The subconscious

Could anyone offer their insights into the nature of the subconscious? Is it a separate entity with its own will? What is his/its purpose? How can I contact him/it? Would he/it agree with all of my conscious decisions?

I’m not too sure on the nature of the subconscious. I believe it to be a part of consciousness but there are different levels or sections of the entire spectrum of consciousness. Information is filtered so that we can function properly. Think of it this way, if we had conscious control over our bodily functions such as breathing then it would be very hard to function properly because we would have to remain focused on breathing otherwise we would forget to do it and end up dying. I also believe the subconscious holds all the information of the cozmos but at the level we function at we aren’t allowed to tap into this information because once again it would effect how we function.

I have spoken with my subconscious in a lucid dream before. I asked to speak with them and they appeared as a dream character. It was a very attractive woman about same age as me and she knew everything about me, including my thoughts and it was like she was telepathic. When I realised she was telepathic I instantly thought something like “oh shit I hope she doesn’t find out about such and such…” immediately after I thought about a regret I have she said “don’t worry I’m fine with it”. She completely approved of me and loved me very much, we were better than best friends and really hit it off. I also found that I had 100% full control over my lucid abilities and the dream lasted much longer than usual with her around. I really want to see her again sometime :smile:

I would really like to meet my subconscious in an LD…but I haven’t had one yet. When I do, I have lots of questions for it about myself…that should be interesting :razz:

I think it’s possible to contact your sub-c directly while awake.
But it takes practice. I tried it for a month and I was starting to
get some real progress when my motivation dropped to zero :sad:

Please, try to have an open mind and bear with me here.
First read this, it’s a chapter from a book about OBEs (never mind the
exercise on the bottom of the page).

Then give me some feedback about it in this topic, and I’ll paste links to some
how-to articles on this kind of communication with your sub-c, if you’re interested.

Its hard, very hard to sum my thoughts of the subconscious in a single post, but I will try to answer some of the questions you came up with:

a) The SC part of our mind is basicly the instinctual part in our mind - It never shuts down (unlike the conscious part)

b) Your SC never stops to think - in fact, most thinking takes place in the SC.

c) When driving a car, for instance, your conscious mind gets into a situation of very little work, meaning that your SC does all the thinking - from driving, to whatever else it is you think about while driving (Unless talking to someone or something, which causes your conscious part to be more thinkative)

d) Your SC will never fully agree with your choice, since it almost always wants immediate statisfaction, like a little child. In fact, the whole process of “growing up” can be seen as a process of “Growing a conscious”.

e) Your SC can also be seen as a layer between the brain (the “thinking machine”) and between you, the conscious - Like a computer OS, if you will.

f) When processing an idea, you actually shape the SC thinking in a certain form: Whenever you think about anything, you are actually just causing your SC to think about it. If you get inspired by something a friend said, your SC process the words, and on the way shows up to you any ideas that might be connected. Then, you choose the idea you see fit, and direct your thoughts, the SC thinking mechanism into this idea.

So, to answer your questions: it is only a semi seperate (IE, seperate in the finished product) from you, your conscious. You can contact it whenever you let your conscious get “shut down” (Through sleep, meditation etc…). It won’t always agree to your decisions, but it will have similar think patterns to yours (Like taking your thinking patter and disolving it to pieces, having the SC think in pieces instead of whole ideas)

Whoa! Hope I explained myself well, without ranting too much. (Although I afraid this is already too late…)

WOW! Chris_18 thank you so much. today even i was giving up on my Subconscious but this article helped see the truth and now i hope i can contact it. :grin: thank you so so much :smile:


i have a thread called instant trance made easy, this is all the info needed to quickly talk to the SC

basically just hold a question in your mind for a real long time, and don’t accept the answers the conscious mind gives, wait to hear the SC while drifting into trance

not “what is pie what is pie what is pie what is pie”
just ask it once, and try not to let it dissolve in your brain.

the SC stores every sensory experience and thought you have encountered in your life and buried within is also past - lives

this is different than the superconscious, than akasa or the one mind which contains all information in the universe and how you get to it ? meditate dilligently upon the top of the head and abandon your desire to get to it

has anyone accessed true cosmic omniscient information from the SC ?

the journey of self-awareness requires teachers however it is ultimately a journey of yourself becoming your / our teacher / s

the SC , persistently cease thought and it will make itself known.

On that linke… how do I make my SC talk to me that way??? I’d really like that. :grin:

The subconcious, from what i have gathered, is a part of your mind that does thinking that you don’t realise or pick up.
It also controls your breathing, heart, blinking and more. Think of it as auto-pilot.

i’ve heard of people being able to talk with their SC, but they have to translate what the SC is saying since it speaks in Emotion.

That’s very interesting.
Perhaps the heart controls the subconcious then.

Well, I heard also, that you can get really good information from the SC. Did you read this Link?

Yes, properly used, and in an achieved state like lucid dreaming, you can “ask your subconcious questions” but i’m not sure how reliable it is yet.

I like the part where he picks up the blueberry yogurt, he “hears” his SC say, “Boisenberry” And when He opens the yogurt it is! :rofl:

honestly that has to be right. because even when we sleep we dont have any consciousness so we would never breath. but i dont think that the subconscious holds any info of the cozmos because that would be a total fu**ing lot of info and if anyone did find a way to tap it there head would explode. but i do belive that the subconscious might somehow have a telepathic link with the subconscious for at least your other family members, meening that you would somehow store the memorys of all your family.

also haha i would love to meet my subconscious in a lucid [if i could ever get in one long enugh]

I don’t think that’s too much info. Because 1 brain cell can hold 5 times as much information as Encyclopedia Britannica.

That’s still a very finite amount of info, as far as numbers are concerned.

I haven’t been following this thread that closely but I just read a bit from this. Sounds so cool! :eek: I also want to talk with my SC!!!

Yep, it does!!! :happy:

lol the subconscious isn’t a separate entity. It’s just apart of your brain that you aren’t fully in control of and the part of your soul you aren’t really connected with.