The rumored secret bathroom section

I swear somewhere that I heard the mods had their very own bathroom to go in. Is this true or was I dreaming?

Im pretty sure that you were dreaming :wink:



Many forums have them, and it’s just a cool thing to have secret forums and stuff if you can do it :cool: But I doubt there would be much going on there. This is probably the best-behaved forum I’ve been to.

Of course there is one.

And i know how to find it, firstly find the lucid crossroads. Turn left at the sign and make your way 26lucid feet down the lucid path. We will see bushes on the right, quietly slip into the bushes and you should see the “eye” from the main site page.

This is the lucid eye and you must give it the secret password:

wij wie zeggenschap onze wensdroom , wij naar de chosen wie voorsprong naar de massa.

You will then be transported to a secret location, you will find your self in a white room with food everywhere. If you look to the back you will see a blue door behind this door is the secret chamber of the mods.

This is not very unlikely at all, many other kinds forums has a own thread for mods, where they discuss how the board should be run, rules and so on…

I am pretty sure also ld4all also has one of those :smile: You wont see them unless you are logged in as a moderator though…

Oh yes! Trouble is, you have to be lucid to find it. :eek:
How did you know the password?


Oh, yes!
We are little angels…nothing bad happening whatsoever!

Fey~ :peek:

Everyone should know by now that Mods collaborate in a shared dream. Now that Dark Matter has gave directions to it AND the password we are going to have to change it. :tongue:

i’d love to be a mod here, it’s so quiet and peaceful that there’s nothing to really do lol.

make me a mod :content:

side steps slowly carrying a sonar

Lol. If I were a mod, I would be in charge of avatars. Oh, and changing pasquales posts at random. lol. But I don’t really crae for being a mod.

Oh yes, and guess how pasquale scans the whole forum for invalid avatars. Yes, that’s right, the Avatar Reaper user… Freecube really isn’t going to like me for this.

When looking at forum address to improve the scannibility of my avatar machine, I used the address: … rum.php?f=N I noticed that when not logged in, on some numbers it would ask to be logged in. Since the avatar reaper is a liabrary member, it allowed him to get into the liabrary. But on the same number with Technodreamer logged in it said no thread existed.

There were also two other numbers that behaved like this. I can see one being a mod forum, but I have no idea what the other could be? Unless they have two, lol.



:rofl: :lmao:

Yes, ofcourse, the bathroom. How do I join de badkamer? And hurry!!

ah yes… i remember… in my previous life i was a librarian on this forum. So now i still know the way to the library. But the bathroom remains a mystery…

The bathroom, huh? Shouldn’t there be two? :sly: A bathroom for the ladies and one for the gentlement?

2 bathrooms?

All this time I’ve been sharing with the gents!


Does PasQuale enjoy having to clear up the bathroom(s) afterwards? :eek:

Never mind, I found the bathroom. Few… :content:

I wrote: “I swear somewhere that I heard the mods had their very own bathroom to go in. Is this true or was I dreaming?”

What the hell are you talking about? :confused:

nah it’s not true the bathrooms are unisex.

hides the female sign on the door