The Not So Big Post Rock Thread

Hopefully my two post rockers on this forum find this thread so I’m not just talking to myself. And I invite anyone else to sample said music and join in the conversation.

You saw them??? I hate you! They’re not coming anywhere to Ohio :cry: on the current tour.

Actually I emailed them and I got a response from Munaf Rayani about it. He just said they would try to come Ohio sometime soon so hopefully he does. You know you’re not a popular band when you respond to me.

And Yet And Yet is probably their best cd, although I’ve heard that the new one is better so I’ll be listening to it on christmas day. Their older stuff is good but a little more laid back. If you want another cd by them sometime I’d go with Goodbye Enemy Airship.

Yeah, I’m not that crazy about Godspeed. I like Silver Mt. Zion more, even though they’re basically the same band.

So, here’s the big list of bands. Feel free to add anything I don’t mention, I love hearing about new stuff.

Post Rock -

Tortoise. THey’re the originals, TNT is my favorite by them. They’re similar to Do Make Say Think I guess. Pretty jazzy and funky.

Slint. They’re ok. I don’t know that I would buy anything from them.

Sigur Ros. Of course! Most beautiful music ever. See my avatar.

Mogwai. Duh.

Other indy music -

Modest Mouse. I like them.

Mineral. Good emo music. See also: American Football.

Elliot Smith. A lot of acoustic stuff.

Porcupine Tree. The modern day Pink Floyd, many would say. They also sound a little like Radiohead, which is another band I like.

I love every artist you mentioned. I’m glad to see Tortoise getting name-dropped more whereever I go. TNT is such a relaxed song.

Let me add:

The Books - The Lemon of Pink or Thought For Food: I can’t say enough about these guys. You never heard anything like them, ever.

Manitoba - Up In Flames: Hard to describe, but picture Spiritualized meets Radiohead’s Amnesiac.

M83 - Dead Cities: Electronic Synth-organic-techno/anthems. It’s hard to say what M83 is doing, but it’s unlike anything I’ve heard. You don’t really listen to M83, you dive into them.

Enon - High Society: Abstract rock at it’s finest.

DNTel - Life Is Full Of Possibilities: Like The Postal Service? Same guy, without the lead singer of Death Cab For Cutie. Get this and be confused/amazed. Abstract-techno/rock that will stay in your head for months.

Ride - Nowhere: ‘Shoegazer’ rock, progressive and organic.

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter/Pink Moon: If you like Elliot Smith, Nick Drake will consume you. Cozy, eclectic, and personal acoustic rock from the early 70’s UK. You might have heard his song Pink Moon in the VW Commericals.

The only band you listed that I have heard of is Nick Drake. And I like him.

I’ve downloaded at least one song by every band except Enon, and I like everything I’ve heard. Might have to update my christmas list.

I couldn’t really find anything to download by the Books. Tell me why they are so good and maybe I’ll get a cd.

I heard Tokyo off of the Lemon of Pink and it’s awesome. I’ll probably get that cd.

It’s odd because it shows what they sound like, without showing you anything about what they sound like. :smile: Get the CD if you like Tokyo. Thought For Food is a bit more off the wall, but still great.

Porcupine Tree is way better than Radiohead. If you like PT, listen to Opeths new album ‘damnation’…I’m sure you’ll like it :tongue:

Sweet. The post rock thread is open for business!

by the way, for all you out there who hate the name “post rock” (as one of my house mates responded: “I didn’t know rock was over .”) I heard a better term that I’ve been using in its place thats much more representative: Instrumental indy rock.

Anyways, I always consider Mogwai and Godspeed on opposite sides of the same track. Mogwai is more ROCK, and Godspeed is more instrumental. In my humble opinion “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antenne Towards Heaven” is THE instrumental indy rock cd. Its more like listening to a 2 cd ballad.

Mogwai rocks it out, and I really dig happy songs for happy people, although my favorite downloaded songs are more along the lines of Ex-cowboy and “now your taken”.

I bought Slint spiderland, and tweez, and found that these two cds have nothing in common. :tongue:
Spiderland is full of poetic orchestrated music, and tweez is like kinda like some weird power rock… You’re better off just downloading spiderland, theres only 5 songs, and these guys broke up long ago…

I’ve seen manitoba in concert, and that was pretty crazy with the 2 drummers, and the video they were playing too. Can’t say I’d buy a cd, but I think I’d see them again if they came back to philly.

I bought that introduction to nick drake cd (Why buy an “introduction to” cd? I don’t know what I was thinking). Very mellow depressing stuff, in a good way.

I have a strong interest in finding new and exciting music (f*** the radio), so thanks for posting all of these other bands that I’ve never heard of. I’ll definately check them out. Its hard to find a forum that has people willing to discuss good music, could it be that lucid dreamers have something else in common?

Four tet - Okay, this isn’t instrumental indy rock… its experimental… but if you’ve got an open mind, you should really dig this. Its my favorite band at the moment. I highly recommend the cd “Rounds”.

Also, what do you guys use to download this kind of music? I find Kazaa to be woefully inadequate at times…

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Four Tet is great. My Angel Rocks Back And Forth is so peaceful.

