The Science behind LD & OBE's

I wanted to share a new interview with Thomas Cambell, if your interested in learning where science currently stands with AP, LD, RV, OBE’s then you will love this as much as I do.

11 Part video answering these Q’s:

Q: Now that we are moving further away from Newtonian physics and more towards the digital reality, what breakthrough is needed in order for these two fields of science to evolve?

Q: Whether it is positive or negative, a pessimist or an optimist can play a role in the outcome of certain situations past and present… Can you give us an example of how this works in science as well as the every day world?

Q: Can you talk about your hard drive 1’s & 0’s metaphor in relation to the tree falling in the woods and the way digital reality works?

Q: You mentioned that our reality (as well as the larger consciousness system) is limited to a certain rule set. are these rule sets based on common belief? Is it possible for the rule set to change once a certain number of people believe one thing? Could we begin to defy the laws of Newtonian physics?

Q: I was researching John Hagelin & got into the maharishi effect where groups of people focused there intent on a city to lower crime rates and had consistent positive results… Can you talk about this subject in relation to free will?

Q: When we experience astral projection or an OBE, you mentioned our consciousness is already out of body so we do not have to leave in order to get out, we have to enter our consciousness… Can you talk about how you came to this conclusion?

Q: You mentioned that OBE’s, Lucid Dreams, remote viewings are basically the same and that a lucid dream is a launching pad to go out and explorer the larger consciousness system… What is a good exercise for a regular lucid dreamer to practice in order to begin experimenting and learning in the non-physical?

Q: When we see guides in the non-physical you mentioned that they are not actually there, that we are picking up on their data stream. Could you talk about individuality? How can we tell the difference between an individual and aspects of an individual?

Q: Imagination vs actuality. While in the non-physical, how do we know if we have made it to a similar 3rd dimensional reality or if we are just using visual metaphors to make sense of the info we are receiving?

Q: The show ancient aliens suggest that we were visited by beings of another world, which helped create ancient monuments on earth amongst many other claims…. What is your take on this theory?

Q: For those of us who got into astral projection to just “experience” the non-physical and say “woah this is cool”, What is the first step for us to work on? What should our intentions be?