The Sitting Technique

I found this post on Reddit. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t judge its effectiveness, but I’ll leave it here for anyone who’s interested:

The Sitting Technique

Good post…But do i have to sleep in the recliner with my body facing straight or can i sleep sideways also?

Sounds interesting. Could be worth a try!

Would this work lying in an upright position (90 Degrees, but slightly slouched so maybe 110) on a bed? Because I have no access to a recliner and my room is far too small to fit any sort of furniture in. Could you attempt it and then reply with your results.
Thanks for this technique anyway, I’ll try it tonight on my bed but I would still appreciate a response about the effectiveness of performing this technique on a bed.

[color=olive] You may be able to substitute with a bunch of pillows or a backrest pillow. Remember to have a good neck support though.

Ive pulled afew lucids sleeping upright like that. Its crazy how one second you’re reclined in a chair drifting away the next you’re somewhere else. (Very important to remain calm and not wake up at that point.)

This is very interesting. A while back I had tried meditation and had fallen asleep sitting upright. I was awoken by my father who had stepped out into the living room and noticed me through my open door… makes me wonder what may have happened that night had I not been awoken…

Also brings to mind WritersCube. He says his “method” is a sort of meditation. I wonder if he meditates sitting upright as he falls asleep… :hmmm:

Tried this technique last night and it didn’t work, due to the fact that I couldn’t fall asleep, I just felt too awake; then I went to bed normally. I will try again tonight and see if the results change.

Another technique to try! Do you think this would work sitting on the sofa? I don’t have a chair that I could lean back on…

Hey i think this technique could be awesome. So can i Buy the Same Kind of Recliner that is seen in the picture? Or do u think a cushion recliner would be better?

Also, If i achieve OBE during the exercise, how can i convert into a lucid dream?

Any other tips that u can give to induce LD’s?

This is pretty interesting, I’ll give it a try ! :happy:
I actually got 2 of my LDs doing WBTB, and just before going to sleep I would meditate for 30 min on a chair with a similar inclination :razz:
Also, I wonder if using this in conjunction with another technique would work even better : o