The New Pope

The new Pope Joseph Ratzinger has taken on the name of Benedict XVI (cos the last German Pope took the name Benedict XV).
Of course, you’ve probably already heard about his anti-gayness, being part of the Hitler Youth (his parents being big Hitler supporters… though he later deserted) and his views on other sections of Christianity, so lets skip swithly past all that.

One thing I read in another forum, that caught my interesst (though I personally don’t believe it), was:

Dun dun duuuun!

So, what d’you think? Coincidence (like me) or revelation?

P.S. Oh yeah, the person I quoted above also said:

And personally, I suppose I’m gonna have to second that :tongue:.

(yes, firetruck is the censor over there… pretty funny when people try swearing).

I don’t know… Though a pope who calls Buddhism “mental auto-eroticism” is not really what you’d expect from the leader of more than a billion christians…

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What do you think about the pope?
1-don’t give a **** about religion 2-hate the pope 3-don’t like the pope, he don’t smoke dope 4-don’t care, i walk alone 5-don’t have much of an opinion 6-i like the pope 7-love the pope
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What do you think about the new Pope Bento XVI?
I heard he was a Nazi. I read he had actually joined the Hitlerian Youth when he was young.
That made me a little sad.
But tonight, I heard him speak a little about religion and related stuff and i liked what he said a lot. One of the statements i liked the most was “We have so much noise in your soul’s ears and in our souls eyes that we sometimes become blind and daft to God.”. - Despeit being religious or not, don’t you think it’s a beautifull sentence? I think it’s intimatly related to Lucid Dreaming! The sentence that is, not the Pope. He probably has his own way of getting to that special place.
I also heard on the TV, that “one of the most probable candidats for the next pope, is …(dunno if it’s this one), he studied music, psychology and does a lot of exercise”. All things of my own interest.
I hope the Pope, with all due respect, doesn’t screw up my good expectations.

The bad ones, I’ll be glad if he does :content:!

Heheheh…he’s a Nazi…hehe…I didn’t know that…

Me and my friends are pretty sure he’s a Dark Jedi. He looks very much like Count Dooku, anyway. Those of us that don’t think that belong to a minority conspiracy group that’s sure the conclave is really a passage to the Spirit World, where dark tests are held to determine the next pope.

Just kidding, anyway, but still, he is a little creepy.

Why not? Remember this man is from the same group of people who spread myths about condoms having tiny holes in that allow the AIDS virus to pass through, just to put people off using contraception in AIDS ridden countries because it’s ‘sinful’. These are not rational, tolerant people!

although he didn’t give a personal view on any particular subjects except religion, he didn’t seem like a bad person, nor like an irrational one!

He’s bad news, but the Hitler Youth stuff is AFAIK totally irrelevent.
If you were of school age, caucasian, not gay, not gypsy(Rom), and not jewish – you were in the HY.
– It was one of those “If it isss not forboden, it isss reqvired” things.

The funny thing is he was kicked out of the Nazi Youth because of his desire to become a preist.
Anyway, I’m not Catholique, and I don’t like Catholisism at all. I think it’s the most archaic, stubborn sect of christianity trying to maintain ancient traditions in a world thats moving faster than they are. This new Pope is perfect to lead them. :cool_laugh:

You need to realise that most educated catholics disagree with most official doctrine.

Those in developing countries, and those in developed countries who aren’t deterred from a religious career by such tunnel-vision conformism as was fostered by Ratzinger and John Paul II, tend to blindly defend the “Eternal Truth” of oficial Catholic Dogma.

Better educated catholics would agree with you. Many yearn for the days of Vatican II, when John XXIII seemed to be catalizing a shift away from hide-bound traditionalism and doctrinism.

Your right, not all Catholics are like that.
But what I’m getting at is that their leader(s) seem to be trying to hold on to an outdated system to deliver their religion to the masses. The Vatican needs to get with the times, man. :cool:

They see it as refusing to bend in the face of pressure to change into something more popular, more attractive to would-be believers, more fasionable, less demanding or onerous, easier to follow…

I see it as being unable to accept an uncomfortable but neccesary change in thinking about beliefs which have come to seem intrinsicly true, when they proves to merely be interpretations based on current understandings.

Everything could be set for the new pope to be the antichrist.

His name adds 666 in the greek language plainly, no shifting or twisting. Greek is the language the new testament was written, and the mark of the best will add to 666 in that language. Most everyone likes the pope. He controls the largest part of the largest religion (The I wouldnt call catholics without Christ as their saviour christians) And in addition the pope can change anything he wants about the religion. The antichrist is supposed to come from roman decent, so you may say this cant be him, however the bible isnt very specific on how much or what of him has to be roman, Catholics after all, really are ROMAN Catholics. The antichrist is supposed to persecute Jews and Christians alike, and we already know he has a history with Jew hate and I’ve heard he doesnt like some sects of christianity. If he wanted he could make it a necessity to have the mark of catholiscm to be a catholic. He is pushing to help isreal and islam form a peace treaty, which is also fortold in the bible. The antichrist also leads a religion.

