The Official Import Car Thread

Hey, just wanted to start a thread about imports…IE anything not made domestically. So if there are any tuners on here…lets start something up…post pics of your ride, questions, tech information, sites to buy parts or whatever.

Just about to buy another '95 Accord EX coupe. (last one was wrecked by a Mitsu Montero. :grrr: )

Plans for the Future:

Lowering springs, prob 2" drop (gotta get the stance right first :grin: )
wheels, prob 16s or 17s, don’t want to lose too much acceleration
JDM H22 swap :cool_laugh:
high-flow cat
cat back exhaust w/ 2 1/4 or 2.5" piping, want a nice performance sounding
-------muffler, not the fart cans i hear so often :eh:
intake (thinking about short ram with a vented (sealable) hood, would go --------cold air but don’t want to risk sucking water into the engine
Thought about turbo, but now leaning more towards Naturally Aspirated
Front Lip, side skirts, rear lip spoiler
JDM blackhousing headlights
Either blackhousing or red clear tail lights
Aztec Grill
“eye brows” for the headlights (love the way they look w/ the aztec grill)

Thats the MAIN stuff i’m going to do, i’ll post replies as some of it starts getting knocked out of the way or other projects come up. Hopefully when i’m completely done i’m thinking i could have close to 400hp out of the h22. We’ll see what happens and how much $ i’m willing to invest in the end.

I don’t want it to look all aggressive, just sharp and clean, more luxurious than like a rice burning race car :cool:

Want it to look something like this…not quite so low tho, thats totally impracticle:

Well I own a 96 Eclipse RS

I have a Blitz body kit on it, It has rims on it, lowered, projector headlights, intake.

I had recently broke the front bumper cause the kit was fiberglass so I bought a urathane blitz front on ebay so waiting to get that in to paint and get on. Things I wanna do next it get a stereo system installed and I need a nice spoiler to go on. I am not into engine stuff and going fast much. I mostly am all about looks and want my outside and inside to atleast be show worthy nice.

But I was shocked to see you post about imports. Its nice to always find a fellow person who is into the whole fast and furious scene. Well I’ll post more about info and sites and stuff.

i don’t know about the Fast and the Furious…Defin. wouldn’t compare myself to them. Only teaches kids that going fast is cool and they don’t know how to handle the car and end up killing themselves or someone else. I say save it for the track, keep it off the street.

Anyway, the kit i’m looking at is the Wings West W-Type…IMO looks nice and clean and not too aggressive, you can check it out HERE Want the Full kit but not the spoiler, looking at getting this one: LINK

I don’t like the real aggressive kits with the aluminum wings…firstly it looks cheap and you get the “ricer burner” nickname, secondly most imports (nissan skyline aside) will never really make good use of what the aluminum wings are made for.

I really am not so concerned with going fast, but rather knowing that i could if i wanted to. Occasionally i’ll open it up, but for the most part I just want better than stock, without risking throwing rods ect…thats the main reason i think i’m going to go Naturally Aspirated…don’t feel like replacing or doing rebuilds on engines every 60k miles.

What’s the JDM one rated at? I think you’ll be at around 270hp at the engine with what your putting in unless you go FI. I’d say keep it clean, no eyelids and all.

a good place to be at is
I used to go there until I realized my civic wont go anywhere unless I pull out a few grand for a B16A2 or turbo the crap out of it. B18 Vtec are rare and H22 will mess up my balance, and for all the money and work I could sell my car and get a Sentra SpecV. Kind of factory rice but 170 torque and 6-speed for a price a little more than a new civic is a lot better deal. At least I’m enjoying a cheap clean little car, and theres nothing better than passing someone to reveal its a DX :grin: I’ll get some pics up once I get my rims back on…