques besides ADA?

I try to sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours a night. Every LD I’ve experienced happened about 6 hours into my sleep, this is without WBTB.

I’m a big fan of DILD’s because let’s face it, it’s the easiest method. I have tried WILD and MILD as well, but wasn’t as successful, although I had an (halfway) OBE doing WILD.

I personally recommend a combination of ADA or “Lucid Living” with straight up DILD. It’s easy to do, especially if your a beginner. But hey, maybe take a stab at WILD or even better, Wake back to bed!

Thanks for the help man, keep up the great work!!!

What do you mean with “ADA”?

It stands for All Day Awareness. I wouldn’t be able to really do the concept justice, as I don’t actively practice it, so I would look it up.

I don’t have a good life routine to do ADA.
I prefer DEILD ,have you tried it yet?