The "shift"

Hi people.
On my journeys towards the learning of WILD I have come across something that I’m quite curious about. Sometimes when I’m deeply relaxed, lying down trying to WILD by clearing my mind and observing the darkness of my eyelids I can feel this -shift- where the blackness seems to be around me rather than in front of me. It is like I’m pulled in to it, but as soon as I notice this the feeling dissolves. This have sometimes (not always) been followed by an intense increase of heartrate. A couple of nights ago this sensation happened to me when I was sure I was fully awake, I was relaxed but I didn’t feel like I could be anywhere near sleep or so.

So my question is, have anyone else experienced this? What is your take on it?

// Kris

I felt something close to this in last saturday. So I was very drowsy and I just closed my eyes. I felt undescribable space around me, all black, and I actually felt what I visualized. So I visualized that I’m getting up from the couch I was lying on, and I kinda saw my body, I mean I didn’t see it, its like I felt it. The only difference I have from your experience is that the feeling didn’t dissolve.

I felt this as well last time I tried WILD (When I still had wrong idea of WILD, just lying there waiting for SP). I closed my eyes and actually “tried to see” for HI or something and it felt like I saw darkness instead of… well what it normally feels like when you close your eyes. Quite interesting feeling in my opinion.

Ive had that same thing happen to me a few times since ive been attempting WILD im not sure if it means im close or if im doing something wrong but the whole heart rate thing usualy brings me back to WL 100%

Yeah, it’s a really weird sensation. I like to see it as when you are in the cinemas and the screen ( vision, mind ) starts to adjust itself before the show starts. :wink:

Yeah that is actually all that I have been able to do in my attempts to wild.
Same feeling, and my heart rate get far too fast to the point where Im scared
and worried that Im going to die or something. haha

Iv’e had something similar happen to me whilst meditating, I was sitting there and all of a sudden It was pitch black and I was slowly detaching from my body and I was staring at the back of my head, floating in a huge black space. My heart rate didn’t increase I managed to remain calm and let the scene play out, some amazing things happend and after that I slowly opened my eyes. Felt absolutely amazing.

embrace that feeling, let it get closer to you without trying to pull it forward. im learning this too in WILD, now want you want (LD) and be aware there are shifts you need to pass through to get there. anything your new too has that shock impact untill you learn about it and embrace, and pass through it to the next new set of feelings… ussually existing on a higher level.

Yeah, while WILD’ing there can be some shifts like this to pass by, you just have to relax, let it happen, and remember that no matter what happens, you’re completely safe and going for an amazing experience :content:
WILD’ing in a way is also embracing the transition from the awake mindstate to the dreaming mindstate, so it’s natural to observe changes like this happening. Just go with the flow and have trust in yourself, it is all happening in your mind afterall :wink:

I get that every time I try to go to sleep, but it goes away pretty quickly.