The story of the sudden downtime

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late update, i have to sleep too :tongue:

Yesterday there was a big power failure at the datacenter that our server is in.
It took about 7 hours before all servers came back online.

As far as I know an can see from a first glance, no data has been lost, forum just went on from when power came back on again.

Thank you for your patience.

/me gives everyone extra cookies

So this explains why I was unable to come to forum yesterday :cool_raz:

Good that it is fixed. I experienced that downtime yesterday. Still the forums crash occasionally, at least for me. I sometimes get the “Cannot find page” window when I use the forums. And I can’t access for 20-30 mins…

Being your name servers use the same domain name as main site, when the power went away, even the ip address lookup failed. So, the error was not a site is not responding, it was ld4all does not exist.

It’s not that big a deal, but i would suggest moving the nameservers elsewhere.

Pfeeww, I was getting worried. :smile:

I thought I was banned for being too random.
But great, the site is back online and running nicely!

Whew I almost went in to LD4withdrawl… that could have been bad :grin:

i was freaking out :tongue: i couldnt get my vote in for VG and was planned on being banned for the next WG/VG :eek:

Why would you suggest this? Since ld4all only has one server, if its down the site won’t work. Whether that’s a “server is unreachable” error or a DNS failure seems to make no difference to me. I disagree with your suggestion. Sounds like hassle and possible expense for no gain. Using free services to host DNS also makes it highly unlikely to be able to keep the “” nameserver names. This seems more valuable than getting a different error message to me. :tongue:


Actually, there’s no reason to stop using the localized nameserver. Just add one from elsewhere. I’m guessing wild west domains has their own DNS servers for usage.

I have not been able to log in for quite a while now, so I know how it feels. Occasionally I was able to log in, but not stay logged, sometimes LD4all would not even show up on the page, just white. Scary