The power of fish oil.

Ok dreamer folk. I have discovered the best thing known to man. Omega 3 ladden fish pills. I took one before work and it was best day of my life. I laughed easily, was very confident with the ladies, and shrugged off bad stuff like it was no big deal man! My jokes were so on point i was wondering what was going on… My boss asked if I was on coke.

So if you guys have never tried it and you suffer from anxiety or depression give fish oils a shot! I take the oil from the bottle, it seems to work right away. Also if you are a fan of SEX than its very fun to take some before bed. No, not because women want to get with your fish stankin a,ss. You get some AMAZING sex dreams from the stuff. I dont know wats going on but the confidence i felt from the previous day carried right on through to dreaming and i was sir bangsalot for the night.

Try fish oil people~!!! im not advertising here no brand names mentioned, just try it is doing wonders for me and only day 2 well keep updated if I have a new development like tumor or soemthing . THANKS

I’ve tried it before, and is very good for my joints. However, it makes my breath fishy for about an hour. :content:

No amazing side effects, but hey; everyone reacts differently to everything!

Yea after further testing im realizing it was probably just placebo effect. My first few times into it i was so excited; thinking “fuck yea! fish oil will make my dreams vivid”

and vivid they became.

Then few weeks later i just EXPECTED it to happen, i didnt really BELIEVE in it/myself. So im thinking the verdict is fish pills good for joints, no effect on dreams

Well I’ve been taking them for 3 months now. I use capsules… no taste or after taste.

They are good for inflammation. First effect was… made me ‘regular’. No more constipation. :toilet:

Eczema has improved and I hope they are also working on my airways.

Hoping, it gets to my hair condition next. :peek: