The 'supernormal' powers, known as the siddhis

Christ was known to walk to water, which made the people crown him as the son of god.

Christ, himself, claimed that these abilities are open to everyone with sufficient development and faith.

Someone called Peter, ( I’m not familiar with the new testimony so I don’t really know who he is), could walk on water as well after he saw christ doing it, although he failed once he ‘lost his faith’.

St. Teresa was known to be prone to spontaneous levitations which caused some disturbances in her life.

Buddha is known for the ability to fly through the air, while sitting cross legged,
furthermore, he was seen in many places at once, vanishing and walking on water.
Many of his pupils were also capable of such actions.

In the east, those abilities are called siddhis. The Buddhism mentions 8 great siddhis:
Shrinking to the size of an atom
Becoming light enough to fly through the air
Becoming very heavy
Touching distant objects
Irresistible will
Mastery over one’s body and mind
Control over the elements
Instantly fulfilling every desire

There were said to be 84 Mahasiddhas, saints that mastered all 8 of the great siddhis.
I ancient india, though it was not frequent, it was always accepted as possible.
Furthermore, it was said that these ‘powers’ are a normal result of a high state of consciousness. One that is the natural way for human beings to exist, a state of enlightenment, it is the state most people are in today that is ‘abnormal’.
Patanjali mentions many more siddhis,

amongst them are:

Strength of an elephant,
Knowledge of arrangement and motion of the stars
understanding the sounds of all creatures
radiating a blaze of light
and many many more…
In his book the Yoga Sutras, he talks about 52 different siddhis and the way to develop them.
The key to master these abilities, is a technique called samyama.
It is a combination of 3 techniques, dharana, holding the attention still, dhyana, allowing the mind to flow continuously on one theme and samadhi, being in a state of transcendental consciousness. (take a look at the Transcendental Meditation topic I created )
Combining these three might seem contradicting . That’s why many people try to master it and fail, the very act of trying is keeping them away from transcendental consciousness.

According to the bubble example I gave in the TM topic, a short review of it:
There’s an ocean.
The bottom is the pure self, a field of pure consciousness , pure intelligence and creativity. Science calls this the Unified field.
A bubble is coming up from the bottom through the water until reaching the surface when it gets noticed. Likewise, all thoughts are generated from the field, from the pure self, and as they come up , they gain more and more volume and concrete form until they overcome the mental noise (water) to be heard consciously as a thought in your mind.
TM (transcendental meditation) is diving into the water and experiencing more and more subtler levels of thought, until you reach the bottom, the unified field, the field of pure consciousness and intelligence, where no thoughts are, only pure being. That is transcendental consciousness.
So how can you combine putting the attention on something while being in transcendental consciousness?

Maharishi gives his own insight on this subject.
Samyama, he says, is combining Transcendental consciousness with the faintest impulse of thought. So in the bubble analogy, it can be likened to staying on the border between the surface and the water.
That is samyama, and that is the key to mastering these abilities.
From a state of transcendental consciousness, anything is possible.
It is the unified field, therefore you can effect everything and anything from that state.

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That sounds insane, but very hard to do :sad:

Krishnamurti says that siddhis are like candles in the sun
and of no importance

the desire is to be perfected,
radically in love and alive
and many other things

in fact it is desire which creates everything,

sure, I agree.

they are the side effect, not the goal.

The goal is the development of consciousness.

But they do make a nice LD4ll topic :smile:

Well … they do , but as Eyelids sayed . according to Bhuddist tradition it is supposed to be bad doing meditation and the likes for the main sake of gaining power(s)
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Walking on water sounds like an undoable feat, as does levitating. I’m afraid I’ll have to see it to believe it. :eh:

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