The not so big CHILD topic

Ok. I have come up with a name for those dreams where you just become Lucid for no apparent reason. CHILD - Chance Induced Lucid Dreaming. Or has someone already clamed CHILD? How will people pronounce it, child (young person) or child (cool drink)? Tell me what you think? Crappy idea, or OK idea?


CHILD…I’d rather it be CILD. CHILD to me means CHaracher Induced lucid dream, but if it becomes the norm, i’ll go with it.

The only 5 secs of LDing i ever had WAS a CHILD… :sad: i got too excited and woke myself up :cry:

i like it! CILD may be better than CHILD, but child looks cool :smile:

i don’t think there already is a term for this one - so congratulations :smile:

i’d put it in the acronyms topic too if i where you :smile:
If we make it official, an nice acronym floating mouseover description will also be added.

i have a lot of c(h)ilds.


Yes CHILD does mean Charecter Induced Lucid Dreaming. Where you get recurring charecters to tell you that your dreaming. Not CILD. This already means something. I can’t spell the word, but mabye CILD apears as something in this Forum. (As like MILD does when you put your mouse on it).

I can’t have SPILD, this stands for Sleep Paralysis Induced Lucid Dreaming. I decided to have STILD, which (now) means Spontaneous Induced Lucid Dreaming.

Is there sutch a thing or is this DILD. I know that DILD, simply means that you do a reality check and relize your dreaming or see something is wrong and relize your dreaming. But what about those dreams where your walking along and just suddenly relize that your dreaming. Despite no odd occurances, or reality check needed. Is this because you know that you are in the wrong place. What do people think on this Forum? Is it worth inventing yet another “ILD”. I though it was, but is this simply MILD?


hehehe, this will become the BIG ILD topic if we don’t watch out :wink:

CHILD is not yet in the acronym directory (please add it) so not yet a float over thing also.

neither is CILD.

SPILD is also not in the acronym topic (please add it :smile: :smile:

STILD? hmm… hard to remember.

i agree that this is different than DILD. indeed, in a DILD you do something to be aware that you are dreaming. In a (ok let’s call it) STILD you just become lucid and know it, and maybe do a RC afterwards to check.

so DILD is - Dream -> RC -> LD
and STILD: - Dream -> LD ( -> RC )


CHILD - Charecter Induced Lucid dreaming

CILD - Chakra Induced Lucid Dream

SPILD - Sleep paralysis induced Lucid dreaming (which is actually a branch of WILD)

STILD (He! That’s my one) - Spontanteous Induced Lucid Dreaming.

As PasQuale knows, I’m making a dictionary of terms on a new website (she kindly let my use some graphics). I wanted CILD, but somebody already beat me to it. So I’ve got STILD. Thats right I’m STILD here. I’ll add them to the dictionary of this Forum.


What about RDILD = Recurring Dream Initiated Lucid Dream

Ok so i made that one up, but i always find that my recurring dreams cause me to jump to LDs as i already knew it was a dream.

and here’s some you may not know about.

PILD = Punishment Induced Lucid Dream
RILD = Reward Induced Lucid Dream

TILD = Thirst Induced Lucid Dream

UILD = Urinate Induced Lucid Dream

SILD = Sexual Induced Lucid Dream

LI-LD = Letter Induced Lucid Dream (had to put a - in cos it messed up the post)

OILD = Orgone Induced Lucid Dream

I posted it under another topic “knowing your dreaming for no apparent reason” but i think i’ll post it here since it is being disscussed. I have had STILDs a few times but I always read in books or on this site about people who always just automatically realize they are dreaming. How does this happen? How can I increase my chances of this happening to me?