"The most beautiful place..."/waking up during REM

Minutes ago I had an awesome dream.

I walked thru a beautiful landscape with little lakes, wonderful large trees, romantic bridges. With me, my friends a beautiful gothic girl that i did not know. She looked at me and said:

“Let me show you the most beautiful place on earth”

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful old castle, totally made of brown sandstone. It was almost a ruin. Then she went down a secret staircase she found behind some bushes. It was a very long staircase and it lead us into another area-to the most beautiful place on earth. It was some kind of a secret garden, but of raw nature-awesome. Water was slowly dropping down the old walls in slow motion, forming little waterfalls. The wonderfull gothic girl was in the middle of the szene, totally dressed in black. I felt so happy. Full of joy I looked in her face. She smiled and touched my hand gently. Silent communication. Inj that moment, I knew she understands me!

In the next szene, I went to a weeding. After I entered the house i’d see the gothic girl with another man. He looked exactly like the man, I always wanted to be. A voice said:

" This is the melancholic and romantic weeding between this gothic girl and this beautiful man"

As a result was a faint. Minutes later, I woke up in a floor. Peopele were hitting me. I got up and waited in a room. Naked young girls were in this room. Fat an sweeting youn girls! They were obszoen. They made fun of my. Then the door went opened and the man who married my dream gir came in. He had a big wooden Slat in his hand and hit me witht the words:

“Finally I’m married”
He hit me again
“I’m married”
he hit me another time
"People, this guy never do what you tell him!!

My dream was interrupted because my mother came in.

Awesome how good the dream recall is, when you awake during a REM cycle.

Pretty strange dream you had there.

Thanks for replying!
After I woke up, I had the obsession to post it here at the ld4all forums because it was very fascinating…I couldn’t express it properly in the english language though…

happy dreaming :tongue:

can anyone truly express dreams in english?
i know i cant.
sighs while waiting for telephathy and spelling skills

I know that it’s impossible. I wrote that just a few minutes after I got up because I was still so enlighted by the dream. I could have left out the last part because it does not really matter and is kinda personal :bored:

I could have expressed it better…in my mother tongue…lol
But…forget it

Let’s wait for telepathy together :grin: