The moment after waking

We probably all experience this moment. The first couple of seconds after waking, before memory returns…it is complete, blissful peace. There is no uncomfortable memory, no conscience, no anxiety (if you haven’t just had a nightmare of course…) You just exist, peacefully, as you.

In stressful periods, these two seconds are easily the best part of a day, more noticeable because it hits harder when memory returns then. I know one person who started practicing polyphasic sleep after losing a family member, just to experience this more than once a day.

Is this what life is like for an infant? Is it possible to meditate so deeply that you experience the same unstained peace? Is it possible to shut off memory in a lucid dream, and simply exist like this?

I’d have to say that this is most certainly NOT what life is like as an infant. :smile:
Growing and developing involve experiencing all aspects of life, and incorporate how to deal with all our wonderful ranging emotions, from glimpses of intense sadness to incredible happiness. There is profound beauty in all of our emotions even in fear and being scared, probably the least thought of as pleasant emotions. And avoiding all of the negative parts of life or having them blocked for us would be anti-evolutionary, it’s not that we aren’t aware of these feelings but the scale is different, what made me cry as a child is very far from what saddens me today. Plus it’s not all about being numb, it’s all about being able to embrace all parts of life and go along with them.

As for meditation, I definitely think that you can reach a state this deep. If you can successfully clear your mind and perceive the flow of love and positivity in your body you can reach a state of profound calmness independent of the going’s on of the outside world, which is when true healing can step in and take action.

and lucid dreaming, I’m not sure if you can reach such a place there since I haven’t really been there and back but as for most tools for exploring the conscious, if you choose to use it as such, I’m positive that it can help you in finding serenity in you’re life.

I love this moment! I try my best to prolong it by not thinking, just feeling, just being as present as possible. Babies may expereince this longer than adults cause they have way less to think about to distract them away from this bliss state.
I know it is possible to meditate deeply to create this bliss. I’ve done it before. This first moment of awakening is like meditation. I have actually meditated in a Lucid dream before and felt like I was becoming my higher self. :om:

Oh yes, that moment is amazing.

I have a few seconds memory from total blackness, not being able to feel my body, just being my mind. Also amazing experience. I remembered it upon awakening one day but i don’t think it was right before i awakened.

I think it would depend on which stage of infancy the infant is in. I do feel that maybe a fetus experiences that total dark bliss of serenity though.

Absolutely. I believe that we are all capable of achieving this level of peace given the opportunity.

A friend once told me of a woman who lost her son. Throughout her grief she was introduced to meditation and talked of going to a location of utter peace and love. She was also able to meet with her son during those meditative moments and find healing. (food for thought)

I believe the same. Nicely put.

Finally got around to replying here. My experience with what I ascribe to being this, was accidental. I was attempting to WILD and entered a very relaxed state. I suddenly found myself detached from everything and just being pure conciousness. Can’t say I think too much about how life is for an infant, I don’t really have cause to, and lack the feedback needed to have meaningful view. I think this state naturally shuts memory off, because you experience nothing, and I find my memory is context sensitive. No stimulus, means no memories surface, unless I start to ‘think’ or fish for them.

Oh, so you experienced it while falling asleep? It is usually difficult for me to remember what happens right before sleep. It is something i haven’t thought of before. :cool:

Damn it I never get this state. I wake up by an allarm clock every morning so I jump out of bed straight away. It kinda sucks. :sad:

Trouble is when you become aware of the present it can hit you hard again.
I don’t think I would call it blissful peace, for me it is just unawareness. Peace is something more positive.

Well said :content: That moment is always wonderful, and then I have an internal battle about writing in my DJ.

I think that trying to extend that moment would be benificial. For me, that’s what meditation is all about. I’ve acheived that bliss once or twice, and it was amazing.

Entersting questin, and Im going to talk a little off topic here, but it reminds me of one of my fears, and that is what if when I die I go out sad, afraid Ill miss my loved ones in the afterlife, and be stuck with negative emotions. I hope not, because when you dream it seems that you dont carry emotions with you in your dreams. I can be feeling blue in waking life, but my dreams will be great dreams, so I hope the afterlife is the same way(for those who beleive in an afterlife) Does that fear of being in a negative state of mind that goes with you us when we die bother anyone else? Hope thats not too off topic.

replied in private message and suggested making a new topic too :moogle: