The 'Statement' technique. could it work with LucidWarp?!

Okay, this idea originates with Darxide and some others who use the technique to wake up for WILD. It is a form of autosuggestion.

I have been using it to remind me to do things, with 100% success. I am supposing my subconscious is reminding me, after asking it to.

So… why not try reminding us to do reality checks when something happens in our dreams? Could it work, with a decent success rate?

Here’s what I do for optimum results…

1. To program myself to remind me about something (in this
example, about lucozade - random, but it was a test,
so…), I close my eyes, and think to myself (although
sometimes it helps if I mutter it), “When I reach my science
classroom (picture the classroom, what I will see when I
want to be reminded) I will think of Lucozade.”
Reaching the science classroom is the ‘trigger’ for the
‘action’, to think of Lucozade. The above sentance, I call a
‘statement’. It also helps if there is no noise while you do

2. I haven’t tried picturing the thing I want to be reminded of,
but it might help. Anyway, try this out until it works for
you. When it does, look through your dream journal (you
don’t have a dream journal? WHAT?!) for common parts of
your dreams, stuff that pops up commonly. Use that as a
trigger to do a reality check, or maybe ask yourself what
you have been doing.

TIP: It is important not to stress to much over it. When I think
of the statement, I think of mutter it very clearly so my
brain can take it in or something. But once you have made
the statement, forget about it. Do not try to forget,
because if you try to forget about something you are
really thinking of the thing you want to forget and
therefore don’t forget about it! So just make the
statement once and that’s it. Go do something else.
Also, make only 1 statement, or else it won’t work! (Look
down on one of my later posts…)

This method should really work, really, as it has woken me form sleep loads of times, almost exactly on the right time, so I know you don’t need to be conscious for it to work.

Also, the placebo effect seems to have an effect on the success rate of this technique…

Try this if you want, also if you do could you please put up your results here. I’ve seen so many people say “I’ll try this tonight and post results tomorrow” but never do, so… yeah.

Also, thanks to Darxide, as most of this technique is basically his but modified and made MORE COMPLICATED!!

well good luck, this is the technique I am going to be using over the next couple of weeks, and I’m going to be posting my results up here! DAILY! To bore you all to tears.

… guitars rock, by the way.

Better save it, it’s nice one. There wasn’t anything like that on forum. Plus, it’s a useful thing.

why thank you Duck! I will save it and put it on the ‘real’ forum when It’s back on, thanks for the suggestion.

It’s actually thanks to you, Duck, that I got the idea; you led me to the thread.

Here’s some ideas for triggers:

When I see
When I am dreaming…
During my REM period of sleep… (will this work?)
When I’m sleeping…
When I fall asleep…

And here’s some ideas for statements:

When I’m dreaming, I will realise I’m dreaming.
When I’m dreaming, I will do a reality check.
When I enter my REM period of sleep, I will do a reality check.
When I fall asleep, I will have a false awakening.
When I fall asleep, I will do a reality check.

There are loads you could try, and if you find some decent ones that are successful (ie get you lucid in a dream) please post them here!

I failed yesterday, probably because I overloaded. I wanted my dream recall up, so I made one statement. Then I did another to realise I was dreaming - then I had to do something, forgot I did it and did another two! However, I did recall dreams slightly better this morning.

So that’s another tip: Don’t overload on statements!

I am starting from day 1 again!! I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!

ok… I didn’t get lucid but I DID wake up at 4:30 in the morning even though I didn’t try…

I tried to read a book, but I could hear someone moving around, so I didn’t risk it. But I wasn’t focused enough for WILD. grrr.

nice :content: going to try using auto suggestions for remembering my dreams and try if that works. im going 2 bed right now so il post back tomorrow morning/after school :cool_laugh:

hmm didnt work this time, but that doesnt matter ;D its just a matter of time before il start getting a better dream recall

ah well thanks for trying, NorwayBenny.

day 2:

NOTHING. And if I’m correct, my dream recall is getting worse. Maybe that’s because I’ve stopped writing in my DJ.

day 3:


day 4:


I am going to try for one more day, then that will be it.

didn’t work, but I think I know why…

I’m gonna try this after finishing reading through bendrummin’s Lucid Warp… that will help!

well it hasn’t worked yet…

It didn’t make me lucid but I DID remember around about 3 or 4 normal dreams! And they were cool.