The Quietest Place on Earth

Just stumbled upon this website and here is the quietest place on Earth.

I don’t remember where…but I’ve seen this before…

It would be a nice place to sleep :sleep:

I’d go insane from hearing myself. A deep trance in said room, now that would be quiet.

John Cage was inspired to write his 4’33" in one of those.

anywhere too quiet … I get tinnitus :meh:

It would be cool to hear your own heart beating :tongue:

Then you’d just realize that you have high blood pressure.

My thoughts exactly! :woo: /me body slams moogle in triumph.

I’d hate the quietest place on Earth for that reason. And as much as I wish I were an anomaly in this sense, owning and iPod hasn’t helped. :ohno:

Wow. I find my house to actually be quiet, just a train goes by every so often…but other then that it’s quiet! Wow. I wonder if that room would be much different.

I didn’t understand when it did the comparison of our hearing ‘db’ and the chamber’s db. Does it mean that our ears can repel sound up to 0 db and the chamber up to 9.4?

ugh, i hate silence i can sleep with my ipod on at half bolume and tahts prettyt loud it would be nice to see what it is in that uber silence but i wouldnt like it that much

Ah silence :dream: The ability to actualy hear your own thoughts for a change.
I’d love that, but too much silence for too long will drive you insane!

That is my state, cool.

I would like to be in such room, let’s say… about 10 minutes, should be enough time for not going crazy :happy: .

I agree with most of you, i’d prolly go insane.
but its nice once in a while.

mhmm… I like silent places. I don’t see how it could be a bother… I mean… why would someone need to hear something he doesn’t have to hear? It’s just nice, in my opinion. I would certainly wouldn’t mind having to be somewhere silent for extended periods of time.

(Silent places are also great to spend time with people with. If you’re talking, you’d know they’d hear you too. Just a random thought. Sometimes I feel I can’t hear the person I’m talking too.)

I get tinnitus too - but I don’t care, if I found somewhere silent, I would bring rations and “train” (for LDs) there for 3+ days.

I can sometimes hear my heart beating in quiet. I also heard my heart beating once before I had my ears syringed. That was when my wax in my ears had built up and was putting a little pressure on the vein under it.

for … les say 15 minutes , that would be quite awesome i think :yes:

Oh for some quiet. :content:

I get sick of always hearing something sometimes. I suppose, technicley there isn’t really any such thing as absolute silence but it would be wonderful to meditate without feeling I had to block the whole world out first. :astral:

i would also like this quiet place away from the noise of my hoise and my freinds nagging me and would also practice ld techniques like someone above said. :content:

it seems that there are enemies of silence and enemies of noise

mainly i’d be the latter

i could give you so many reasons but they would just angry up the blood like grandpa simpson

it is GOOOOOD to listen to “tinnitus” it will bring you into a TRANCE the tones take over your mind. its an energy issue, though you can get it from damaging your ears with too much loudness yes