The Most Difficult Game - I wanna be the guy?

Your thoughts on hard games, I might be up for a challenge over christmas break.

So far the hardest game i have played by FAR is a game called i wanna be the guy or IWBTG for short. Try it and see for yourself here:

it’s just freaking absurd, I don’t think anyones had beat it on immpossible difficulty yet.

ah! Russell got me addicted to that one, in the days of yore. i got pretty far on both «down» and «right» paths. never cared too much for the «up» path, and i only found out about the «left» path after i had definitely given up trying to be the guy.

the less save points, the cooler.


…i will try again when i am less sleepy.

Lol, yes everything kills you…even the moon…and apples. BTW, if you drop down one level from where you started you can run through the left wall. If you drop down two levels you can walk through the wall on the right.

Therefore you have an up, down, left, and right path.

Happy Trails :tongue: :tongue:

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that was kind of hard…hahahaa, that’s 20 minutes i’ll never get back. i wonder how many people have actually passed that game, geez. i got past the metallic thing that attacks right away, but that’s about it.

/me checks.

yes, i still know by heart the jumping sequence for the «down» path. that’s embarrassing!

Lucidity_Master: they’re not apples, they’re more like big cherries. also, they’re not very fond of gravity, so watch out.

Lol, no kidding.

Currently I’m stuck on the second boss of the left path though…the Bowser/Lizard/Wily thing…first two are easy but Wily is borderline ridiculous.

Lol, there are some videos on the internet of people doing the whole thing (not on impossible) - and my brother has beat the whole thing on very hard.

WHY does this not work on my Mac? WHY GOD WHY :cry:

I wanna be the guy… ahhh i remember this

i got pretty far into it. past the first boss (which says something about my willpower). My friend, on the other hand, made it all the way to the very last boss (the guy) before his computer’s hard drive failed. yikes. heh

well the game is fun at first, but when the initial novelty of it wears off, well, it just gets boring.

It’s not a matter of i gave up because it was hard, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

got wine? iwbtg runs smoothly on wine, no slow downs, no surprise crashes. it works just fine. (installing wine→).

Rawr, this game will someday make my head explode. I heard about it a while ago, but never really got around to installing it until a couple of weeks ago.

Well, if you’re looking for some other frustrating games, I’d recommend getting the Jnes emulator and taking a crack at some of the classics; Battletoads and Megaman aren’t exactly impossible, but they’re enough to make you pull your hair out at times :tongue: . Contra’s also excellent. Without cheats/continues…shudders. Friggin’ hard, especially if you don’t know the levels very well (I barely pulled it off a few days ago, and I’ve been playing it for years).

three words: Heart of Darkness.

that game is about as sadistic and hard as i wanna be the guy, but it’s style is a touch more macabre and still it’s sold as «suitable for all ages». i don’t know how they pulled that off.

OK, downloaded, installed. and trying to get it to start. Doesn’t work. How does it start :tongue:
clicking on start, RETURN, space, SHIFT, nothing helps :help:

imagine that you are playing an old computer game :cool: i think it starts with z or x. Z or x shoots, and shift i think jumps.

i don’t know it exactly, because i am on the phone :cool_raz:

@bruno, HoD owned, too bad i could never play the full version XD

edit: phew, i think no-one noticed i double-posted XD

q, shift works like enter, at least, it should should(you say you’ve tried it, which is strange) and Z shoots, but you can change these controls using CTRL+Y(or file → controls)

Q, i don’t know how it works on windows, but Linux doesn’t accept input when there’s nothing in focus. try clicking the game window with your mouse, to give it focus, and then try «shift» again.

Yes, what Bruno said applies to windows, if you ever go to play the game and your character stops moving just click on the application to bring it back to "focus.

Is there an actual term for that?

yes: «focus».

Can’t say IWBTG is my style of a “Hard” game…it’s too unfair. (Wich i know is the whole point of the game)

If there’s some “Hard” games that i consider hard but still plays fair then that would be most arcade games and esp. the modern japanese shoot-em-up games were the player are being showered whit bullets all the time. Usually it requires really good reaction/eye-hand coordinate as well as quickly analyze a bullet pattern and act accordingly.
They’re hard and you’ll get killed but at least you’ll get the chance to actually avoid death instead of randomly getting killed by something unexpected.

  • Tywald

Thats exactly what IWBTG requires, its purely a skill/reaction game.

Sure, there are some random deaths the first time through rooms, but those are meant to be entertaining in a sick way, however, once you know what the game throws at you its consistent and just a matter of the skill needed to pass the room.