I use DC++ now exclusively, its all I need.

I would have agreed with you a year ago, but now I’m eally digging Radiohead. And I’m not crazy about Opeth, but I don’t mind listening to them.

Welcome, Feed My Brain. When I tell my friends about post rock, they’re just like what the hell does that mean. I suppose your way of saying it is better, but not all Instrumental Indie rock is Post Rock. I don’t think.

Lift Your Skinny Fists…is a great cd. Definitely my favorite by Godspeed. And Happy Songs For Happy People is likewise my favorite by Mogwai, but Mogwai Fears Satan is one of my favorite songs ever.

Nick Drake’s Pink Moon is his best I think. Find a website and read about his life, if you aren’t aware of it. Listening to Pink Moon and reading about him is so sad, but nice at the same time. One of his songs is about how artists never get famous until after they’re dead, and unfortunately that sums up his life.

Kazaa is good sometimes, but DC++ is so much better for our kind of music.

Edit: Double post, sorry.

Cool, I’ll definately pick up that DC++ thing.

Yeah Nick Drake’s song Fruit Tree, is the one thats like (quote)“Fame is like a fruit tree… it can never grow until its stalk is in the ground or something like that”(end quote)
The cd I have, includes that song and the song Pink Moon, which is an absolute mellow song. Too bad I had to hear of it from the mitsubishi commercial… Nick Drake must be spinning in his grave.

That song with the piano “I know you are but what am I” (I don’t have the cd on hand… so I can’t tell if thats the name) is so beautiful… The only problem with it is it doesn’t go on forever…
There are some songs that shouldn’t be allowed to end.

My housemate showed me this one track off of an old Jimmy eat world album (before they sucked, apparently), and the last track(goodbye sky harbor) the last track just continues on instrumentally for about 15 minutes with the same few measures, and its sooo cool to listen to.

Antenne to heaven has managed to link itself to a couple really good moments in my life, so I have no choice but to become completely elated as soon as I hear the first few opening notes… And thats another thing I love about this kind of music. I suppose any music:
The song is not just what you’re hearing through the headphones. The song is everything that is going on at that moment, every emotion you’re feeling, conversations you’re having, the wind, the sky, cars driving by, everything. So therefore, you can never listen to the same song twice. Every album is completely dynamic and everchanging. And the feelings you get each time, may stay with you the next time, added between the mix of music theory.

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I’m fully aware of Nick Drake’s tragic life/end. Did you guys know Pink Moon was written and recorded in 2 days? That blew my mind.

As far as Jimmy Eat World, Clarity is by far one of the most perfect rock albums of our time. Goodbye Sky Harbour is beautiful and really ends that CD the way it should, a long winding decent to it’s demise, leaves me sitting there a few seconds after it ends everytime I listen to it, just to soak it up. Static Prevails was damn good as well, but nowhere near the flow and creativity that Clarity put out.

Does anyone listen to Phish?? They are a great band with sweet jam sessions. I just saw them in Philly Nov 29. But I guess a decent amount of people are not from US here so maybe not

How about Dream Theater? They’re awesome.

2 days isn’t an abnormally short time for a song to be made. You can go into a studio and have a great idea, and get all of the recording done in a few hours, and have an excellent song. Some songs need no contemplation or elaboration. In fact, sometimes its better not to dwell on it… If you can crank out a song while you’re still in the same mood as when you thought of the idea, then you’re in line for making a great song.

Yeah, I should probably give the rest of that jimmy eat world album a listen… I was just so blown away by that last song.

By the way, does anyone have any idea of how to use DC++ in the best way? Is there some kind of front end that makes it easier to search?

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No dude, Pink Moon is an album, not just a song. That’s 11 songs.

HAHA! Okay, yeah that makes more sense. I was like, one song in 2 days? Thats neither long nor short. :razz: Sorry, I was just thinkin about the song…
Thats pretty amazing.

Yes, I also like bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead.

And Dream Theater used to be my favorite band, now I only listen to them occaisonaly.

I’m sure he had a pretty good idea of how the Pink Moon album was going to sound, but yeah that’s cool that it only took two short days. I know at least one of the songs was written back when he did one of his first two albums. I copied the cd for my friend and he didn’t like what he heard, but he only listened to a few songs in the midldle so we’ll see. There is that one song that he just plays the same thing over and hums, which is a whole lot lamer than the rest of Pink Moon.

It’s all good, I should have mentioned that.

Have you guys heard Steve Burns - Songs For Dustmites?

It’s the guy from Blues Clues that collaborated with The Flaming Lips. I love it, it has a very dreamy feel to it, and I actually think is about a dream/lucid dream. Check it out, it’s unique.

I’ve heard a lotta stuff about the flaming lips. Its weird cause when I was like … 16 or something I got my hands on a flaming lips album and hated it. Now I find that they are one of key players in underground music…

Supposing I do investigate them again, where should I start? What are some good songs?

Blues clues rocks! I feel like I’m high every time I watch it :razz:

Also, does anyone know the right way to use DC++ to find music? I’m too impatient to sit down and try an figure it out… Is there a specific server I should look for or something?

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