The New Pope

I think we’ll NEVER GUESS who the anti-christ is until it’s too late.

I’ll try to keep this as relevant to the pope as I can :smile:

Perhaps the Pope was influenced by the Nazis, for example, he saw the error in what they were doing and decided to enter the priesthood. :wink:
You also did not specify how his Greek name would add up to 666, you just said that it would. Thats not a very convincing argument if you ask me. Could you please tell me where it says this in the bible or provide the mathematical formula in which his name = 666?
Also, Ratzinger is not of Roman descent just because he’s roman catholique, he is of German descent. Now, I’m going to get historical again :smile: The Visigoths and the Ostrogoths were the downfall of the Roman Empire (the eastern half anyway), and these two peoples are the founding cultures of what is now in the present day Germany, where Ratzinger is from. So, how is he Roman??? He’s not, his religion just happens to be :wink:

Like I said before, this is just fear of something new. People probably say this stuff every time there’s a new Pope.
Lucky me, I just don’t care :smile: as long as he’s not hurting anyone that is.

I dont know greek personally but 2 of my pastors do. I think it would be just the same as my name would equal like, say my name is Tim. T is letter number 20, so 20 + I which is letter number 9, so 20+9+ m which is letter number 13, so 20+9+13 = 42. I dont know if this is the same way or not, its a probable guess though. I said the bible isnt specific on how roman this guy has to be. One of my pastors actually thinks he’ll be Jewish because being roman is only VERY slightly hinted at. And the bible does say for a fact that the antichrist will call God “The God of our fathers” Roman Catholics do that. So he could very well be roman, since the bible barely even mentions it, much less mentions that its in his blood line. I didnt say he would say that jews are evil, I just said that he was influenced towards that forcefully, and he could use that as a way to start persecuting them. And I’ve never said a pope was the antichrist besides this guy :razz:

It’s my understanding that Christ spoke aramaic, and maybe hebrew. AFAIK the letters-as-numbers thing is from hebrew and the kabala(sp) traditions.

And another thing about prophesies – they seem to be much easier to interpret after the fact. The same darn prophesies get used and refered to over and over and over and over, each time the would be interpreter refering to a different approaching date and event.

(I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen apocolypse predictions based on the same parts of the bible as previous predictions. More than one of them has managed to be wrapped up and packaged as a religous best-seller about the coming “end-times”).

I moved the ‘wrath of God’ discussion into the “why god was so vengeful in the OT” topic

Please try to stay on topic in this one :ok:

I had a dream about a new pope a couple of nights ago. I dreamed the new pope was 140 years old and was chosen so he would die soon. I watched some videos in my dream and he didn’t look that old.

I haven’t been keeping up to date with all this new pope stuff. Can’t be bothered. Why put hours of coverage on tv for one person?