The RC game

First of all, I’m only using the word “game” as a way to explain my idea in an easier way. (Please, do NOT move it to the playground…)

My idea is we use this topic to write down strange things that made us RC during the day. It’s not like we have to write every single time every single day. Just pick the ones you liked the most, or the things that you found more bizarre.

With this, I plan to:

  • Make RCing an habit to those who don’t have it.
  • Increase everyone’s awareness of the world, thus increasing the awareness in dreams, increasing the chance of having a DILD.
  • Have fun with crazy stories
  • Increase the users’ experience and, in a way, influence positively with the dreamers’ SC.

I’ll start:

Today, I was walking around my old neighborhood. That isn’t really out of the ordinary, as pretty much all the stuff I do is around there. I was crossing a street when I saw a Bubblegum-pink tuned car. It looked like something out of Need For Speed games, but at the same time totally bizarre, with the pink color. I RCed on spot.

Now you guys try. You don’t have to describe with details, but feel free to do it, if you want.

Just today i witnessed a minor car crash outside my school. i RCed right away. but the thing i wanted to add was i have a buddy that also does RCs quite often.
He told me about when he got in a car crash he RCed several times to make sure he wasnt dreaming heh. I found it kinda funny. :eek:

I know I RC whenever I see fog outside.

I was watching tv once and I guess they mixed up the tapes because after commercial they played the same first 10 minutes of the show again. I RCed a few times.

Also I always RC when I see or hear a helicopter. :smile:

Great Idea

I RC twice once in my dreams while flying.But no LD
Another right now. :tongue:

Talking to others about lucid dreaming - almost nobody I know is into it…

EDIT: Also, whenever I can’t find something or something’s not where I thought it should be. It’s a big dream sign for me, anyway…

I RC’ed when I saw this topic… :spinning:

I’ve been doing it today whenever I saw the sky, it’s really beautiful and it reminds me of a recent LD. Pollution sure gives you nice skies!

Once I saw a spot of yellow-orange light on the pavement. I RCed right away, when I saw that it wasn’t a dream I guessed the light came from one of the windows in the street…

Also I like to RC when the sky is really dark, with no stars… almost scary and black… that often appears in my dreams.

BTW. Nice thread, Rodrigo :happy:

Today I was running through the heavy rain to get into the subway. Then I rode two stations (which is less than a mile) and went outdoors to find out that there is almost no rain outside! Of course it is perfectly possible, but was strange enough to make me do an immediate RC.

I waked up several minutes ago, so I felt sleepy. I was trying to eat sometthing. Then I reasonless did a RC.

I know, there was no DS, but habit of getting lucid DSlessy is useful :razz:

Whenever I’m walking on a street next to my house. The street lamps give out an orangy light, which makes the whole street look very eerie and creepy. I feel like i’m REALLY having a LD…i can’t explain it. It’s a huge DC for me.

Also, whenever i’m on a street thats familiar and i see a new shop, also a major DS for me.



I try to RC whenever I stop whatever I’m doing for a second. I’m not sure if this is a helpful goal for me to pursue, but I’d be curious to get to the point of having an RC actually intrude on whatever I was doing. I’m a pretty unobtrusive RCer (read something, look away, look at it again to see if it changes; then replay recent past to see if I can recall “getting here”) so if that were to happen, I doubt anyone would notice.

To your point though, places I usually RC are: anytime I’m walking from one place to another (good excuse to look around and really observe my surroundings), when I’m driving (same reason, I guess), when I’m doing dishes. My daily routine is, well, pretty routine, so I don’t get a whole lot of out of the ordinary things that could be waking dreamsigns. The other night though, I did confront a possum in our back yard. After the initial startle and retreat, I totally RCd :razz:

I got that feeling this morning where you just know something, but you don’t know why. Like a FM. I knew I had a LD last night, but I couldn’t recall any dreams.

I did a few RC’s until I remembered what the LD was about. I’m glad I remembered it know :tongue:

Today I was making the greeting cards (Christmas, New Year, Hannukah, you name it) and the glue didn’t work.

First I tried using a glue stick, but although it was terribly hard to cover the paper with it, a couple of seconds later it was flying with the wind as if it had never been glued.

Then I tried PVA glue (a.k.a. white glue)—same thing. What’s even scarier: when I looked closer, neither the coloured paper nor the cardboard had any marks that they had ever had glue applied to their surfaces. :shock: I was about to try cyanoacrylate (a.k.a. superglue) when grandma convinced me to buy new glue tomorrow…

ive got into the habbit of RCinc when ever i see an advert for radio controlled(RC) cars on tv and seen as its christmas i am Rcing alot, normally i hate abbriviations but i can live with this one :smile:

RC FROM TYCO,…i know what i am doing in my next LD :cool_laugh:

Mm. Waking up. Hearing any odd sounds. My cat staring right at me for long periods of unblinking time o_o;. A lot of the when I RC its just cause things dont feel right.