The old hag, I want to see it

The old hag completely frightened me when I first started coming here. So much so that I wouldn’t go to sleep until the sun came up.

I read a topic here and could sense the fear in the kids post and I would go to WILD and when ever I would enter SP I became deathly afraid of the Old Hag, I wouldn’t even open my eyes when the SP stopped.

Well, the one time I did open my eyes there was no hag on my chest… it was my dad crying. I was bummed, yes, my hag was my dad crying. It was a dream but I didn’t know it at the time. I told him something, he left, I went back to sleep. Stupidly… it was a False Awakening, I could have capitalized, but did not.

But now I want to see what is so scary about this hag. I would try every night back in December but no luck. I would induce SP then try to get freaked out and wake up and look, but nothing. Nothing at all. I tried for a good month and never got any hag, all I got was a couple of False Awakening and failed LD oppurtunities.

My quest is still the one for Lucidity, but I’d like to meet this Old Hag to probably ask her a few questions.

Plus I think for one of my dream’s I’d like to go flying around with the hag and playing mean practical jokes on my friends while laughing my ass off from the window when they wake up with the hag on their chest.

Jeez! I’m glad I don’t know you IRL Garlic :tongue:…You should be able to call the Old Hag if she is only HI. Maybe she has to represent something scary in your subconciousness to come to you. Try telling yourself that you want to confront your fears or something and maybe she’ll come then.

Good luck in your Old Hag hunting, Garlic! :content:
But I’m afraid that, if you’re not frightened, you’ll never meet her… :wink:

I’m now afraid of not meeting her. I really want to stick a boot in… well you get the idea. Then we could probably make amends and go get a round of drinks.

Well the old hag in my case was my mom. Seriouslyi didnt c her becaus i was facing the wall but i fellt my mom hanging over me and that se told me that i should get my lazy ass out of ye bed.