The Physical Pain


This has happened to me few times now. I can induce a LD. My main technique is WILD. But sometimes, while my body is vibrating, with every “wave” of this vibration, i feel a physical pain in my rib cage. And sometimes the pain is so strong that i have to abandon WILD and stop thinking about LD all together. Has anyone else experianced this?[/color]

I suppose you’ll have more answers in the “Quest of Lucidity” forum, so I’ve moved your topic.

As for me, I don’t know, I never experienced that. :sad:

Dont worry…
I usually get the pain/vibrating sensations in my head, not my rib cage, but everyone’s different.
It feels unbearable at times but you just have to try stay relaxed… and then think of exiting your body
“out i go!”

its fun…try it next time

I know how you feel, and this is nothing more than the onset of SP.

In the past when I got this, I would become somewhat frightened and my heart rate would increase, waking me up. Now, I can let the vibes pulsate through me without the adrenaline rush, but they are still really intense and can keep me awake.

So no worries my friend. :smile:

Sleep well,


When this happens, it really hurts. So there is no way i can continue WILD. The last time it happened was 2 days ago. And i tried to just keep going with my WILD. But the pain was really unbearable. I hope it it doesnt happen much often coz i really like LD :tongue: [/color]

For how long have you been practising WILD, Jaxal?


Not Long Basilus. Maybe 2 months. Altho there are things that i have never experianced. Like SP. I am actually looking forward to experiancing SP. I count from 1 and before i get to 40 i find myself in a LD.[/color]

Thats impressive. I haven’t heard of the pain before, hope it goes away

I hope it will go away with practice. Some people who experienced vibrations said that they were painful when they began, and the problem disappeared with experience.


That must be it. I have been doing WILD for about 2 months now. I hope they go away with time. I cant even explain how painful it is :sad: [/color]

Hi Jaxal,

I experience major discomfort in my chest and head during SP onset, but not enough to call it true physical pain, as you are unfortunately experiencing. Recently I’ve sort of found a way out of it, since I can’t let the vibrations go on because they cause me really annoying discomfort and I always wake up from it. I posted a topic about rolling into an LD,

[Rolling into a LD)

and would recommend you try this as soon as you start feeling the pain, or as soon as you can no longer handle the pain. Please tell me how this works out for you since I am trying to refine this technique for myself, as it is the only thing thus far that has proved successful in my attempts to WILD.

Good luck to you and sleep well!

[color=green]Hi Jacques

Thank you for your sujjestion. I have found that i only feel the pain when im laying on my side. So one way to make sure it dont happen again is to either lay on my back or my tummy. I hope i dont have it again. :smile:[/color]

I would cautiously speculate that the pain is something that has to be worked through. Just observing pain itself is a valuable exercise. If you feel sensations of pain when you are trying to concentrate your mind, this is an unconscious reaction to your attempt to penetrate into deeper layers of your unconscious. The only way to disolve pain is to observe it objectively. Then it becomes less of an urgent distraction and more of an interesting phenomenon. Sometimes one has to do this over and over again, sometimes working for a long time on the same areas, but this is an essential part of the purification of the mind and body, and there is not really any way to avoid it or take short cuts. Suppressing the pain may cause problems later on.

[color=green]Hi illumination

I tried doing that. But when it happens, the sharp pain just makes it really impossible to think of it objectively and makes it even harder to focus on anything. Last night, i was laying on my back when i induced an LD and i didnt feel the pain tho i did feel the vibrations. So maybe its just my rib cage being sore coz i was sleeping on my side.[/color]