There’s a lot of signs, so I wouldnt be too trusting


We’re almost there, it’s almost over! :cool_laugh:

whoopy. were all gonna burn in hell. yay!

i wonder what would happen if someone nuked the vatican. that most certainly puts an end to the whole “prophecy” of doom, and would probably get rid of all that conservative, and directly RACIST cult that is catholic christianity.

also, there have been dosens of different dates and periods in time when god was supposed to ruin the planet and cast the world into torment. if not hundreds. many of them had an exact date to which the apocalypse would come. did they come true? were still here, right?

the whole POS that is “the apocalypse” is just another hairbrained scam made up by conservative lowlifes and morally bankrupt people using religion as an excuse to get power, by igniting fear and terror into the hearts of the masses, so that the world is scared shitless and everyone starts following a particular religion blindly, doing whatever they can to be given a “blessing” and be saved from eternal torment. there is no such thing as the apocalypse, and there will not be one. because the apocalypse means that the universe goes “bye bye”, which isnt even assured will happen. there are two things that can happen to the universe. one is that it keeps expanding for all eternity. two is that it stops expanding, and shrinks back to what we had before the big bang. if the latter happens, then the universe will no doubt be born anew, and there will be a nice cycle to it all. if the former happens, then it will “seem” like the universe is going to hell, but thats only cause light cant reach us anymore, cuz of the immense distance. in either case, we wont have to worry about that for billions upon billions of years. and by then christianity will be DEAD. sooner or later christianity will die, just like all the other religions that have existed through time. all that is left of them is what little they did to improve the world.

let those who want to believe believe, and let those who dont want to believe be in peace. i am sick of these religious nimrods telling me about “the wrath of god” coming to get me and kill me over and over. telling people they are gonna burn in hell for not believing isnt gonna make them believe, its gonna make them pissed off. my life is depressing enough without you and your stupid crusaders terrorising me with your god hates everyone bullshit. shut the f*** up, you morons! get a life! or even better, don’t!

Kinda off topic we go, this discussion is about the new pope and your opinions on that. Discussions about why everybody is doomed is another topic :wink:

Forgive me, for I am about to poke a million holes in your theory. :content:
How the heck does his name add up to 666 in Greek? Does his name have 666 letters or something??? I bet you I could subtract those numbers and get a different number, let alone multiply or divide them. :cool_laugh:
Most everyone doesn’t like the pope. A lot of people don’t even know about the pope. Thats like saying everyone likes the Dalai Lama. Tonnes of people don’t know enough about him to form an opinion on him.
What does it matter if he’s a ROMAN Catholique? That kind of defeats your argument, becuase by your logic any of the Popes in the past of future could be you ‘antichrist’. Besides, if you want to get historical, Rome ceised to exist almost 2000 years ago. The Pope leads the Holy Roman Empire, the leftover Christian part of the Roman Empire. They are not the same thing.
If he’s pushing for a peace treaty for Isreal and Islam, isn’t that a good thing? :eh:
How could he be pushing for that anyway, he was just elected as Pope.
Finally, he does not have a history of pursecuting Jews. He was drafted into the Nazi youth. It’s not like he had much of a choice, and anyways, he got kicked out because of his intention to become a priest.
In conclusion, the new Pope being the antichrist is just rediculous. This just paranoia about something or someone that is new and that people aren’t used to.

Still don’t like Catholisism as a religion though :wink:

This crying about the Anti_Christ amuses me. I believe that the anti-christ will come before Christ returns to earth but the difference is i believe the anti_christ is already here. Any time you condemn your brothers to hell for not believing as you do your embodying the anti_christ anytime you hate your brother any time you do not act as Christ taught one should act towards your brother and to know God you are embodying the anti_christ. Maybe you should not be so quick to point out the Devil when the Devil is quite often you. (This is not an egotistical statement i myself have judged and spoken harshly)
Remember the story of the man with the seed in his eye.

again… another reminder, please stay on topic, and not about antichrist, we do have an antichrist topic already.

Sorry pasquale but now I have to poke holes in his :smile:

The bible plainly states that it will ADD to 666, not subtract, multiply, divide, etc. His simply adds. Most everyone likes the pope, at least where Im from. All catholics do for sure. Not EVERYONE will like the antichrist, such as Jews and Christians, but most will. And yes, most biblical scholars believe that the antichrist will come from the catholic religion and I’ve read it stated many times by well known biblical scholars, Also the pope is supposed to come from roman decent as I said, catholiscism (SP) comes from rome. It never says IIRC that the antichrist himself is roman. The bible says the start of the tribulation is shown by a peace treaty being signed by isreal by her enemies and her, and then broken 3 and 1/2 years later, and the catholics want him to push for that, as John Paul II almost got them to sign one, they think it should be easy. Also, he is not supposed to inflict damage upon anyone until the first 3 and 1/2 years of the tribulation has passed. I listed the Nazi army thing simply because they hate jews, and he HAD to be influenced by that in some way. Not to mention the pope can change anything he wants about the catholic religion.

In conclusion, read the bible :razz:

We are however talking about the pope. Just a side of what some think he could be :wink: