The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers

thankyou :smile:, i will now frequently start doing this in my life.

Corbin, the main thing you’ve got to understand is that it’s not the question per se, it’s the mind set. You’ve got to make sure to keep questioning things, always have a little bit of doubt. You can never be 100% sure you’re awake and there’s always a chance you’re dreaming. This is key to LL.

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Ok, will stick to it, thanks alot :smile:

I have been trying to keep a consistent lucid mindset for the past couple of years, yet I have yet to achieve more than 2 lucid dreams per months. I am constantly questioning my reality. I often think ‘how did I get here?’ or ‘what was I just doing?’ yet I still have trouble inducing frequent lucid dreams.
So what am I doing wrong?

Wow! Instead of doing this lucid dreaming thing as a causual hobby including writing in a DJ and hope I’ll ask myself if I’m dreaming at the right time, I’m going to make this a lifestyle! I’ll most likely update you all on how it’s been going in about a month from now!

This explains why I was able to remember nearly every dream I had after a nightmare. When I was young I sometimes had nightmares and after them I remembered nearly anything of other dreams.
But the theory about the frequently repeating reality checks while awake is VERY old. I heard about this 8 years ago in a newspaper, TV and such stuff.

Psychotic episodes are quite similar to hypnagogia or hypnopompic states. It’s fair to say that they are likely part of the same type of mental activation. There’s some empirical fMRI evidence for this connection actually. It’s also true that LD is performed within a hypnagogic or hypnopompic state. However, there’s a theorized mechanism which is disadvantaged in the schizophrenic brain.

The regions of the brain which allow them to reason critically are inhibited or overactive in the schizophrenic person. It’s theorized that micro-sleep periods occur after states of hyperarrousal which impose rapid degregation of the rational RL to hypnagogic states. Their neurotransmitters seem to be off. They experience hypnagogic states unintentionally and they occur during waking times.

Now that these things have been said, it’s important to note that we all experience dream states. Particularly we all “hallucinate” as it were during our sleep. This is a natural mechanism that is distorted with schizophrenic individuals through some means, particularly the timing of sleep phenomenon. There’s no reason to think that exploring your subconscious creates a chemical imbalance.

I use critical RC, it just seemed likely the reasonable method of RC. If thinking critically causes psychosis then all intelligent people should be psychotic, and contrary to popular opinion they’re not. :smile: I’m a philosophy major and found it very second hand. There’s explicit differences between dreams and reality which are quite comforting. There’s a lack of continuity and consistency in the dream world.

Perceptial differences differ quite clearly, for example convergence (eye) can disappear or not occur at all if it is tested in a dream. Dreams have a tendency to project our personal understanding of the world. When we test something, the dream does it’s best to project the reflection of that knowledge. However the time from critique to successful resolution of incorrect projection is quite noticable under scrutiny. Also, that RL includes endless information which we can resolve into knowledge. At it’s heart the SC and LD instead rely on our knowledge to project reality synthetically, it’s a different mode of awareness.

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Mr. Waggoner, it’s a pleasure to see you posting in this forum. Your book is on my shelf along with the works of LaBerge.

Hi, Im new to this site and I like this method. I have made my checks. Where Am I? Why Am I Here? How Do I Get Here?
Is It good? And also, how frequently should I do those tests to take effect, to get “MindSet”. Is it possible with few checks a day?


Yes, it is good. You can do it as many times as you want to (the more, the better), as long as you remember to do them. You also want to ask the questions with thought, not mindlessly (if you get what i mean).
Good luck!

After getting the mindset, i could check every 2-10 min asking myself in my head:

“what did i do before this?”

then thinkin back “in rough”, i remembered my day. for example:

“before this i was in class, and before that i was at home doing the usual” or something like that.

I thought that question was the most suitable for me as im very forgetful and it helped me remember.

It took me about 2-3 weeks before it got to this stage and it was quite annoying at times when my head asked this question to frequently.
(doing nothing tends to get me to do the checks super-frequent for some reason)

And as you already know (hopefully),
my aim is to get the answer:

“before this i went to bed…ooh wait im dreaming!!”

I hope this will prove helpful for someone interested in this subject.

i love this, its very helpful, i have been having more LDs lately but still not as many as i would like, so this may help be have more frequent LDs. the basic idea is to frequently and consistently do reality checks by asking a critical question, for me it would be either “where am i” or “am i dreaming” since in dreams i tend to end up in so many different places i have never been and when i wake up i wish i was lucid there.

asking myself what i was doing before this probably won’t help though, because i don’t know how i would remember going to bed while in a dream.

I’ve crippled myself in this case haha. I spend the first two hours (roughly) after I wake (I get up really early, about 4:00) in a trance state. My mind is left to wander freely through whatever reality I decide on so my transition from outlandish dream scenarios to waking reality is blurred. =\

Haha, curse my impeccable memory! :razz:

…Will do…

Great article, thanks!

My brother is one of them…

He says that 65 to 70 percent of his dreams are lucid dreams. They were mostly low lucidity, except for three that were absolute lucidity.

Now I can finally stop being jealous of him! :happy:

Is this some kind of elaborate joke? Everyone just stops posting on threads after I post…

Loved this post! I have noticed that since I stared LDing that questioning my reality by looking at all the details around me would help me become lucid. I can feel the conscious shift when I’m observing my reality. It’s as if everything all me senses become sharper. It’s realizing I exist and where I’m existing.
Thank you Robert for posting! :content:

This is such useful information! I will be using this! “What was I just doing?” - Lucid mindset, here I come.