The skys the limit (or is it)

i was jsut thinking, is there a limit to what you can do in LDs, this is short and simple but hopfully it wil be a popular discussion, is there any limits?


As far as I know… the sky isn’t the limit in Lucid Dreams. In fact, the only thing that could possibly limit your experience is your own mind and self-awareness. I haven’t really heard anyone ever say that they couldn’t accomplish what they wanted to in an LD (with practice of course,) other than trying to “connect” with the physical world and bring something back from the dream to “reality.”

note: yes, reality IS in quotations :content:

could you break the laws of physics?

I haven’t experienced it firsthand, (I havent LDed period) but as far as I know if you believe you can you can.

yes you can. In fact, the laws of physics don’t seem to exist in the dreamworld.

Well the one interesting thing about dreams are that the brain can emmulate an entier world or the part that you se and hear and feel. So wonder wath one could do if you insted of created a virtual reality tried to focus all of the creative power of ye dream on one thing… than you could do some serious insane things.

For some people there may be some tricky things which are almost impossible for them to achieve, like lightswitches which don’t seem to work. Apart from these peculiar oddities, I think you can do anything as long as you believe in it; if you don’t believe something will work, there’s big chance you’ll be right. In the end it all depends on your mind and how good you are at overcoming the restrictions from waking life by realizing how the rules of waking life don’t apply on the dreamworld. If you can truly realize that, you can anything.

It’s not like what you’re doing is happening for real anyway. So, IMO, there are no limits in the dreamworld.