The point of RC's

I am having trouble understanding what RC’s are. Could someone explain it to me like i’m an infant? :tongue: And um, don’t get mad if I still have a hard time understanding your answers.

rc´s are tests to prove your sub consiusnes that youre dreaming, and usually also used to see test if your dreaming…

Reality Check - When an event happens that seems so out of the ordinary that you are forced to question yourself and your surroundings… is this real? or am I dreaming?

Once you have this awareness, you can then proceed with any number of techniques that help you to ascertain if you are in the waking world… or… if you are lucky… the dreaming world! These techniques are different for everyone, but there are a few general ones.

The point of reality checks are to:

  1. Heighten your critical awareness. Critical awareness is vital for achieving lucidity whilst dreaming.
  2. If you repeat it enough, you may just dream you are doing this… and that leads back to no.1

Hope this helps :content:

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Well, pinching yourself to see if you’re dreaming is a RC (no doubt you’ve heard of that one). I wouldn’t use the pinching one though, cos it doesn’t work (you can still feel pain in dreams).

El Sort gave you how it helps you become lucid (through raising yuor awareness that it may be a dream, and the chance that you take one whilst dreaming - and thus becoming lucid).

Ah, I see. That is very helpful thank you!

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A reality check is an action that you will perform IRL or in a dream. In real life, nothing strange will happen. In a dream, it will have strange results, and thus you’ll be aware you’re dreaming.
For instance, you jump and try to fly. If you can, you know you’re dreaming.
To make RC’s effective, you have to take the habit to make RC’s during days. 5 RC’s a day are said to be the minimum.