The recurring dreams in your childhood

I remember this dream ,that was recurring in my childhood, like I’ve dreamed it last night. I am near the kitchen’s door. I know that if I look left into the bathroom something will pull me there no matter how hard I try to hold onto the door. After I’m being pulled in the bathroom, I felt terrified,closed my eyes, and woke up. Once I’ve purposely let myself be carried inside the bathroom and kept my eyes opened…worst thing to do in a dream. I was on some kind of airport baggage belt(or whatever it’s called) and there were monsters and everything. These dreams simply stopped at some point.
I basically want too see what your recurring dream was in your childhood.

The most common, recurring nightmare in my childhood was this:

-I am in the kitchen. It is night, and i am alone in the house. Something is trying to climb down the chimney and come out through the old fashioned stove in the kitchen. I know that if i can cross the doorstep to the living room, i am safe. I move painfully slow, and have to crawl across the floor. The stove door opens, and a skinny, wrinkled man climbs out. I feel paralysed from fear.

Another variation would be that i reach the living room in time, see what i think is my father and think i am safe…only to see an alien face look at me when he/it turns around. Or sometimes, the man would be replaced by two small twins with the same dry and wrinkled look.

That’s just terrifying. I know that feeling. You think you are safe but then you see the truth.

All of the recurring dreams I had as a child were weirdly specific and very surreal. One involved a little girl in a white nightgown - possibly me, but I think it varied between occurrences - standing next to a dresser with a mirror on a circle of bare dirt surrounded by a very high wall of smashed-up cars and trucks. Usually there was a necklace hanging on the mirror, and the girl was reaching up and trying to get the necklace, and the dream almost inevitably ended with something triggering the collapse of the wall, with cars and trucks tumbling down and rolling everywhere, filling my whole field of view.

A scarier one started on an idyllic sort of playground in a field, with kids running around in the sun and their parents sitting at picnic tables talking, then abruptly cut to the inside of a dark room with the walls covered in TV screens. There were people milling around the room pressing buttons, and in the center of the room was a glass case containing something that looked like an unwrapped mummy, but it had a kind of hood of skin around its head like a cobra. Somebody would pull a lever, the mummy would open its eyes and smile horrifyingly, and I would suddenly be confronted with the image of the lovely playground disintegrating into dust as families run screaming and are consumed into the dust cloud.

That one I still find profoundly unsettling now, particularly considering that this came out of my four-year-old mind.

When I was like four years old, I dreamt I was being chased by a train (It looked like Thomas the Tank Engine ^_^) and I’d run away from it, like for instance, I’d hide underneath a car but then it would find me.

I’d always wake up screaming! :cry:

[size=100]I remember that I kept on having a dream that there was a giant, like literally a giant, girl at my school, and all I remember that was I was trying to hide her so nobody would find her. At one point I hid her under a bench and my friends sat down and I was freaking out that they would find her. Another time we were running through the halls, and even though it was elementary school we had lockers.

I had this dream once, then the second time it happened I remember saying something like “Why am I dreaming this again” And then I woke up because I realized I was dreaming, and every time I had that dream I kept on waking up realizing it was a dream.[/size]

When I was younger my parents put glow in the dark planets on my ceiling and every night after that I would have dreams of walking through the kitchen during dinner time. All of a sudden the floor would open and I would fall through into a slide. At the bottom of a slide was a shark and alligator infested pool. I told my parents about it and they took down the stickers, and after that the shark/alligator dream went away. It was really odd. :confused:

When i was sooo little, i used to have the same dream all the time too many times to count, it finally stopped though.

I was in what seemed to be this corn feild maze, and i wasn’t in body form, it was like i was just made up of energy, and i was running in the feild scared, lost, and at some points i would turn and there would be a black hole on the ground out of no where, and as i’d almost fall into it, i’d get out, and start running more and more and more, i think there were ladybugs around too but i don’t remember…
And as i run, i keep almost running into and falling into black holes, until finally, i do fall into one, and as i fall into it,
I wake up.
I had this dream several times again.

I’ve had two:

One was that a family came to stay with my family for a while; but they were strange. We would hang out for a few weeks and I get the feeling that they are aliens. Then they leave through a window and I see their spaceship taking off :panic:

The other was that I had a substitute teacher with red curly hair that couldn’t swim. I invited him over and showed him. We were BFFs to say the least :hugs:

Thats really all I can remember from both.

I’ve had two too.

One is a nightmare, the other a comicy dream.

Dream is 3rd person, black and white. Its a bunch of stick figures running rambant around a hotel, or apartments or maybe office skyscraper.

They just run around shooting each other with guns, and rocket launchers and stuff, using the lifts, one time one stick man threw another out of a window seen him freefall half way then it went to someone else.

It always ends during the fighting, its a weird wacky one, that I love, its like a free cartoon for me. :happy:

The nightmare, is a robot which makes a weird vibration that freaks me out and makes me in-able to move, its in a dark room, I’m on a table crying or screaming from the robots noise and vibration.

The only color is a red hue from the robot, always just ends without an ending, though haven’t had either of these dreams for a little over ten years.