The same as Josh Redstone, different reason.

I have trouble LD’ing.
When I manage to get the click that I’m dreaming, either my RC’s fail, or I fall again into the dream, or something like that.
I usually just get a few brief seconds of the great “Hey I’m Dreaming Kick”. I tend to kind of not believe myself enough, feel frustrated and go back to sleep. (go back to sleep, go back to sleep)
I told this to a friend of mine, who I “can” talk to about LD’s and he told me it should be like some kind of censureship-mechanism. - It must be the truth ‘cause those words hit me like a rock!
Meditation seems to be a solution, or now that the problem is kind of identified, next LD push real hard to get the freakin’ lucidity.
Any suggestions?


when I find I’m dreaming I focus on the Idea untill I get to a high level of lucidity.

Heh heh, I’m glad I came accross this :smile:

What I find helps is as soon as I become lucid, I focous on incresing my awareness. I look around, take note of dreamsigns, etc. That usually prolongs my dreams and my lucidity, and makes me look foward to my next lucid dream a little more :smile: