The Steps To Success [AP,, OOBE, LD]

I am pleased to inform that I had my first conscious exit astral projections this morning (I had three). First and foremost, I want to thank the community for being present and offering advise to assist me in achieving my goal. I am grateful to everyone who has assisted me over the last few weeks. For self-satisfaction, I don’t require the traditional celebratory postings, nor do I feel the need to explain my experience (very long narrative posts irritate me).

  1. A person’s mental state is quite essential when making early forecasts.
    When I first began, I was striving to go about projecting before going to sleep, either in the evening or late at night. Unbeknownst to me, this was my first significant error. I’d read that night efforts were more difficult, but I figured I could handle more rigorous training. Who wants to wake up in the morning to project? That seems like a whole suckfest, and I’d rather to learn to project at night. I was mistaken. I honed my ability to enter a powerful F12 to the point where I could force massive vibrations. But the same things kept getting in my way.My inhalation. A very irritating itch. I thought I heard something. In a nutshell, BEING AWARE. I was kicking myself in the shins.
    When you phasing, you are not turning off your psychical awareness, but rather fully redirecting your concentration; on imagery or being exceptionally proficient at a mantra. This is really challenging. I’ll say it again: this is incredibly difficult. People used to train for a lifetime to perfect this skill in the old world. And you want to squirt this thing?If you want to finish this quickly, you’ll need assistance. Choosing the proper state of mind is a useful crutch. This is what you’ll need to go through the exit the first time. Once you’ve had that sensation, I’m confident you’ll grasp the fundamentals of how to get there. So, what exactly is this state’s crutch? It’s something we’ve all experienced. It’s the ■■■■■ it, I’m going back to bed to get another hour of sleep” sensation. It’s the classic, recognisable sleepiness that’s really quite gratifying and pleasurable. So, instead of attempting to project at night, I highly advocate resting for around 4 hours, waking up, and pushing yourself out of bed.Take a shower, have breakfast, and start your day, until that screw-it-I’m-going-back-to-bed-for-another-hour sensation comes in. That’s when you lay down in your unusually comfortable sleeping position and try your projection. Again, the goal is to figure out how to get there. Once you’ve determined the first course, you may begin your training in earnest.

  2. Engage in meditation practise
    Because there is no agreed-upon terminology in this subject, I shall refer to meditation as an intentional mental excursion to discover the “exit” into the astral. I was meditating when I realised I was on the verge of phasing. This was my second major blunder. You can get extremely deep into your awareness (a deep F12) when meditating, and you can even stand at the foot of the “exit,” but you won’t know HOW to use the exit until you’ve done it previously.When I started I was so full of vigor to find it enter it, and failed repeatedly. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is; you will time and time again wake up sweating, trying to analyze what you did wrong. I am sure most newcomers will experience exactly what I am talking about.So, when beginning, you are in a conundrum of sorts, you need to get somewhere you don’t know how to get to, and all you have is a myriad of mixed approaches people have suggested to explore your surrounding when you close your eyes in a relaxed state.
    Please do not dismiss these repeated attempts at meditation because they are frustrating, especially when they appear to be futile. Even if you can’t go through the exit, they’ll show you how to get there.So, when you eventually try the morning approach, you will be able to recognise and comprehend all of the primary emotions you experience. You must comprehend and be comfortable with all of these sensations, as well as understanding what the milestones are so that they do not scare you out when you encounter them and you can dismiss them without concern.
    So, contrary to what I suggested in Part 1, practise before going to bed. Do it frequently, but keep in mind that a deep F12 state is your aim. This is something I accomplished correctly. Try to find the exit, but don’t get irritated if you can’t; merely realise that you’ll need the state of mind advice from tip 1 to comprehend the path. Then, once you’ve figured out how to use the method to discover the exit in a deep F12, Practice, Practice, and Practice some more.

  3. Dont search for the milestones
    Vibrations. Noises at random. Awake Mind The body is dormant. A sense of being dragged upward. After all my experience, I am extremely familiar with all of these feelings, but when you are phasing, experiencing any of them is irrelevant; what counts is ignoring them. That is critical. I’d stay up all night looking for the way, experimenting with colours, reaching chest thumping and hyperventilation dead ends, convinced that all I needed to do was go through those places. I’m under the impression that detecting the vibrations is the key to astral projection and that I’m just not good at it.This is NOT true. There is no need to look for milestones during phasing. There is no getting around that. I couldn’t think it could happen so simply, but it does. After all of my tries, I feel so stupid, but I’m pleased that I now understand how to attain different states of awareness so rapidly. So, if milestones aren’t the answer, how do you get there?

  4. Visualization
    Visualization is essential. To be honest, a mantra does not work for me since I become bored with it after a time and begin to think about other things. I believe that very few of us are very skilled at focusing. That is, once again, a lifetime of preparation. So, just what is visualisation?
    Daydreaming is the finest example. You know what it’s like to be daydreaming and then jolt back into reality. That action, that disconnection, is precisely what we are attempting to achieve. That’s what we’d want to try to reproduce. Lay down in a calm condition, take deep breaths, and begin making up stories. Basically whatever you might fantasise about. Surprisingly, this is how I sleep at night.The difference is that you know all the indications for falling asleep since you’ve been practising. You will picture a tale and then realise that you have lost focus on your storey. “Crap!” you’ll exclaim. However, what you just accomplished was flawless. You’re more disengaged, yet you’re still conscious. So, imagine another narrative and attempt to bring it as far as you can. You’ll lose concentration and then regain it. Maintain your focus on your tales and be persistent. They can be whatever physical manifestation fantasy, as long as they keep arriving.The milestones will eventually begin to take effect. For example, a noise in one of your visions will occur, but you will not be surprised since you have been practising. Simply think “excellent” and experience the additional benefits on your ideas. Continue your vision attempts and go further, passing the vibration milestones far beyond where you recognised you were lying. Because you will be so absorbed in your imagination, it will just happen. You will experience vibrations as well as a rush/whoosh. You’ve joined the natural process at this stage. It will seem normal; just keep your cool and focus on your fantasies.From this launching pad, you can go all sorts of places depending on your proficienc

  5. Keep in mind your training.
    Because you’ve been exercising and reading so much about the astral, remembering the tenets will be second nature when you get at the training site or wherever your launch takes you. Thought = Action, and Emotions manifest. Intention is supreme.

You’ll feel light and soft, and everything will be lovely. The astral is just stunning. It is more amazing and soothing than anything I could have dreamed.

To summarise. Don’t push oneself to be in a condition. You must be aware of the route. Stay up late, get up a few hours early, but utilise those hours to rest/attempt when your body tells you to. On typical evenings, practise before going to bed.Understand the milestones but do not seek them out; the process is natural. Searching will get in the way of the consistent vision that is actually necessary for success. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and would want to thank everyone on the board once more for their assistance. I truly hope this is useful to newbies. It’s just what I needed when I first started.


What is F12? You mention it a couple of times but it’s a term that’s beyond me.

F12, how do i explain it. It’s a phase which when you’re in a deep vibrational state, ready to enter the astral. Sorry if you haven’t heard of this before. :wink:

Wait, are you thinking that after just couple of experiences, you already cracked the matrix :sweat_smile: At least wait until you reach your first Dry Spell and how to break it and then start preaching how good you are! :wink: