The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers

This is great! I’ve had trouble with the whole reality checks thing, because it just doesn’t work for me. And dreams seem to be so highly personal, I figured there is probably a reason why. So the main thing involved seems to be what motivates us most to think critically about our experiences.

I notice more and more that I am a background storyteller and various characters in my dreams at the same time, so I should probably concentrate more on that. Maybe ask myself questions about story-writing or film making or something (Not that this fits well into real life, but it would be helpful in instances where I am revising a dream as I experience, to make the story tighter.)

Impressive article, thank you very much.

Although difficult to change your mindset, this is the ultimate solution to becoming lucid. I think deffo the ‘What was I just doing’ type question is easier than just constantly wondering if this is a dream, since your previous actions will always change (especially if you are having a busy day). Whereas constantly doing RC’s to check if it’s reality can become labourious and too repetitive.

My memory is awful… :sad: (I should write down if I want to remember things better - when I do something time-consuming (drawing, reading or watching a movie), i become ‘hypnotized’ and hardly remember what did I do earlier… :eek: )

Great article, i will try to use that checking wether this is a dream or not

We share the same dream :pharaoh:

Great article! My most recent dream is a result of simply questioning my reality, rather than focusing on the reality check. This has reminded me, so thanks!

Maybe the website needs to focus more on lucid living rather than reality checks? When I questioned my reality in my dream, I remembered to do a reality check like I would in reality anyway.

I was just thinking, how often should you ask yourself the “critical question” for it to be effective, like every half hour or something like that ?

You need to keep your mind LUCID, that state you are aware about the answers of the questions.

It depends on each person, some people can stay lucid by asking it each 20 minutes, others need much more questions, while others are very used to it that they just keep it mostly naturally.

It’s important to learn how is to be in lucid mindstate to achieve that.

I think that is up to you, each individual is different. I think I’m asking myself about once every 15 to 30 minutes. And it still hasn’t made it into my dreams. I think it is important to really, really question it, and look around you to really check. To strongly feel it in you when you ask. Emotions are easier to bring into a dream .

imj, i do agree with you that if you keep question reality you’ll go nuts.

But to ask yourself what you just did, that can’t be too bad ?(even if your aim is to question your surroundings)

Haha, this explains so much from when I was a kid. I had tons of nightmares and I always questioned reality, “Am I dreaming? Is this real?”. I had lucid dreams several times a night because of it.

Funny how I’m also a norwegian. Hahaha.

How long does it take before have a mindset?

I ask myself “Is anything out place or missing here? Is anything unusual happening?” at work, being a lifeguard. Hopefully I can carry this over to the rest of my day :happy:

That could work. Just make sure you don’t get too lazy, and even if you think you remember doing it just a few minutes ago, remember anything could just be a false memory :wink:

Very interesting article you wrote there. While I find it kind of intimidating to have more than one lucid dream per night (doesn’t that get exhausting after a while?) living ‘lucid’ might be a good idea, because I asked myself the same question as Christophe there:

I can just refer to my experiences after meditating, I often felt really lucid and aware of my surroundings. And while I’m usually a little bit of a choleric person, during that time it was really hard to get me angry - which I guess happened because of the higher awareness of myself and my surroundings.

It really is just a speculation, but I guess it would decrease violence in all forms drastically. But then again, I may be thinking that just because I’m a natural pacifist.

I don’t think it necessarily has to be lucid dreaming to achieve this worldwide lucid mindset, it’d probably already help if people meditated more. :grin:
Though I’d definitely appreciate more people coming to this forum… :beer:

Anyway, I guess this is the way to go for me, as I wish to have many lucid dreams and I also wish to be a better person IRL. Combining these two into one thing… awesome!

I just got done reading your article on attaining a lucid mindset and I must say that your article was very well written and very informative. I am definitely going to try and start asking myself a “critical question” everyday during the day and hope to see results in a increase in my lucid dreams. I found this article very interesting and the examples that you used fit the article very well. I like how there are people out there who find it weird that all people don’t have lucid dreams every night! Your point about people having to fend off nightmares and how that caused them to have a more lucid mindset made a lot of sense. Great article overall! Thanks for writing it!

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Awesome post just doing this very thing is how i Lucid Dream and it works amazing reality check just making sure im actually on :tongue: this is really cool and my first lucid dream took 1 month 17 days before this actually worked but after that it is really a awesome way of dreaming and i have lucid dream almost every time i can recall my dreams

I’m reading your lucid dream book Robert!

When using the ‘What was I just doing’ approach, say every hour in the normal day;

do you I say it aloud?

do I actually think back at what I was just doing?

could you please answer those 2 questions :smile:

thanks, corbin.

You don’t have to say it aloud, you can just say it in yourself but if you feel that you need to say it aloud then do.

Yes, try to remember what you were doing last hour… and in detail!