the 'print topic' option is finally back ^.^

there is now a cute little printer icon in every topic. When you click on it you get a printer friendly page. Now you can print the forum and take it everywhere :happy:

before you jump me and ask questions, check the FAQ.

it says:

What is the :meh: |: button for? - Cancelling the board’s pagination
By clicking on this button you can locally remove the board’s fixed pagination for the current topic to help your web browser do the proper pagination for printing (File-Print in the browser’s menu) based on actual line spacing, rather than the number of messages per page.

What are the boxes on top of the printable output? - Range selection
There are two boxes on top of the page and a tape-recorder-like button O_o. They allow to select a range of messages. Note that every message in the printable view has a number. Use those numbers to fill out the boxes on top to set up the first and the last message you want to be printed, and press the O_o button to rewind the topic. Another way to set a range is to put a negative number in the second box, which will mean that you want -n of messages to be printed. For example, 4 7 will output messages 4, 5, 6, 7. However if you enter values 4 -7 in first and second box respectively, messages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 will be shown after you press the rewind button.

How to print only one message? - Advanced range selection
First, go to the printable view of the topic by pressing the Printer button in the topic view. Find your message and note the number in front of it. Type that number into the first box in the top left of the printable view. In the second box put value -1 and press the O_o button. This will tell the database to output only one message starting from the given one. Another way of getting this result is by putting the same number in both boxes. Let’s say you want to print only the message number 16. Fill out the boxes in the top as such: 16 -1 and press the go button O_o. This will work only if there are at least sixteen messages in the current topic, of course.

Why using strange symbols? / More questions?
In order to make this mod language-independent I decided it would be easy to use symbols instead of words. If you have a comment or a suggestion concerning my choice of symbols in particular, or other things in general related to this mod, please join the ongoing discussion at phpBB mod support

(note: this is written by the author of the mod, not by Q)

This is awesome!! great addition! I’ve really been waiting for this! :smile:

Is there any chance you could get the paper to update when the forum does? and maybe make It so you can reply on paper, too? :smile:

:bounce: :thumbs: great!!! I have missed not being able to do printouts.

Awesome work Q.

You should talk with Exlora and see about putting that on Sealife also.

glad you like it :smile:

dreamwalker, i’ve send your request to explora :content:

Thank you Q :content:

Where did it go?

lol you are the first to notice…

i must have removed it when adding the quick reply :ack:

Ok, i’ll put it back as soon as i’m back home (in 2 weeks)

When did you add the quick reply? I had noticed a blank box…but I thought it was waiting for an advert to be added :tongue: … I only noticed the quick reply icon this afternoon. :eh:

the quick reply i added last week or something.

maybe the quick reply icon didn’t load for you earlier?

hmmmm is it back yet? if it is i am sorry but i am using the school computers lol i should b doiing work… but yer, and i sitll cant see it, quick reply nice work. Q how did u code this website? did you use DHTML? that is what i am meant to be doing now so i thought that i might ask as well :happy:

lol the print topic option has dissappered when i put the auick reply in.
i can fix it when im back home again, that will be in a few days.

richard i didnt code the forum, i use phpbb, it a free forum. ive adapted it to match the feel of ld4all. and added other things like the quick reply, i dont code them myself, i just insert it into the forum code.

hm ok thanx Q :happy: :content: