The RC List!

Thought I’d start a RC list, so eventually someone can look here and do RCs for like… an hour! Our goal is 50 RCs, so after the basics we’ll have to get quite creative :grin: . I did think of 50 RCs on one occasion, but I forgot to write them down :cry:
So here it goes!

  1. Hold your nose and try to breathe through it.

  2. Close one eye and try to look at your nose.

  3. Look at text, look away, and then look at the same text again. Did it change?

  4. Look at a clock, preferably a digital one. Look at the clock, look away and invision another time, then look back at the clock. Did it change?

  5. Try to fly. Just jump as high as you can. If you stay in the air even a second longer then normally, you’re dreaming.

Now I could think of a lot more, but then it would be boring!
Go! Go! Go! :tongue:

Hand through wall/mirror

Looking at hands

Breathing underwater

Killing a person :eek:

Noticing something different

That LD feeling I get helps

Smashing your head against a wall (not reccommened)

How did I get here? -> Induction Techniques -> Reality Checks

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How would killing a person help?

Edit: for those of you for whom it didn’t work, I just fixed it (capital D in dreaming taken off)

yeah, i don’t know about killing a person… it’s not really a reality check you can do throughout your day, lol

I like to include sticking my finger through my other hand in my RC :happy:

It’s just feels so cool once you actually do it in a dream, very weird!

  • Counting your fingers

  • Seeing if electricty works

  • Looking in the mirror

reach behind your back (like your going to scratch it), go as far as you can go… usualy you can reach places you could never reach.

Attempting to change the color, size, or any characteristic of an object.

Oh I know a good one. Kill your self what do you have to lose? If you die IRL you wake up if you die in a dream you wake up but at least you’ll not to do that again.

My hands has always worked for me and has never failed me once. I have a slight varation though. I usually look at one finger which is usually my middle finger, and if I am dreaming, the other fingers will begin to appear wavy in my periphiral vision. It sounds kind of weird, but it always works in my dreams.


Here are some:
-try to perform some acrobatic feat (touch elbow to tongue = impossible in IRL but not in dream)
-close eyes, then re-open and see if anything is different

  • ask someone else (you may get funny looks)

Oddly enough, some people’s subconcious will happily put “dreaming dreaming dreaming” in a book while they do an RC (while dreaming obviously) while other people tend to get lots of asking their DCs and accepting wierd explanations for stuff like extra fingers :tongue:

most of my lds consist of nothing but rcs. I don’t get much farther, but I’ve had alot so maybe I can help.

Ask someone of course. They’ll look at you weird, but hey, you’re a dreamer ^.^

Look to the sky. Trust me, you can tell if you dreaming by the sky.

Push against a wall. You can fall through.

if you wear a watch all the time like I do, instead of just checking the time, also check the watch itself. I frequently find myself wearing a watch that isn’t mine.

I guess what I really had to say was not the actual RC’s, but some advice with them. When you do an RC, if it checks out to reality, do not act as though it is still a dream. For, if you do this in a dream, you will act as though it is a dream, still thinking it is real life. Basically, if your RC says your dreaming, stop for a moment and say this-
“My name is (your name here first and last).
I am dreaming. I am still in my bed, and this is my mental model.
I will be dreaming until proven otherwise by my own judgement”.
Doing this will ensure you stay in the dream. ^.^
good luck.

I seriously do not recommend asking DCs whether you are dreaming. Some people have helpful DCs (even to the point of occassionally asking you to do an RC) but others have nasty ones who try to rationally explain your two extra fingers!

I don’t need a DC to explain it. I often dream that gravity is lessened. Sometimes that I have to hang onto the ground or I’ll float away (and this has been going on for years. Way before Waking Life. :content: ). And I think, “What the hell? Oh yeah. This happened last week. Yeah. And a bunch of times before that. This is just one of those days when gravity is all weak and you have to hang onto the ground so you don’t fall up.” I’m always rationalizing crazy crap in my dreams. Makes RC’s hard. This is especially annoying because in waking life I am a very skeptical and rational person. But maybe that’s why I rationalize. It is in my nature to think of past experiences and justify what is happening. But, man… :razz:

can any1 list like the best most sure RC they know?

[color=orange]Hello fellows,
Go up to a hot girl and grab her chest or something, if she slaps you or something, it’s a good sign your not dreaming. If she starts unbuttoning her pants though, then it could be a good sign you are dreaming. :tongue:


Hehe LSD, at that point most people woundn’t care that they’re dreaming. They’d be a little… distracted.