The Smilies in this Forum...

…have Dutch names. Just mouse over them. It’s the cutest thing. :peek: kiekeboe!

It was Lord Berners we have to thank for discovering, on behalf of the English speaking world, that the Dutch authorized version translates 1 Corinthians 15:55, "O death, where is thy sting? " as “Dood, waar is uw prikkel?” Wonderful language.

Hmm, I never noticed that.
I have read some of the names but now I’m reading all of them.

I found my favorite name a while ago, it is the name for the :pharaoh: Emoji.

On closer inspection they’re a mix of languages actually, but they’re definitely worth reading!

Nothing new really, I have known that they are in dutch as Qeth is a dutch person herself, there are some in english as well :tongue:

As Ghosteh said, they are in Dutch because the founder of LD4all is Dutch. :cool: I also think the names are cute, my favourite description is this: :ok: