The Paranormal

I was just wondering what people around here thought about the existance of the paranormal…ghosts for example…Has anyone ever seen or experienced anything to do with someone who has “passed on”? I mean if we can astral travel, have spirit guides, and have OOBE it just follows that ghost may exist on some “plane” too. Any thoughts?

Funny you should post this thread anamcara. Just yesterday on my ride home from work I was pondering the same questions.

Do I think the paranormal exists? HELL YES!!! And maybe there are more people out there that would think I’m nuts, but what the hell. They’ll just have to go to the back of the line.

Have I personally experienced it, yup. Could I go into detail? yes.

But to answer your question. I once used to sit with this woman who did lots of OBE and Astral Traveling. She also had her hand into divination things. She once told me that when you start tapping into things you travel into different dimensions. Dimensions that are blind to the human eye. In those dimensions are different existences, i.e. ghosts, demons, spirits, etc. She also told how when people try these things they should be trained and protected because of the possibilities of opening doors to these such places and having them lurk around.

paranormal is a broad area. But yes, i believe in it, if believe is the right word :wink:

same as nowell… personal experience, yes. Go into detail about it? difficult. I have had dreams about deceased ppl. I can’t see them irl but i do communicate with my dead grandparents who also are guiding me.

Its such a broad area - i believe there is a lot more to receive than just with the ‘normal’ 5 senses.

I’ve never seen anything paranormal. I don’t believe, and I don’t disbelieve.

lol Nowell, I’ve got quite a long line myself! I don’t know why really accepting the paranormal is hard for me…I’ve precog stuff every time I’ve been pregnant…I have sensitivity to people’s emotions more than just “cold reading” and I’ve had things like smelling lilacs (reminds me of my dead grandmother) out of the blue, in the middle of winter…Never mind the feelings I get when being “shown” things by what I think is my SG. It maybe because I’ve read about the other stuff too Demons and such and if you accept the positive you have to accept the bad…I don’t like the idea of that. I would like to explore more but how do you do it and keep yourself safe? Is faith enough or is just exploring pushing the limit? (raised catholic in case you can’t tell)

IMO, astral travelling is just a point of view. I have read a book whose subject was the “another realm”. In this book, somebody said something like that: “In my opinion, this realm resides outside. In yours, it resides inside”. But it doesn’t mean that, since it’s psychological, it’s “just” psychological. On this point, I agree with Carl Gustav Jung when he said that “projections” of the psyche are never to be taken “lightly” and/or treated as a matter of “just” imagination and/or “just” psychological projections. They are “a natural function of psyche that served as a vehicle into the very depths of the soul and into the healing of the soul.”

Thus, OOBE’s, spirit guides can be considered as well as inner (psychological) facts than external facts. Just a matter of point of view. My point of view is rather mixed, as I consider that there are “energies” (which are maybe not measurable with instruments). Perhaps a quantic theory could explain this (Jung was a friend of the quantic scientist Pauli; and the Dalai Lama said there could be relations between buddhist theories of consciousness and quantic theory).

About ghosts. In 40 years, I never have heard about a serious ghost story. And people who say they are in relation with spirits(mediums, spiritists) have always an inner experience of them. The most impressive case I know is Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, a famous bresilian medium painter, who I’ve seen at the TV and is able to do absolutely incredible things, like painting, while in transe, in 5 minutes, a Renoir with the right hand, a Monet with the left hand, a Modigliani with the left foot and a Corot with the right foot, all this in the same time. :eek: :confused: I’m a (bad)painter, some friends of mine are (good) painters, we’ve seen the documentary film, and we agreed on the fact it was humanly impossible. He made a live TV show on the BBC, too. And in the way it was shown, it was impossible there was a trick (unless reporters were party to him). IMO, it doesn’t mean Gasparetto was in contact with Renoir’s spirit, but with his spirit, that is the energy who inspired Renoir. Just my opinion though.

About divination/remote viewing/precog. I’ve met seers. I already told you they can really see some little things, yet very rarely, and those things are often unuseful. So concerning precog abilities and seeing, the most unuseful it is, the most accurate (it seems… :tongue:) My brother and I have had strange remote viewing experiencies. As for me, it happened to me 3 times (to 10 tries) when I passed the remote viewing test at the Boundary Institute. I was able to draw once the exact photograph which I had to guess. :eh:

About telepathy. I’ve had two strange telepathic experiences in normal dreams. I dreamt about the content of a phone call I had just after I woke up. Shared dreams are telepathy, IMO.

Thus, I think that there are strange things, not yet explained. But I don’t believe in ghosts, spirits and astral planes, though I think they could be considered as a rudimentary model of a inner/another (?) reality.

I in no way discredit socalled “sixth senses”.
I believe that there are things and areas we are sensitive to not included in standard five senses.
However, i believe that the sixth sense takes a lot of credit that is rightfully due to the first five senses.
I refer you to the two following posts: … ht=#143083
Firstly, the human range for things such as eyesight and hearing are set at a fairly median scale, our brains proccess that median scale daily. There are many instances wherein an individual will be able to see or hear things beyond the normal human range, enabling them to see and hear a vast world very possibly unknowingly or uncomprehensively to our minds.
While in this range of light and sound there are many “naturally occuring” phenomenon that can be picked up.(spikes in IR or UV light and high or low frequency sounds caused by things other then spirits and mistakenly accredited to the same) I am open to the possibility that one can see or hear spiritual energies in these ranges. That being said, this can be attributed not to any sixth sense, but to an extended sense of sight or hearing.
Another explanation i have is simply hallucination. Well - not simply…I believe that OOBE, PLE, visons, and spiritual sightings can be attributed to some degree to archetypal memmory (if you dont buy into a-mem, then you can attribute this to ple) I believe that one way the body, or the mind rather, proccesses subconsious, burried, or otherwisely hidden memmories (arch-mem/ple) is to project and insert them into our concious world, causing us to see or hear things we would not normally expirience without them. So i feel that it is unjust in certain instances for responsibility for some portions of the paranormal to be placed in spirits. (i believe that oobe are actually inner-body-expiriences, traveling into and exploring your burried memmories, arch-mem abnd/or ple in addition to various creations of the subconcious mind and imagination.)
I also believe that these things can be attributed to flat out physcosis, dimentia, hallucination, drug induced hallucinations, and an over eagerness to explain otherwise unexplicable events (the other day light from a street lamp hit my glasses just right and caused a blurring glare to “fly past my head” i believed at first that this was a spirit of sorts and i actually jumped, but it was of course nothing more then the glare of a streetlight).
With all these things in mind, i believe that there are legitimate paranormal phenomenon involving spirits and spiritual energy, that there are indeed people sensitive to them, having the so called sixth sense, with the ability to interact with the spiritual realms. i believe that spirtual entities and energies have the power to manifest and interact in our own plain of existance.
I feel the number of legitimate spiritual phenomenon is overshadowed by otherwise natural phenomenon and otherwise explained events overly associated with spirits.

C’est la Vie!

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Basilus, you did a remote viewing course :cool_laugh: ! Very cool! thanks for the link…I saw it on TV once, can’t remember where, but I searched and I didn’t come up with this link…I Think it’s facinating and I would love to try it…So all the astarl traveling etc…have you experienced that too? Do you think you are “sensitive” in some way? What was the remote viewing course like?

Well, I definitly think there is a lot more to the Universe than we know of, but what I have not seen or experienced, like OBEs or ghosts, I must not make too many assumptions about. If I have never seen a ghost, I don’t really have the right to judge, “Oh yes, they are deceised people.” That doesn’t mean to say they couldn’t be, like I said, I haven’t seen one so I don’t know.
However, I haved experienced some thing that some people would call supernatural or paranormal, though I regard them as quite normal. I can dowse, and I have had psychic experiences before, but I think that they are just a natural ability, a sort of sixth sense.

