The Power of 10

I recently came up with something that I like to call The Power of 10. I’m sure it already exists somewhere and is used for self-hypnosis or meditation or something like that so I can’t take full credit. But recently I’ve been very successful with it and I’d just like to share the technique. It’s not just limited to meditation; I’ve used it for getting rid of headaches, toning down stress, and even falling asleep faster. Using this method I am now able to fall asleep in 30 seconds or less, no word of a lie. And yes, it works for lucid dreaming as well. I used it this morning and had two WILD’s and I’m almost certain this can be used as a great, easy, and consistent technique.

Before I explain the actual technique, I must mention that The Power of 10 is based solely on belief. It’s as simple as that. If you believe 100% it’s gonna work, it will work without a flaw. If you doubt it’s going to work, it probably won’t be as effective. The way it works is that it will give you the ability to be able to control some of your bodily functions that you normally do not have access to, but only if you have the correct mindset. This is why I urge you to stay in your comfort zone and ever so slowly test your limits. Start off with something easy, like lulling yourself into a drowsy state, then move on to sleep, and then to lucid dreaming.

Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the ‘How To’ portion of this post. You will begin by telling yourself very firmly:

“When I finish counting down from 10, ____________ will happen.”

Fill in the blank with whatever you are trying to accomplish. Whether that be “I will be asleep” or “I will begin dreaming consciously” or “I will become drowsy and relaxed”, you need to believe with all your heart that it will happen. Because it WILL happen.

Next, start at 10 and slowly begin counting down. Take however long you need, but don’t move on to the next number until you feel the effects starting to kick in stronger than before. Take deep breaths and imagine yourself coming closer to your goal (for example, if the goal was to fall asleep you’d imagine yourself getting sleepier and sleepier while allowing abstract thoughts to begin to float in) as you count. If you move too quickly it won’t work so don’t rush it. Just move at whatever pace feels right. If you get to one and you’re not at your desired results yet, just relax and think about something else and it’ll come in less than a minute. Don’t worry about.

I have used this method for about a month now and it has never failed me. I fall asleep quickly and easily. I haven’t tried achieving WILD many times but the times that I have tried were a success (which is saying something, because I’ve only had one WILD in the past other than the ones I’ve achieved using this method). So if you try it out, please post back your results so I can see how it works for other people! Good luck everyone :smile:

This is pretty cool, I’ll try it out and post my results.

Thanks for sharing.

Are you an easily hypnotizable person? Have you been hypnotized before?

I know about 1 in 10 people, for whatever reason, are really susceptible to hypnosis and suggestion. Some of us, seemingly, can’t be hypnotized. Maybe it’s a matter of belief, or of refusal to relinquish control–I don’t know–but I’ve never been able to be hypnotized.

I have, working by myself, gotten to very deep levels of trance through self-hypnosis, though.

I’ll give your method a shot, being careful to gauge exactly what’s happening as I count (being sure to feel for a quantitative difference as I count down).

Hmm, I’m not sure. I’ve never been hypnotized by anyone else before (never really tried) but I have successfully done a bit of self hypnosis and meditation.

I think that self-hypnosis is a lot different than being hypnotized by someone else, though. Being hypnotized involves trusting another person to control you whereas self hypnosis all you have to do is trust yourself. I’d say if you can do self hypnosis, you should be fine.

Another side note as well: don’t overthink it too much as you go through the steps. Allow other thoughts to float in and allow the back part of your mind to wander off before bringing it back and moving on to the next step.

That’s odd. I have been trying this technique today before even reading this post (it is because I have read about it long ago, but I haven’t used it for more than a year).

This technique helped me fall asleep today. It didn’t happen immediatly but it happened. Usually I have problems with falling asleep during the day time.

To me it seems like the power of autosuggestion. And like you said the believe part… I’ll try that. I like trying new things because every time my body and mind responds differently and it can make an experience a really fascinating experience…

This seems very interesting. Like dB_FTS said, it does seem a lot like autosuggestion, but in a new light. I’ll definately try this tonight.

So far, it really helps me get drowsy and relaxed.

I read this thread and tried out the technique 4 times so far. Twice I went into a LD and the other two times I had HH, but never became lucid. So far, this technique seems to really help me.

In the early morning, I often awake for about a minute and then I go right back into a dream. Every few minutes this continues to happen. So when I woke up, I kept my eyes closed and used this technique, whereupon I would experience HH and after about half a minute I entered the dream lucidly. The reason I post this part is that I’m not sure if people would consider this DEILD or WILD, but either way this technique has helped me so far. :content:

I’ve used this technique once before, but I’ve counted to like 300… then all the number didn’t make sense, I didn’t know the order of numbers… Is 310 before 305 or the otherwise? Numbers did not have a special meaning. I opened my eyes and I was in a van. It was strange that I was in a van when I was sleeping in my bed 5 minutes ago, this is where the realization of the dream came. So I got out of the van and started running and sprinting, and when I got to the desired speed I jumped in the air holding my legs in a fetus-like position. I was floating and spinning mid-air. I tried flying out of earth to space, but fear got over me just when I was going to exit the atmosphere. I fell to the ground and woke up. It was still cool, though. :smile:

I’ve been trying this, and I can’t seem to get it to work :sad:. When I first say 10, i feel as if all my weight is completely thin flat on my bed, and underneath me, but as i count down, about 3-5 seconds between counts, i feel no different at all, except occasionally i reach a number where i feel absolutely normal again. I don’t seem to get tired at all.

That’s pretty much a “self hypnosis” technique,
I made my own and it works wonderful except when i tell myself that I will fall alseep at the end of the countdown.

I’ve had an experience similar to this before when I was younger. I told myself “when my eyes close on their own, then I’ll be sleeping.” Then I just held my eyes open until they closed by themselves (which took around 5-10 seconds) and I don’t remember a thing after that except waking up the next morning. :spinning: I’ve tried before to repeat this, but it’s never happened. Haha.

To me it sounds like you’re moving too quickly. Don’t move on to the next number until you start to feel a difference. Take as long as you need. It’s very important to go at your own pace. Also, visualization plays a key role. As you count, imagine your body becoming heavier and sleepier.

And yes, to those who said this is like autosuggestion, it pretty much is an autosuggestion technique just (like MagykKatte said) in a new light. :smile: