the question to all lucid dreamers

the question is: has anyone from this forum tried “higher-closer” technique?
Its flying higher and higher with premeditation of astral projection making

if yes, please discribe your experiences :smile: because I wanna check them with my own experiences :smile:

Yes, I’ve tried that technique once :smile:

I got lucid while walking along the street, passing a multi-storey building. I stopped and started a vertical flight. With every meter my flight became harder and slower. When I reached the forth storey the flight completely stopped and I started to fall. The street immediately disappeared and it became so dark I couldn’t see anything. It was a long fall in the dark. Then it suddenly stopped and I heard a loud man’s voice, which said: “Open your eyes! You are called star division.” Exactly these words, in English (I am Russian).
At that moment I thought that he could be God or an angel and I left my body for sure trying to get just an OBE :smile:
My heart was pounding like crazy. I started to worry that I could get a heart attack! Then slowly I started feeling my room, my physical heart was beating normally. That’s it. No OBE. But very interesting and strange experience. I liked it.

What did you have?

Woah! That sounds interesting. Ever found anything else out on what “Star Division” means?

I flew up, high, fast, and long distances many times. Never got me spontaneously AP

I have an idea that Star Division is the same as Astral Projection, just another words were used. But who knows what that really means :smile:

star division sounds like it means you are part of the stars.

division , meaning department,