The Shakti device and other mind machines

just order the 8 coil head set .I was talking to Todd Murphy the inventor and asked him about forums .I couldn’t find any forums on this subject he said there have been a few but none lasted so lets keeps this one going .I should receive it by Saturday .Ill post my results.

Aighty, did another session, decided f*** the regulations :tongue: .

Modulated 40 hz signal followed by the left amagdalla, and right hippocample signal. 1 hour over the frontal lobes.

For the first 20 minutes with just the 40hz I felt like my body was not really a part of me(best I can describe). Then when I put the other 2 on things got interesting. Actually I cannot remember anything from my session, but I managed to get up and turn off the program exactly one hour after I started. It was almost like I psychically knew it was over. I then went to bed and just layed there for a bit. I believe I figured out a technique on how to perfect your photographic memory while laying there.

Actually it was like I just consciously entered into vivid HI, and had control over it just like an LD. It was really intense, and I also made sure that I saw a big white circle above head when I was riding a rollercoaster. Now when I close my eyes and visualize this circle I can see an after image without even opening my eyes. Very interesting…

Fascinating :cool_laugh:

I need to find another job so I can affoard one of these :yes:

Send this device over to me when you are finished with it :razz:

Eh, just had to add a bit more. For some reason lastnight was the most intense session I have done yet. I can literally play halo in my head :fly: without any work at all. Its like my ability to visualize has been activated, when I have always been able to do it, it just does it with the will of pure thought. I think of visualizing and start getting deep, and then all of a sudden something pops into my head for me to just hop on. I didn’t want to play halo in my head, but when it came up, I just accepted it and went along for the ride. I than could also just create a picture of a circle in that visualization and just sorta add whatever I want. Im sooo stoked right now, because after I get this down I feel that things of the metaphysical type are going to be a step away. Im just gonna visualize myself levetating untill I feel 100% comfertable with it, and then do it.

Ill send you all a video if it happens :wink:

My friend, stay f***ing sober 'cause I don’t want you to screw up any experiment: I want you to keep on posting :smile: How selfish is that :smile:
Or at least leave a note where to find the device in case … you know … for the next kamikaze.

Uhh, dude, Im as sober as a goat. Lol. Ive recently quit everything that doesn’t aid in the process of enlightenment. And well, I feel that as soon as I figure out shit with this device Im gonna make a clan of super psychic jesus types who are going to take control of the political system, and then divert all the money into growing tree’s and helping out the rest of the world. Nothin but love here :smile:

O and I will keep you posted. I probably wont go as far as to use this thing daily, but at least once a week.

so im rather interested in these head devices but dont know very much about them. Im browsin those sites you linked though. Maybe i missed this on the pages but do you have to have a computer right by your bed for it to plug into, or is it a standalone device? Cause my comps on the other side of my room.

Keep up the replies Azurescen, very interesting stuff.


Just make sure you try levitating from on terra firma and not from the roof of a building, ok? We already lost one person from our team. :content:



Ya dude, it is computer driven, though you may be able to put it onto a cd, im just not very good with that stuff and have a laptop :tongue:

Heh, Ill be precticing on my cat first, if you know what I mean. Who knows what itll be like, if my cats cool with it then Ill know its fun.

Thats it,dollar just got lower and i think i either have this thing or end up in mental hospital due to thinking about it so much.
And every week i come to this thread this cruel owner of the beauty keeps on being so optimistic,hehe.
Im gonna put this on my head and never take it off:)

ps.sending you pm Azurescen:)

Oh…got to read about those helmets and no idea why i never spotted theres a computer requirement:(

Dont know what to think,seems an obstacle on my way.
Anyone knows anything about any versions which does not require having a computer?I think theres one but its way beyond my abilities with 220 dol price.

Yah, that is sort of a problem. But if you dont have the right soundcard, there is a 99cent one that works just fine. direct link removed, please don’t link to product vendors
shouldn’t be too much of a draw back, of course you might want to order it soon so you can put it on right away :content:

When you did this session were you blind folded or did you just sit with you eyes closed or open. Im going to try my first session tonight. If you have any pointers let me know.

Ok, my suggestions. Get some of those cheap ear plugs(the work like god) and maybe a blindfold if you feel the need. I havent used one, but wouldn’t see the harm in it. I would also suggest doing it so that you finish 1 hour prior to sleeping, and do a lot of meditating to make the effects more accepted by your brain. If all goes well, and you want the effects to last somewhat, than you should more or less get your subconscious to fall in love with the helmet, try and let your whole mind/body accept the effects. Also, when your doing a session, try and clear your mind of thought, dont meditate, but also dont just let your mind wander, accept the thoughts that pop up in your head and then move on to silence.

Soundcard isnt the propblem…whole computer is.
Im thinking of options and btw…let us know how it is for you Big Ben.
Good luck!:slight_smile:

Yes, I say we make this a shakti topic, or just make a new one. Soo much to talk about :cool:

Well i tried it last night but i was getting run time errors through the software trying to test my sound card .I put it on the 40 Hz modulated signal and hooked 4 coils to the temporal lobes to each side.There was sound that was coming out of the speakers so i decided to put the hat on and ear plugs i just sat back and relaxed now there were no sound coming out of the magnets and honestly i didn’t think it was working at all.But decided to just to sit there and relax ,After 30 min i got up and turned it off .does the magnets supposed to make a sound or do they just sit there .I don’t think i had the right settings .

Yes, it is confusing on wether or not its working, because the magnets make no sound. Eh, did you read anything on the site? I havent posted all the nittie grittie because if your gonna purchase the thing I figure that you would read all the info for yourself.

I had a problem with my soundcard as well, and well I posted a site that has a usb card thatll do for only 99 cents. I had to wait an extra week before using mine. I also had no problem with runtime errors. Id suggest just letting the signals play through your speakers and if they make no noise than youll probably need that card. If they make a weird blip noise(best I can describe) than your fine. Thats all I can really say at the moment with the info youve given me, if you have windows and a proper soundcard than you should be golden. Id say give it another go, your speakers shouldn’t be making any noise when this is going down.

i did read i think i need to read a little more are you using the hat or strap ? ill try it again after i read a little bit more on where to put the magnets i think i just got a little excited seeing the results from you .I’m in it for the long hull I’m very open minded and don’t get discourage .KEEP POSTING