the more LDs the higher the chance?

is this rumour true or not:

someone on the internet told me that the more LDs you have the higher the chance you’ll have an LD…is this true? it sounds believable… :unsure:

WHAT? sorr that didn make ANY sense!

Well, a better way to phrase it would be that the more experience you have with LDs and their induction, the more likely you are to have them… and yeah, it’s true generally.

Yeah, I guess so too. It means you get better at LD’ing.

yeah, I believe that’s true. Take my friend and me for example. When we first started lucid dreaming two years ago, we reached a point where we had almost 5 a week.

For almost all of these, we didn’t do a single induction technique, we just sort of got used to recognizing the dream world. When we became lucid, we didn’t even do RCs, yet we had extremely vivid dreams, often more real that reality.

I think that’s kinda what you’re saying. Every lucid dream you have is practice, just like techniques and reality checks.

Yeah, I think thats pretty true to. But I’ve had 2 in the same night and the alst couple nights nothing.But still think its true.

Well, after having a few, it gets easier. Of course, lack of motivation and droughts kinda skew this, but that’s not exactly the point…

I sure hope this is true