The sensation of going lucid

On the several lucid dreams I’ve had, I always have a special sensation right as I realise “I’m in a dream. I have to go lucid!” I can only describe this sensation as every nerve in my body being activated at once, not with pain, but just with feeling. It feels blue is the best I can describe it.

Anyway, I’ve recently discovered that I can sort of recreate this feeling, especially when I’m tired, and especially in my legs. If I try to make the feeling happen, I eventually get very very tense. I’m pretty sure that tenseness is not how to LD, but I could be wrong. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone know if I’m in any sort of right direction?

I have never noticed a physical side effect of getting lucid. the best way i can describe it is suddenly remembering something that i was supposed to remember! it is the same feeling as when i suddenly remember that i was also supposed to post a letter when i am shopping. :cool:

This morning I had the hardest time getting lucid. When I finally did, it felt very odd. Like a mental yawn, backwards… :eh: I’ve never felt anything like it before in dreams or IWL.

mindule - I think I know exactly what you’re talking about! Sometimes if I’m having a semi-lucid dream but realize I’m not actually fully lucid, I can make lucidity hit me like a wave, and I get that same feeling in my legs. I thought this was really odd, as lucidity is supposed to come from the mind, not the legs.

Now that I know it’s not just me, perhaps a method can be worked out to focus on the lucidity in our legs to become lucid!

Sometimes the passage to LD gives me no special feelings, only my awareness changes.

But sometimes (especially when i started to LD), the best how i can describe it, is like in some movies, where the picture is foggy, but suddenly it vibrates and becomes bright clear. It’s like a vibration in the “air” how i sense it. Anyway, it’s pretty hard to put it into words :neutral:

Experiment more VI and post again if this topic if you get anything new.

Ha, it’s funny, I never noticed any sensations while going lucid until after I read this topic.

Then, last night when I was slipping in and out of lucidity, everytime I would state to a DC that I was dreaming (I do this because it’s how I keep lucid) I would get this weird “chill” through my whole body.

I think that because I read someone talking about it, it happened to me in my dream.

Either way, it was cool.

For me everything goes numb and it’s like forgetting the name of something for ages and then randomly remembering it.

Hmm intresting, this eureka moment can be measured from brainwaves and its like a little blip. Wonder if you can see it happening to someone whilst they suddenly realise they are dreaming :content:

For me its always just like realization. It goes from everything feeling like a movie, to feeling real. I wouldn’t say it feels blue for me, more like tingles

Well, last night I achieved lucidity for the first time (it had happened the night before but I woke up the moment I realized I was in a dream) and it was an odd feeling…It was surprising since I generally don’t have feeling in my dreams. It was- forgive me for the clichèness- like a light was just switched on inside my dream-self. Kind of like when you’re startled- an odd feeling, somewhat like tingling, starting in the chest and spreading to the whole body, a slight tightening of my throat. Lasted for about half a second, maybe less. After that I felt somewhat light-headed; figured this wouldn’t be good for staying lucid and started yelling “INCREASE LUCIDITY!”. After I yelled it was kind of like a heightened sense of awareness…it was odd. Probably since it’s my first LD.

I just had my first lucid dream this afternoon…I was being chased by a t-rex and realized that it was extinct and impossible to be chasing me…right at that point I felt an almost orgasmic sense in my head and my whole body I think. Its hard to tell if that feeling was from crossing into lucidity or just an extreme of the feeling you get when stress is lifted from you.

orgasmic sense? :tongue:
i use the WILD method, so the sensation i feel when im on the border of awakeness and LD is a sinking feeling. like im sinking out of my body, through my bed, and right into the dream

I was VILDing before and I started to feel very weird. My legs became heavy and I felt slightly dizzy. I felt very tense cause I realized that I might be becoming lucid. I relaxed again. and I felt tired and awake at the same time… I started to see sky blue flashes and I got almost excited but calmed down before I ruined the whole thing. It was hard to focus on my VILD dream and opened my eyes. I gave up after that.

Anyone experience this? Is this normal?

P.S. I never had a LD before.

I guess it’s normal, but I don’t think it’s exacly related to LDing.

It’s the side effect of forcing your sleep, if you concentrate harder you should sleep with no problems.