The Suneye MEthod Files

After reading on this forum that people were having trouble accessing the Suneye files, I decided to make a website where they can download them from. It is here:

Has anyone got the files from here? This post has received over 40 views, but no replies.

Should I distribute my site address further, because so far I have only posted to this forum?

BTW, does my site break any copyright laws?

It´s nice you offer help.
Most people probably already got that files, though, since it pops up once in a while in most forums dealing with LDs or OBEs.

Uhm, yes, I think your site does break copyrights, so I should tell you to close it down :wink:


No, do not shut your site down, it’s not a big deal.

Traumgänger LOL! :happy:

The original Suneye site ( ) has been closed down for a while now, so I guess it’s really not a big deal hosting the files - there would be no other way to access the methods than to access those files.

If Mr. Suneye himself disagrees, don’t hesitate to post your remarks here :wink: