The people on neopets have such LD potential o_o

I have found 4 people who havent heard of LDs before, 2 who are really into it. I told them about it, gave a begginers guide, linked to some places, and one had 2 in 3 nights of trying, and one had 2 on his first night O_O (MILD, then after waking up, WILD) They described stuff that you can only do if you had a lucid dream, or a few of them. And i doubt its begginers luck o_O They both did some really fun stuff =P. Just thought I’d share =P. Oh, and, note to mods: If this board doesnt belong here, please move it to were it does, I wasnt sure =P.

Yeah those neo-petters sure are curious.
But seriously, that is quite interesting… Maybe those who play games have better capability than those who dont?

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To tell you the truth I was a little skeptic, I mean yeah some definatly do, but it was just weird when you said “You get a better rank when you get your first LD!” and then like everyone had their first LD in the next hour :wink:

They described stuff you only could if you were actually in one, they gave the entire story, and presented some RCs that helped them, that I hadnt shown them.

Hey Malice =P

Well thats true, I mean they COULD have looked it up, but I doubt it…

oh… my… goodness…

Neopets is where I found this site! I remember I was on the chat and I saw someone who had the name 'LUCIDDREAMING4EVA" or something along that general very-neopets line. Anyway, I had just heard of LDing from my friend and PMed the person asking for tips. He gave me this site! I haven’t really been to Neopets since and had completly forgotten that it was Neopets chat where I found this site! Thank you Freecube for that memory booster

Yes. I would have to agree, there are people who lurk at Neopets who would be interested in lucid dreaming :grin:

lol! I just went to neopets to see what had changed, and remembered why I don’t go there anymore :tongue:

“OMG I just bought a Baby Paintbrush Plushie for 10000000NP!!!”


Yeah, i was referred here from neopets just yesterday, i see Lucid dreaming is going to absorb 90 % of my brain now. Gwah. xD!

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One of them, who doesnt look it up said “A bit later, the dream started getting all fuzzy and blurry. I kinda swipped at the air, but it faded away and I woke up =(” He doesnt know about LD blurriness for what I know. Nobody from the guild had any last night though =P.

Ah I see. You started a LD guild. :smile: Good idea

What’s neopets or whatnot? :eh:

Online game, found at Http://

Eyes see as they ought to be. I don’t think I’m interested in signing up for that but It is cool.

My friend wasted 3 years of his life playing neopets… then quit at 5mil NP.

Did you tell them that all the difficulties people experience. All our difficulties could just be the placebo effect.

i play neopets every day and i think i had my 1st lucid dream last night, after less than a week of tries. i also used to become lucid naturally

i first learned about this site from the Matrix Online forums. maybe gamers do have a naturally better lucid inducing skill. which is real good cuz i happen to be an avid gamer.

I think you may have attracted the people who are most interested in dreams and dreaming - perhaps they already kept a dream diary. After all, the forums move pretty quickly, don’t they?

ok, lets play more games then :content:

I really don’t understand what’s so great about this neopets thing. It’s just a collection of HTML pages and childish puzzles. :neutral: No offense to any of you neopets addicts, though.