The Peace Train is calling for your ARTWORK!

Journey of the Peace Train
Call for your Artwork!

Galactic Moon, Day 15 (21.02.05)
Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon
Blue Crystal Storm Year

Greetings all!

The Dream of Peace Network is currently putting together our annual 13 Moon Calendar, “Journey of the Peace Train”, and in order to make the publishing of the calendar a success, we need your help!

[color=indigo]I am looking for people from around the globe who are interested in contributing their art for this Peace project. The vision I have in mind, is to organise a creative contest, whereby people from around the globe submit finished pieces of artwork, from which 13 pictures are selected to be displayed alongside each of the 13 moons. Those whose artwork is selected, will have the pleasure of seeing their artwork in print, and will also receive a free copy of the finished calendar.[/color]

Because this calendar is to be based around the theme of the Peace Train, we are looking for art that represents the message of Peace and Harmony, in all it’s diversity. Artworks inspired by dreams, or with stories which affirm the artworks meaning and significance are especially valued.

[b]The calendar is to be of an A4 Landscape layout, and as a result submitted artwork needs to be:

  • 297mm width x 210mm high
  • 300dpi resolution (though 150dpi may be allowed in some cases)[/b]

Artworks will be accepted no later than Solar Moon, Day 28 (April 4th), and preferably be received far earlier. The artworks gathered will help us to celebrate the theme of time as art, and the way of peace as a living artform. You can email your artwork or any questions to me at:

You can learn more about the Peace Train, by visiting the webpage for last year’s experimental release of the calendar:

Thankyou for your time :content:
Nick Cumbo

Anyone interested?

Feedback would be lovely… Nick

I’m interested of course :slight_smile:

By the way, what kind of style are you looking for? Any kind of styles right?

hey cool DM7. Super big thanks for getting involved…

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to rpely to this thread recently. Uni just started today, and things have been a little busy. As for style, I say trust in your creative freedom! :smile:


Hey Dm7 I remember looking at your artwork last year ; )
I love your work. Go forth and paint.

blushes Thanks! :happy:

Thanks :biggrin: