The Phantom of the Opera

I have found an awesome movie/play/book. I LOVE THE PHANTOM!!! :cool_laugh: I went to see the play Saturday, August, 20. I was so excited to be in the Ohio Theatre! I fell down the stairs when I was looking at the ceiling! :clown: My shoe bent backwards and I thought it was broken (it wasn’t :shy: ) When the theme song came on I was dancing in my seat. (really, dancing)

Anyway, reply your opinion, fav song, ect.(kelly excited)

yay! Kelly’s back! :clap:

I’ve never seen the play, nor the movie. But I do have the soundtrack :wink:. My favorite song is probably “Music of the night” (or whatever it’s called…the one with only the Phantom singing. Then I also like 'All I ask of you.".

hehe…but I’m not so sure that a lot of people here are big opera fans :no: I bet the play was awesome!

Idk. I couldn’t watch the whole movie…it was just obvious it was gonna have a sad ending and I didn’t want to see it.

Ugh, we were forced to watch that dribble at church. :roll: I fell asleep halfway through! :razz:

at church? haha

i do not care for the movie,
i like the old 1986 broadway with michael crawford,
my favourite songs were all i ask of you and music of the night.


I haven’t seen the movie or play or heard the music, but I have read the book. It’s actually really good. I probably wouldn’t be able to watch the whole movie, but the book was exciting, and not nearly as romancy as the movie sounds.

Oh, and I’ve seen the cartoon version back in middle school. I thought it was funny how they included the flying skull or whatever–can’t remember if it was in the book, but it was a funny sight to see, nonetheless.

Wolf, you’re a poop-head( :grin: Yes…I don’t see how people can’t sit through movies. The only reasons I’d get up for are: bathroom, phone, or…BAKED POPCORN!! (my dad and I make it) I have the book, but haven’t had time to read it. After the play, Mom and I went to the gift shop at the Ohio Theatre and a pair of SOCKS were $8!!! The book was only $6. I loved the play. The people were awesome and sounded more operaish. (but Emmly Rossum was still awesome, and the phantom was better looking) I think I’ve talked(typed) long enough. :grin: Bye Bye. It’s sad to depart :cry:

I’m good with most other movies, I just couldn’t stand that one! :grin:

I’m still sticking to my opinion that Wolf is a poop-head :tongue: , but I’m still wondering why you would watch movies in church. In my church, all we do is the praying and other Catholic stuff(some times a joke will appear, but they’re not that funny).

My dear friend (dreamer_chic) is a victim of not being able to sit through movies with out popcorn if not in a theatre.(my TV is complete MOVIE channels :dark: ) I find it funny! :tempted: or do I…

It’s a Youth Group kinda thing, we often do fun stuff like that. :cool:

Lucky… :wolfbite: Still my fav smilie!!!

Well we haven’t had it in a few months due to our teacher having to go to a different parish. Hopefully we can get a new teach soon so we can hang out again. (And NOT watch froofy movies! :razz: )

Yes, if I’m not in a theatre, I just can’t sit still thruogh a movie. At my friend’s houses they want to watch movies all the time, but I’d rather do something active. I’m just so fidgety during movies :hyper: :twirl: . But popcorn is good, if I have to sit 10 minutes into a crappy movie just to get some baked popcorn with butter salt, that’s fine with me :smile:

At goth_dreamer’s house, she was hinting around to watch phantom of the opera. I was to busy being hyper-ish to give it a chance :tongue: .

hmmm…maybe I do I have ADD. That would explain the lack of concentration in math class :grin:

I’m pretty good with movies at home… provided it’s a good one and my guests have enough manners to shut up! :tongue:

As for movies AT the movies, I’m pretty good. Guess the big screen distracts me. So, any hotties out there wanna see Cry_Wolf? :nodnodwinkwink:

/me waits for 300lb bald guy to answer this post. :razz:(lol, CranberryDude :content: )

Cry_Wolf?? ok… I’m going to walmart (impaient Sarah…) love the smilies dreamer_chic ( Kaite dearest! :grin: )

Katie* woops! haven’t done that since 2nd grade… :shy:

GD- I know you didn’t know, but hit the little “EDIT” button at the top of your post to change anything you wrote. :wink:

I still haven’t seen any of the movies I wanted. My lazy bums of friends are too mule headed. :tongue: I don’t like going alone either, that’s no fun. :sad:

How about stuff that’s already out? Anything good I could rent? (gimme a good horror or comedy) :grin:

ooh…I really liked the Excersim (sp?) of Emily Rose. It’s a creepy movie…at least I thought. I dunno if you’d like it or not…it gets a bit repetititve at times, but it’s based off of a true story, and it deals with the Catholic church. I thought it was good, but you’d have to see it in theatres.

Sounds good, I’ll probably watch it anyway. (in video if not theatre smacks friends) :tongue:

dreamer_chic and I went to see the Corpse Bride on the 11th. We had a blast, even though it wasn’t very long (bump!). :cool_laugh: Inside joke… The movie was sadistic (sp?), just like me! Phantom of the Opera is still absolutly awe some (as always).