The Shakti device and other mind machines

Azurescen, I’m intrigued by your experiences on this thing! :partying_face:

However I am wondering what kind of results you have gotten resulting from which device? Are you primarily using the Shakti device now or are you using different ones simultanously? You have the pills, the light & sound machine and the Shakti. Makes me a slightly bit confused, but I’m sure you can “enlighten” me…

Am looking very much forward to hear more on this!

Cheers! :cool:

Eh, well, I guarentee the pills and light/sound machine isn’t the main thing. I actually have just been lending out the light thing to some friends because its just like meditation without having to focus on your imagination. Im already a fairly experienced meditator so it has no real purpose for me. As for those pills, they help, but they dont give effects if you know what I mean.

In other words, all those intense posts youve been reading are a result of the Shakti device. The LS machine can be bypassed by simple meditation, if you know how than you dont need one of those.

Cool, I’ll definately want to purchase one! :thumbs:

Please do keep posting your continued experiences, its very interesting read indeed!

I’ll order one in a couple weeks, then I can post my results with it. I am not very experienced with meditation, my skills are rather poor, and I’ve never reached into a trance, but I have listened to quite alot of binaural beats/hypno cd’s lately and achieved a light relaxation. :music:

Do you think that the Shakti will give me just as great results or will I not have that much benefit from it as you get? :hmmm:

Huh, well, this is a hard item to discuss. I would say that everyone will have great effects, because that has been my observations so far. If you do it like an hour before sleep and make sure to at least accept the effects with your mind than you should get somewhere. Maybe not as far as fast as me, I dunno, because I have been into meditation for quite a while and well Ive already accomplished a few goals in my mind that make it kinda easier for me to notice things. But all my friends who have never meditated all experienced effects so Im gonna say meditation is not necessary.

The idea is to learn to love the effects you recieve. If you love something than your subconscious will begin to accept it more and more untill you probably wont even need the shakti any more to experience anything.

Ok and I did another session last night, was a sorta experemental session. I placed the right could over my two frontal lobes and the left coils over my tempral lobes, with the hippocample signal. I also tyried doing yoga while the signal was going. I found that when I visualized the tension going out of my body, it happened a lot faster. But I also realized that the effects werent as profound, so from now on Im just gonna be relaxin. I also experienced some quite vivid dreams lastnight so it wasn’t just a waist.

I have now money and good will,but still didnt solve the computer thing problem.Its hard trying go around it not knowing how exactly it works- even then im not technically skilled.
So if any of you understand devices better id like to know if this thing can somehow work without computer or the only way is having one.
Keep on posting Azure,every scrap of info is allways interesting.

Well, if you go for the helmet, it says that it works with cd players. Do you not own a computer? I would bet that even an extremely long extension cord would do the trick. Im just a little confused on your problem though. If you already made the purchase, I would at least try burning the signals onto like an mp3 cd and see it that works for you. If you want to do a test session to see if it works Id suggest the 40hz session because it gives you a body sensation of floating.

Im holding with the buy just now till im sure if the computer is absolutely necesary.If it turns out this way i will need to wait till i first have a computer and then eventually go back to Shakti.
Can you tell me more about that cd player option?cant find it

Scroll to the bottom of the page for info on the cd signals. If anything just email Todd Murphy, he has been very helpful.

direct link removed, please don’t link to product vendors

Yes,i have few specific questions,good idea.
Just reading on that helmet and slowly convincing myself that having no computer might be not that bad at the end of the day.It leaves me only with one option(8coil helmet) so i dont have to break my head over the choices and after all it gets me most developed one- which with my non existing meditation skills seems to be also smarter choice.
Prefere to spend twice as much and have something (hopefully) stronger/working/better than half and be not happy about.

Oh well,dont know myself yet,gonna ask Todd for few advices and then i go for one of them:)
Thx Azurescen for all the info:)

Here comes the anti-scam police :smile:

Lets count the results:

  1. LD : 0
  2. OBE : 0

Plese feel free to add/modify as you wish :smile:

Eh, well, 1 thing about the anti-scam thingy. This isn’t ment to track my LD’s or OBE’s from using this device, enless I actually had one while it is on. If your interested, since Ive been using this thing Ive had a total of 2 LD’s and like 20+ OBE’s. Its not like it is what caused them exactly, I still had to realize I was dreaming and do my normal OBE techniques, but when you have a successful hipocample session with this device its like your dream recall is shot through the roof, making LD’s a lot easier to accomplish.

Just thought Id make that clear, my intentions with this forum aren’t to count my LD’s but to report the usage of the device.

Azur, please don’t take me wrong, I really believe you. I just want to strucutre all these experiments. So here I am:

  1. LD : 2
  2. OBE : 20

I hope you spot out which ones are due to the device.
Cheers :smile:

he never said that he had them due to the device he’s just giving his his exp on the device and what it has done for him .I have the 8 coil system but theirs something wrong with my sound card, so im getting another sound card to test ill will post my result as soon as get my new card.

Are you gettin the 99 cent one?

I talked to Todd and he’s sending me one .Do you where the hat or the strap? Have you put all 8 coils at once 4 on each side, I know it’s up to the user and what signal your using im just trying to get a feel for what I should do.

Did you read any of my posts? I used all 8 coils pretty much every time, with the test sessions in exception. Ill just suggest this, do the amygdalla with hippocample in sequence with both sides in equally distributed. This aught to get you feeling pretty good about yourself, especially over the tempral lobes. I use the hat because it is easy, but Im working on a new head gear that will work better, because the hat is very ghetto.

i did read ,I just wasn’t sure if you were using all 8 coils at the same time .I also ordered the gauss meter to see how strong these magnet really are and if there working properley . Much appreciated thanks

am i reading it properly that you had 20 Oobes and 2 lds in one day HaiScai?

Read my post just above that one, it explains what he ment.

Jack, I am just Azur’s assistent :smile:
BTW Azur, what was your LD/OOBE rate before shakti ?