hmm intresting topic… like many people have stated the paranormal is a very broad topic, but i’m an open minded person, which doesn’t necessarily mean I believe in every thing :tongue: … though my sister did have a really weird experience 2 days ago. Where she was on the phone to her friend, when the line went dead (dial tone), and this creepy old woman said her name and our address and then went on to make some predictions… which I won’t write here, then all of a sudden the phone line came back on and her freind was back on the phone asking what happened :eh: (apparently she heard the woman’s voice too)… I was in the room at the time and heard some of it… twas very weird…

Not saying it was a ghost or anything, i’m just saying I can’t really explain it :eh:

That’s funny Josh you just reminded me of a guy who came to dowse for us when we were building a new well…Do you think as science becomes more advanced will it continue to disclaim things of a paranormal nature or will it help validate things that some people have accepted as normal for years? Is it possible to do that if you can’t repeat the experiment and get the same result everytime

what is dowsing exactly? it has to do with finding water right?

Yes sometimes, you use a Y shaped stick from what I remember and walk around until it feels like its being pulled down and that’s where the water is but I think there is also some kind of divination technique that is called dowsing…Not sure

Yeah, mostly I look for water, and I use the Y shaped stick, made out of willow. But I can also use L rods and a pendulum made from a necklace or something to find other things, like people who are hiding :smile:
My dad is even better at it then I am. He once found my grandmother’s wedding ring in an old feild full of grass and shrubs with the Y shaped stick.

I don’t really think science will coninue to disclaim paranormal events, in fact, I think it will be quite succesfull in explaining what some of these mysleries actually are, like how dowsing really works, what ghosts really are, etc.

Science is starting to follow some of the paranormal; one day you might be able to take a divintation class at a college.

I have seen a lot of divintation actually come true, also I’ve dealt with an SG, so I assume the paranormal does exist. If it’s not so then we make it true.

:cry: It’s seems that my English is going worse and worse. :crying:
No, I did’nt mean that I’ve had a remote viewing course. I just tried the tests on the site.

But I can give you some tips: :smile:

  1. Relax during a few minutes. Try to be the more quiet you can (lie down, hear music, whatever you want…)
  2. Take a paper and a pencil and begin the test
  3. Pay attention to the visual forms which come in your mind. The best is to make a rapid sketch of this first feeling.
  4. Then pay attention to the colors, depth of the background, emotions you feel, concepts you associate with the drawing (human, animal or vegetal presence, hot, cold, dark or white areas, etc.)
  5. At this moment, you’re likely to rationalize, your brain trying to give a generally false interpretation of what you “saw”. Try to avoid it and continue.

Never experienced it. I’ve already told somewhere on this forum the only conclusive experience I’ve heard about (in 40 years). My best friend’s father was upset because of a dog which was killing his ducks. Then he had an OOBE in which he located the house where the dog was (it’s in a 10000 inhabitants town). But I told you, I prefer to think that’s telepathy or remote viewing than believing to “astral” concepts.

I’m an amateur astrologer and I read tarots too. But I’ve only had something like “visions” twice in my life. :sad:
I tried once the pendulum, trying to find objects that friends had hidden in a farm and its yard, and it gave amazing results! I found one in less than a minute; and the second time I tried, I gave up although I was less than one meter far from it! :smile: Then I think I’m a little sensitive.

Thanks Basilus! :grin: You sure sound “sensitive” to me! The test sounds good…I’m gonna try it…when I get better at meditation :tongue:
Ohh! You read tarot? I do too a little :shy: . but If you see my new post, you’ll see that I just found the best tarot reader… This girl is gifted!..One of the things she told me is that for your spirit guide to contact you first is really unususal and that I should stop being afraid of him/her (though she understood me being afraid of the unknow) and really try to accept the messages he/she is sending among so many other things that are going on with me ie: job hell…relationship hell…etc…It was great :colgate:

You guys should check out these things here if you want some cool ‘paranormal’ tests. I like the psi-Q one myself :smile:

meh… i did the test and expected it to give the score afterwards, then i saw i had to add it up etc, didn’t feel like it :tongue:

I got 485 (good) in the Psi-Q test. :smile: