The PILD technique

PILD (Placebo Induced Lucid Dream) relies on the placebo effect. Therefore, you will need something that you think will help you obtain lucidity. That is the only prerequisite. I will now go through the steps to this technique.
1) Put the item(s) that you think will help you obtain lucidity under the pillow
2) Create a personality for each of the objects
3) Imagine yourself “talking” to the objects
4) “Talk” to the items until they agree to grant you a lucid dream that night
5) Fall asleep while focusing on the fact that the objects will grant you lucidity

This technique isn’t the most effective one around, but it is simple and gives a 50 50 chance of obtaining lucidity. Also, this technique can also be strengthened by using the SILD technique along with it.

that sounds like an interesting technique- i’m not sure what object i could use though…

Maybe a remote controller and ask it to switch to lucidity channel during the dream? :happy:

A good object to use would be a crystal such as an amethyst. It is commonly believe to aid in lucid dreaming. :happy:

Yet it won’t actually be placebo unless you truly believe it will work. I say we create a new thread named “The PILD Technique”, don’t say what PILD stands for, and then we state something like “Coke mixed with tee makes you lucid dream! Proven to work!”.

Then again, studies has also shown only some people can get the placebo effect- Apparently you need a certain gene thingy for it to actually work.

But this technique isn’t entirely based on the Placebo effect. Rather, it also has elements from techniques such as Autosuggestion, OILD, MILD, and CALD. Therefore, you don’t have to be entirely affected by the Placebo Effect for this technique to work. Seeing my genius in creating this technique? :tongue:

Whats s OILD and SILD???

OILD: [New Method - OILD - Thoughts?)

Well you call it PILD and says it yourself that “it relies on the placebo effect”. And my post wasn’t 100% serious.

Just wondering… does the PILD technique actually work for anyone here? :confused:

Isn’t recognizing that the item is a placebo killing the whole purpose? I thought placebo’s only work if the person doesn’t think its a placebo effect.

Like I said in an earlier post, the technique isn’t entirely based on the placebo effect. If it was it would fail for too many people. Therefore the technique is partially reliant on the Placebo Effect. You will see that it has many elements from other techniques if you look closely at the steps. I only chose the name “PILD” because it seemed the most fitting for this technique. Since the name appears to be confusing many people, does anyone have a suggestion for a new name for this technique? :happy: